George Sees Stars by Dave Couper Scene 1. The telephone call.


The Happy Holiday Hotel is a small English hotel near the sea. These people work there:
George the hotel manager
Mary she helps George (George and Mary are married.)
Judy the cook
Peter an old man. He helps outside in the garden and carries the bags in the hotel.
Scene 1 The telephone call
(In the Happy Holiday Hotel. It is three o'clock. George is talking to Mary) (The telephone rings.)
George Hello? Happy Holiday Hotel. George Harris here ... Yes, I am the manager ... Tony who? Oh, Tony Madoc the TV star. You're Tony Madoc's secretary. I see ... Yes, that's fine ... You want a large room for Tony and he wants to see the sea. Right? Yes, yes, I know - Tony's very important. A TV star. Yes ... Fish, you say? Yes, that's easy. Right, then. Today ... Tony's coming today. Fine ... Goodbye, and thank you!
(George puts down the telephone.)
George Today ... Tony's coming today! Mary, listen! I've got good news!
Mary Don't shout George. What is it?
George Tony Madoc - you know, the television star - is coming to our hotel this afternoon!
Mary Who?
George Tony Madoc. He's famous! He's coming here at five o'clock today!
Mary He's a TV star, you say? Is he in Neighbours? I don't watch TV very much.
George Neighbours? Probably. He's going to have our best room and our best food. I'm going to look
at the room now.
Mary Fine, George, but I'm busy. I'm going to the supermarket.
George Don't be silly, Mary. You can't go to the shops now. He is a famous man. Do you 
understand? An important person.
Mary Tony Madoc? I don't know him. Is he very rich?
George I don't know, Mary. But he's very important. I know that.
Mary Yes ... Well ... I'm going to the shops now. See you later, George.
George But, Mary... stop!