55) Тест.

Вы услышите рассказ радиоведущего о жизни и работе известного изобретателя. В заданиях A8-A14 вставьте цифру 1, 2 или 3, соответствующую выбранному варианту ответа.
Прослушайте запись дважды. Во время первого прослушивания заносите только те ответы, в которых вы уверены. Во время второго прослушивания ответьте на оставшиеся утверждения.
Проверьте свои ответы здесь. В ответах вы так же найдете текст теста на английском языке и пояснения на русском языке. Переведите текст теста, прочитайте его вслух и, вернувшись в тест, еще раз прослушайте запись.

A8 What does the speaker suggest about the name 'Moog'?
1) It was one reason for the success of his invention.
2) It has an interesting sound.
3) Some people do not pronounce it correctly.

A9 When Walter Carlos recorded with a Moog synthesizer.
1) there was a big contrast in reactions to his recording.
2) people said that the instrument was more suited to popular music.
3) he did so in order to shock certain people.

A10 What does the speaker say about Leon Theremin's invention?
1) Theremin was disappointed by its lack of popularity.
2) Moog improved the design of it.
3) It was played without being touched.

A11 What does the speaker say about Moog's synthesizer'?
1) It was used in a way he had not intended.
2) It benefited from a certain development in popular music.
3) It was more popular than the saxophone for a time.

A12 Why did Moog sell his company in the 1970s?
1) Demand for synthesizers in general was falling.
2) Competition from another company was causing it to fail.
3) He lost interest in running it.

A13 What happened in the 1990s and early years of the new millennium?
l) Young musicians asked Moog to design instruments for them.
2) Musicians started playing old Moog synthesizers.
3) Moog synthesizers were modernised by other people.

A14 The speaker says that by the time Moog died,
1) his new company was more successful than his old company.
2) his attitude to business had changed.
3) he was allowed to use his name on instruments he invented.



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