Упражнение 401.

Из глаголов, стоящих в скобках, выберите требуемую форму:
1. The house and the garage (was, were) destroyed by the fire. 2. Either the manager or his
assistants (is, are) always in the office. 3. Either you or Peter (has, have) lost my knife.
4. Everybody (knows, know) about it. 5. Every student (was, were) informed of it. 6. We found
that not one of the cases(was, were) broken. 7. Each of us (has, have) special tasks to perform.
8. Everyone in the room (was, were) surprised to hear it. 9. The city with its suburbs (has,
have) a population of over two million. 10. There (is, are) a table and four chairs in each room.
11. There (is, are) four chairs in each room. 12. Neither of these plans (satisfies, satisfy) us:
13. Neither the barley nor the wheat (is, are) ready for harvest. 14. The goods (is, are) ready
for shipment. 15. Someone (is, are) waiting for you in the entrance hall. 16. Neither my book
nor yours (is, are) here. 17. The news (was, were) exciting. 18. A committee of five students
(was, were) chosen. 19. The committee (is, are) not able to agree among themselves.
20. Mathematics (is, are) his favourite subject. 21. Our football team (was, were) playing in the
park. 22. Both copper and lead (is, are) found in this mine. 23. All (was, were) ready to go.
24. Give these tickets to all who (wants, want) to go to the concert. 25. Who (is, are) the winners?
26. Who (has, have) seen my spectacles? 27. There (was, were) a lot of people at the station.


1. were. 2. is. 3. has. 4. knows. 5. was. 6. was. 7. has. 8. was. 9. has. 10. is.
11. are. 12. satisfies. 13. is. 14. are. 15. is. 16. is. 17. was. 18. was. 19. are. 20. is.
21. were. 22. are. 23. were. 24. want. 25. are. 26. has. 27. were.