George Sees Stars by Dave Couper Scene 5 An old woman arrives.


(It is five o'clock. A woman is getting out of a taxi.)
Woman Good afternoon! Are you the manager?
George Er, no ... yes! Yes, I am.
Woman Have you got a room here for me?
George A room? Oh no. I'm afraid we're full. We're very busy this year.
Woman What! No rooms. Busy? But I think my ...
George That's right, no rooms. We've got important people in the hotel today. But er ... what's your name?
Woman Margaret Adams. And I'm tired, too.
George Oh, all right. Come in.
(In the hotel again.)
George Yes, you can have a room for one or two nights. But it's small and you can't see the sea.
But I want to see the sea. Have you got any other rooms?
George I don't know ... No. There isn't another room. We're very busy, you see.
Woman And I'm very tired. The small room's OK. Why are you busy?
George A famous TV star is coming.
Woman Oh, very interesting. Do you like TV?
George No ... er ... yes! Very much.
Woman Yes, I do too. I like films best.
(She laughs.)
George Here's your key. Your room is number 5.
Woman Thank you. I'm going up to my room now. Please bring my bag - it's outside, in the street.
(The woman goes out.)
George Her bag? I haven't got time. I can't take her bag to her room.
(George carries the woman's bag into the hotel and quickly puts it in a cupboard. Mary comes in. She is drinking coffee.)
Mary Who's that woman, George?
George That's ... er ... Miss Adams. She's in room 5.
Mary Oh, that's a horrible room. It's very small and you can't see the sea.
George That's right. But it is quiet. It's fine for her. She's only going to stay for one or two nights.
Do you like the new light in the big room? It's nice, I think ... very nice.
Mary It's horrible, George. Red and yellow flowers! Ugh! And it's very big. Is it safe?
George Safe? Yes, oh yes, it's safe. Ha, ha!