Упражнение 410.

Допишите следующие предложения, образуя расчлененные вопросы:
1. She looks like you, ...? 2. It isn't cold to-day, ...? 3. You saw him at the club yesterday,
...? 4. They won't come to-day, ...? 5. You haven't bought your ticket yet, ...? 6. You play
chess, ...? 7. You will travel by train, ...? 8. He can't speak French, ...? 9. They are not in town,
...? 10. We shall see you to-morrow, ...? 11. She ought to go there at once, ...? 12. You don't
know her, ...?

Напишите два ответа на каждый вопрос: 1) выражающий согласие с говорящими
2) несогласие с ним:
1. They aren't waiting for me, are they? 2. She doesn't play tennis, does she? 3. He isn't injured,
is he? 4. You haven't caught a cold, have you? 5. He can't translate the article without a
dictionary, can he? 6. You weren't late, were you? 7. The children ought not to be here, ought
they? 8. You don't have to go yet, do you? 9. She hasn't any mistakes in her composition, has

Переведите на английский язык:
1. Он очень умный человек, ,не правда ли? — Да, умный. 2. Он не вернулся еще в
Москву, не правда ли? — Нет, вернулся. 3. Он будет завтра в институте, не правда ли? —
Да, будет. 4. Вы не говорили с директором по этому вопросу, не правда ли? — Да, не говорил.
5. Он не знает французского языка, не правда ли? — Да, не знает. 6. Она еще не
окончила университет, не правда ли? — Нет, окончила. 7., Он не сможет сделать эту работу
в такой короткий срок, не правда ли? — Нет, сможет.


1. ... doesn't she? 2. ... is it? 3, ... didn't you? 4. ... will they? 5. ... have you?
6. ... don't you? 7. ... won't you? 8. ... can he? 9. ... are they? 10. ... shan't we?
11. ... oughtn't she? 12. ... do you?

1. No, they aren't. Yes, they are. 2. No, she doesn't. Yes, she does. 3. No, he
isn't. Yes, he is. 4. No, I haven't. Yes, I have. 5. No, he can't. Yes, he can. 6. No, I
wasn't. Yes, I was. 7. No, they oughtn't (to). Yes, they ought (to). 8. No, I don't.
Yes, I do. 9. No, she hasn't. Yes, she has.

1. He is a very intelligent man, isn't he? —Yes, he is. 2. He hasn't come back to
Moscow yet, has he? — Yes, he has. 3. He'll be at the Institute to-morrow, won't
he? — Yes, he will. 4. You haven't spoken to the director on this question, have
you? — No, I haven't. 5. He doesn't know French, does he? — No, he doesn't.
6. She hasn't graduated from the University yet, has she? — Yes, she has. 7. He
won't be able to do this work in such a short time, will he? — Yes, he will.