Упражнение 407.

Переведите на английский язык:
1. Он никогда ничего не рассказывал мне об этом. 2. Я никогда нигде не встречал его
раньше. 3. В этих журналах нет ничего об этом. 4. Никто не мог сказать мне его адрес,
5. Когда я вошел, в комнате никого не было. 6. Ни мой брат, ни я не знали об этом. 7. Он
никуда не хочет идти ни сегодня, ни завтра. 8. Никто никогда не спрашивал меня об этом.
9. Она никогда ни с кем не говорила на эту тему. 10. Он не читал ни этой книги, ни той.
11. Я никогда ничего ее слыхал о нем. 12. Ничего не было сказано об этом.
Напишите следующие предложения в вопросительной форме:
1. Не speaks Chinese very well. 2. His father was a doctor. 3. These books were published
in Moscow. 4. He wrote them a letter from Sochi. 5. The weather will be fine to-morrow. 6. All
books must be returned to the library before the 1st of July. 7. I ought to have done it. 8. He
has been working hard for the last two months. 9. He has a motor car. 10. This box weighs
more than that one. 11. He can swim well. 12, He is working in the library. 13. They were glad
to see him. 14. These boys like reading travel stories.


1. He has never told me anything about it. 2. I have never met him anywhere before.
3. There isn't anything (or There is nothing) about it in these magazines.
4. Nobody could tell me his address. 5. When I entered there wasn't anybody (or:
there was nobody) in the room. 6. Neither my brother nor I knew about it. 7. He
doesn't want to go anywhere either to-day or to-morrow. 8. Nobody has ever asked
me about it. 9. She has never spoken to anyone on this subject. 10. He hasn't read
either this book or that one. 11. I have never heard anything about him. 12. Nothing
has been said (or: was said) about it.

1. Does he speak Chinese very well? 2. Was his father a doctor? 3. Were these
books published in Moscow? 4. Did he write them a letter from Sochi? 5. Will the
weather be fine to-morrow? 6. Must all books be returned to the library before the
1st of July? 7. Ought I to have done it? 8. Has he been working hard for the last two
months? 9. Has he a motor car? 10. Does this box weigh more than that one?
11. Can he swim well? 12. Is he working in the library? 13. Were they glad to see
him? 14. Do these boys like reading travel stories?