3) The Collector by Peter Winy.


3 I need some money
I walk out of the supermarket. There are hundreds of cars in the car park. A 1993 car is fifty million units at home. But they're all too big. You can't take them with you. Some of them are very beautiful... Toyota Corollas, Ford Escorts, Nissan Sunnys, Fiat Unos, Renault Clios, Rover Minis. They're the expensive ones, the everyday cars. You can find Rolls Royces, Mercedes, Ferraris and Porsches at home - people are very careful with old cars like those. But you can't find the everyday cars.
It's raining hard, and I haven't got a coat. And I haven't got any money. Only two pounds. And I need that for the cornflakes tomorrow. The rain is cold.
A young man is sitting on the ground outside the supermarket. He's wearing old, dirty jeans and an old T-shirt. There's a hat in front of him, and a sign. The sign says, 'No home. Cold, hungry and thirsty. Please help.' A young woman walks past. She stops, and puts a fifty-pence coin in the hat. Then an old man puts a few twenty-pence coins in the hat. That's the answer! A woman is walking along the street. I stop her.
Me Excuse me. I'm hungry and thirsty. And I'm cold. Please help.
The woman is looking at my clothes. They're very good clothes. I always get good clothes. I'm wearing an expensive blue suit, new black shoes and a clean white shirt. The woman doesn't say anything. She walks away. Then the young man stands up. His jeans are very dirty. He's angry.
Young man Hey! You! This is my place! I'm here every day. Go away!
Me I'm sorry. Don't be angry. I need some money, too.
Young man Go on! Go away!
He's very angry. And he's a strong young man, too. What can I do? I go away. I walk between the cars in the car park. An old man is opening his car door.
Me Excuse me, sir. I need some money.
The man is afraid. Why?
Me Could you give me some money, please?
Man Don't hurt me!
Me  I don't want to hurt you. I'm only asking a question. Could I have some money, please?
Man Help! Police! Help!
People are looking at me. The man is running away between the cars. He's shouting. Now a police car is stopping outside the supermarket. Two police officers get out, a man and a woman. The man is talking to them. They're all looking at me. I don't want to talk to the police officers. I run fast between the cars. I can run very fast. I run out of the car park and along a road. There are some trees on my left. Quickly, I go behind a tree and stop. The police car goes past. The police officers are in the front and the man is in the back. They're looking out of the windows. They're looking for me.