Упражнение 321.

Замените придаточные предложения оборотами с герундием, поставив, где требуется, соответствующий предлог:
1. When I received the telegram, I started home at once.
2. You may avoid many mistakes, if you observe these rules.
3. When he entered the room, he greeted everybody
4. After they had sat there a few minutes, they continued their journey.
5. While he was copying the text, he made a few mistakes.
6. I am thankful that I have been stopped in time.
7. I remember that I have read this book.
8. After she had tried all the keys on the ring, she finally found the right one.
9. He is proud that he has never been beaten at chess by his fellow students.
10. I don't remember that I have ever come across his name before.
11. His arm was not in a sling and showed no sign that it had been injured.
12. You can improve your knowledge of English if you read more.


1. On receiving the telegram ... .
2. ... by observing these rules.
3. On entering the room ... .
4. After sitting there a few minutes ... .
5. In copying the text ... .
6. ... for having been stopped (or: for being stopped) in time.
7. ... having read (or: reading) this book.
8. After trying all the keys on the ring ... .
9. ... of never having been beaten at chess by his fellow students.
10. ... ever having come across (or: ever coming across) his name before.
11. ... of having been injured.
12. ... by reading more.