George Sees Stars by Dave Couper Scene 8 George sees stars.

(In the corridor, outside the big room. The woman is talking to Mary. Mary has got the woman's bag.)
Mary   I'm very sorry. George is silly sometimes. We can move you to the big room and the young
man can have the other room. Please don't leave now!
(In the big room Mary and Toni Madoc are looking out of the window. George runs into the room.)
George      Miss Madoc! Here you are! Please stay! You can have the room for nothing -free!
(He takes her arm.)
Toni Madoc No, I'm sorry. Goodbye, Mr Harris.
(She is standing under the new lamp. Suddenly the lamp begins to fall.)
Mary        George ... Stop! Listen!
(George pushes the woman. She falls over. George falls on top of her. The lamp falls on George's head. He lies there and doesn't move.)
Mary        Miss Madoc. Are you all right?
Toni Madoc I'm fine. (She gets up.) But how is Mr Harris?
Mary        George? George! Speak to me, George!
Toni Madoc Oh, Mr Harris! Are you all right?
(They look at George. He doesn't speak or move.)
Mary     That horrible light isn't safe. Oh George, can you hear me? Please say something, George.
Toni Madoc Now I understand! That lamp nearly ... and Mr Harris ... oh, what a nice man! Because
of Mr Harris I'm safe! Thank you, Mr Harris ... thank you, George.
George  Champagne?
Toni Madoc What a nice man! Thank you, Mrs Harris.
Mary  Don't thank me - thank silly old George. Would you like a glass of champagne now, Miss Madoc?
(They go out. George is lying on the floor. He slowly opens one eye.)
George    He's very ... No, she's very, very famous. She's a star ...