Упражнение 367.


Укажите, является ли выделенное жирным шрифтом слово прилагательным или наречием:
1. The questions were so easy that everybody could answer them. 2. He answered all the
questions easily. 3. He spoke loudiy. 4. We heard a loud noise in the street. 5. We went
straight to Leningrad without stopping anywhere. 6. This road is quite straight. 7. You would
write better if you had a better pen. 8. He has very little knowledge of the subject. 9. When I
first came to Moscow, I little thought that I should stay here so long. 10. We stayed there a
long time. 11. He works more and better than he used to. 12. I have more books than you.
13. I am an early riser; I go to bed early and get up early. 14. We talked very much that
evening. 15. We haven't had much rain this month. 16. He is playing worse than usual.
17. The patient is worse this morning.


1. прилагательное. 2. наречие. 3. наречие. 4. прилагательное. 5. наречие,
6. прилагательное. 7. наречие, прилагательное. 8. прилагательное. 9. наречие,
наречие. 10. прилагательное. 11. наречие, наречие. 12. прилагательное.
13. прилагательное, наречие, наречие. 14. наречие. 15. прилагательное.
16. наречие. 17. прилагательное.