Упражнение 378.

Образуйте от наречия, помещенного в скобках, сравнительную или превосходную степень, в зависимости от смысла:
1. I like this book (well) than that. 2. She visits them (frequently) than us. 3. Which of the
students ran (fast) at the contest? 4. Which of all these books did you enjoy (much)? 5. Which
of these two books did you enjoy (much)? 6. Now I can see the ship (clearly) than before.
7. You ought to have told me (early). 8. Whose singing did you like (well), Mary's, Nina's or
Helen's? 9. The fire was put out (quickly) than we expected. 10. He speaks English (correctly)
of all in my class. "


1. better. 2. more frequently. 3. (the) fastest. 4. (the) most. 5. more. 6. more
clearly. 7. earlier. 8. best. 9. more quickly {or: quicker). 10. (the) most correctly.