Диалог 81.

Are there any gadgets you'd like to ban?
Well, I don't know whether I'd ban it, but I'd certainly like to, you wouldn't expect me to say this probably, but I would like manufacturers to stop making things with remote controls. I don't know what was going on with that, I mean, the idea, just take a television. If you can't be bothered to get up and walk six feet to turn over the channel, you don't deserve a television, you know. OK, if you're disabled or something like that, then that's different, but for the general members of the public sitting there and just flicking round the channels, that I think has been disastrous for our attention spans, because, they're, people are so impatient, they want things immediately, they want entertainment, they want everything instantly and I think that remote control was the beginning of this. And the worst thing about remote controls is that because they have them for everything, you go into somebody's house, and they say, 'Oh, just watch television, we're going out now.' I went to someone's house once and they went out and there was a football match I really wanted to watch and they had a great big television and there were five remote controls sitting on this table, one was for the stereo, one was for the VCR, one was for the, all these things, and I didn't know which remote control worked what, and I missed the entire football match because I couldn't turn on the television, it was on BBC1, it was on our main terrestrial channel and I couldn't watch it. And from then on I've had it in for remote controls.

Do you ever feel nostalgic for simpler times, when there was less technology?
I do, well, I feel very nostalgic for, I think it's something that you have to be careful of because I think it's something to watch as we get older, we can become nostalgic just for the sake of it, we go, 'Oh I remember', because I remember when I was going to school, television, there was no television in the daytime, and in a way I am sort of nostalgic for the fact that there so little television. I read a while ago that in Iceland in possibly the 70s or 80s they had no television at all on Thursdays, because there wasn't enough power or whatever to deal with it, and I thought that was a fantastic idea that we should introduce. We should just have a day of the week where there's no television, so everyone would have to go to the theatre, they'd have to go round to their friends house, make their own entertainment, all of that sort of stuff.

How do you imagine the future? Do you think we'll become more dependent on technology or do you think there will be a backlash against it?
I don't think there'll be a backlash against technology, I think we'll, and we'll keep on growing and we'll keep wanting more and more, but I can foresee a time, maybe not in my lifetime where there's a kind of a meltdown, where we simply can't cope any more, the Internet kind of explodes or whatever, I don't even know how it works, but it, it gets full up and starts to overflow or satellites bash into each other, all the things that we rely on, all the things that we build our whole system around, just, they were predicting it a bit in 2000, weren't they, when in 1999 they thought things couldn't cope, they were wrong, but I do think there may well be a kind of meltdown and then we'll have to rely on people with simple skills and farmers and people that can grow things, build things, make things will be the new, new heroes.
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