George Sees Stars by Dave Couper Scene 7 I don't like champagne.


(In the hotel's restaurant. It is after eight o'clock. George is looking at a picture on the wall. The old woman is sitting at a table.)
Woman Mr Harris!
George Yes?
Woman I'd like my dinner now, please. It's ten minutes past eight now, you know.
George Oh, I'm sorry. We're very busy today. What would you like?
Woman I'd like some fish.
George I'm sorry, Mrs ... er ... we haven't got any fish. No. There isn't any fish.
Woman Oh well. What about a pizza? There's 'Pizza' here on the menu.
George Sorry, there's no pizza today.
Woman No pizza ... Well, what have you got?
George Chicken. We've got chicken.
Woman All right. I'd like some chicken, please.
(George is not listening. The young man is coming into the restaurant. George goes to Mr Brown's table.)
George Hello, Mr Brown. Here's your table.
(Mr Brown sits down.)
Can I help you? What can I get for you?
Woman I'd like some chicken, please, Mr Harris.
George All right, Mrs ... er ... all right. Don't shout. I'm sorry, Mr ...
Woman I'd like a glass of...
George Champagne, Mr Brown? Would you like some champagne now? It's free.
Young man No, thanks. A glass of water, please.
George Please have some champagne.
Young man No, no. I don't like champagne.
Woman I'd like a glass of water, please.
(George goes to the woman's table. He is angry.)
George Mrs ... er ...
Woman My name is Adams. Miss Adams.
George Miss Adams. We have a famous TV star here and we're very busy. I can't do everything. Do
you understand that?
Woman Oh yes, I understand. I am a TV star.
George Who? What! You're a TV star?
Woman That's right. My name is Toni Madoc.
George But Tony Madoc is a man.
Woman Oh no -Toni' is a woman's name too! T-O-N-I. My real name is Margaret Adams but on TV 
my name is Toni Madoc.
George What? Oh no!
Woman Yes, Mr Harris. And now I'm going to leave this hotel, the 'Happy Holiday Hotel'. I don't
know about 'happy' but I know it isn't good! And I'm not happy here - I've got a small room, I can't see the sea, and Mr Harris, you're a very silly man!
(Toni Madoc goes out of the restaurant. George looks at the young man sadly.)
George And who are you?
Young man I'm Paul Brown.
George You're not the TV star?
Young man No, Mr Harris. I'm a student.
George A student!
(He runs to the door.)
George Miss Madoc! Miss Madoc! Please don't leave. Have some champagne! Please! It's free.