JAMES FENIMORE COOPER - The Last of the Mohicans Retold by John Escott
4 'I Am a Huron Chief'.

The Hurons and their prisoners started to walk. Magua
walked in front of Duncan, Cora and Alice. The other
Hurons walked behind the prisoners. They walked
across a valley. Then Magua led them up a steep hill.
The land at the top of the hill was flat. Magua sat
down under a tree. The Hurons started to eat and
Magua shouted to Duncan. 'Send the dark-haired
woman to me!'
Cora was afraid. She went to Magua. 'What do you
want?' she asked.
'I am a Huron chief,' said Magua. 'I lived twenty
summers and twenty winters. I did not see a white
man. I was happy! Then a white man came to the
forest, He gave me brandy. The drink was had for me,
It made me crazy! My people were angry. I had to go
away. 1 ran away and lived with the Mohawks.'
'Then the war started,' said Magua. 'The French and
the English were fighting each other. The Mohawks
were fighting for the English. The Hurons were
fighting for the French. I was fighting my own people.'
'Your father -- Munro -- was our chief. He told the
Mohawks, "Do not drink brandy!" But a white man
gave me brandy. What did Munro do? He gave orders
to his men. They tied me with ropes and they heat
me! I will never forget!' 'But--' said Cora.
'Woman!' shouted Magua. He stood up quickly. 'You
will be my wife! Your sister will go to Fort William
Henry. She must tell Munro everything. Then Munro
will know. His daughter lives with me Magua.'
'Never!' said Cora. 'I will not be your wife.' Magua
smiled. 'Then you will die,' he said. 'And your friends
will die too.'
Then Magua went towards the other Hurons. He
spoke to them.
Duncan ran to Cora. 'What is wrong?' he asked.
'What did Magua say to you?'
'It is not important,' said Cora.
The Hurons were listening to Magua. Duncan
watched them. They were very angry. Suddenly, Magua
shouted at the Hurons. They pulled Duncan and the
women towards the trees. They tied each prisoner to a
tree with rope.
Magua stood in front of Cora. He laughed. 'What
does Munro's daughter say now?' he said. 'Shall I send
your sister to your father? Will you follow me to the
Great Lakes and live with me?'
Cora looked at her sister.
'Alice,' said Cora. 'I must go with Magua and be his
wife. Then you and Duncan will live.' 'No!' shouted
Duncan. 'Never!' 'No, no, no!' said Alice. 'Then die!'
shouted Magua.
He threw his knife at Alice. The knife cut off some
of her hair. It hit the tree above her head. Duncan
shouted angrily.
The Hurons had tied Duncan to a tree. But he
pulled the rope and it broke. He jumped on a Huron
and they fought. The Huron had a knife. He was going
to kill Duncan.
Suddenly a gun fired and the Huron fell dead.