George Sees Stars by Dave Couper Scene 2 Fish for dinner.

(In the kitchen.)
George Good morning, Judy! We've got good news. Tony Madoc is coming today. The famous TV star.
Judy     Tony who? I don't think I know the name ... I don't like TV. I like reading. Tony  Madoc ...?
George That's right, Tony Madoc. Now what have you got for dinner? Have you got any fish? He
likes fish, his secretary says.
Judy     No, I haven't got any fish today, Mr Harris. Sorry. I've got some chicken.
George No. He wants fish. Can you buy some?
Judy     Oh no, Mr Harris! I never buy fish on Thursdays. I always buy chicken.
George Well, his secretary says fish, not chicken. Right?
Judy     Don't shout at me. I don't like it. I'm leaving. I'm not going to buy anything. I'm going home.
George No Judy, please ... stop! I'm sorry Judy. You're a good cook, Judy, a beautiful cook. Please
don't leave now. Mr Madoc is coming here today and he wants fish. Please, please, please
Judy, go and buy some nice fish.
Judy     No. It's chicken on Thursdays. Right?
George Oh, OK Judy ... chicken.