0) JENNIFER BASSETT - The Phantom of the Opera

THE OPERA HOUSE IN PARIS is a very famous and beautiful
building. It is the biggest Opera House in the world. Work on
the building began in 1861, finished in 1875, and cost fortyseven
million francs.
It has seventeen floors, ten above the ground, and seven
under the ground. Behind and under the stage, there are
stairs and passages and many, many rooms - dressingrooms
for the singers and the dancers, rooms for the stage
workers, the opera dresses and shoes... There are more than
2,500 doors in the building. You can walk for hours and never
see daylight under the Paris Opera House.
And the Opera House has a ghost, a phantom, a man in
black clothes. He is a body without a head, or a head without
a body. He has a yellow face, he has no nose, he has black
holes for eyes...
This is the true story of the Phantom of the Opera. It begins
one day in 1880, in the dancers' dressing-room ...