Упражнение 411.

Напишите вопросы к выделенным жирным шрифтом членам предложения:
1. Не wore a straw hat. 2. The cover of this book is made of leather. 3. They invited
my sister and me. 4. Sugar cane grows in warm climates. 5. These students want to
take part in the expedition. 6. I shall speak to the manager about it. 7. The buyers were inter-'
ested in the purchase of 5,000 tons of fuel oil. 8. The suppliers sent a telegram to the
buyers. 9. I shall discuss the matter with the chief engineer. 10. An English ton contains
1,016 kilograms. 11. The cargo will be discharged in Leningrad. 12. Some bags were damaged
by sea water. 13. Thirty cases of spare parts are ready for shipment. 14. A hundred
bags were taken to the warehouse. 15. The steamer could not be unloaded yesterday because
of the storm. 16. Helen is my sister. 17. He is a book-keeper. 18. The distance between
that village and Moscow is 60 kilometres. 19. The price of the drilling machine is 8,000
roubles. 20. The weight of the machine is two tons. 21. They are doctors. 22. The buyers asked for a reduction of 5 per cent, in the price.


1. What hat did he wear? 2. What is made of leather? What is the cover of this
book made of (or: Of what is the cover of this book made?) 3. Who(m) did they invite?
4. What grows in warm climates Where does sugar cane grow? 5. Who wants
to take part in the expedition? 6. Who(m) will you speak to about it? (or: To whom
will you speak about it?) 7. What were the buyers interested in? (or: In what were
the buyers interested?) 8. Who sent a telegram to the buyers? Who(m) did the suppliers
send a telegram to? (or: To whom did the suppliers send a telegram?)
.9. Who(m) will you discuss the matter with? (or: With whom will you discuss the
matter?) 10. How many kilograms does an English ton contain? 11. Where will the
cargo be discharged? 12. What was damaged by sea water? What were some bags
damaged by? (or: By what were some bags damaged?) 13. What is ready for shipment?
14. How many bags were taken to the warehouse? 15. Why couldn't the
steamer be unloaded yesterday? 16. Who is Helen? 17. What is he? 18. What is the
distance between that village and Moscow? 19. What is the price of the drilling machine?
20. What is the weight of the machine? 21. What are they? 22. What did the
buyers ask for? (or: For what did the buyers ask?)