Упражнение 428.

Опустите союз в следующих условных предложениях, сделав соответствующие
изменения в предложении:
1. If I had time, I should learn French. 2. If you should find them, kindly let me know. 3. If
they had called at the office yesterday, they would have found me there. 4. If I had seen him
yesterday, I should have told him about it. 5. If he were here, I should speak to him. 6. If he
were in town, he would help us. 7. If he should come, tell him to wait. 8. If I had enough
money, I would travel. 9. If I were you, I should go there immediately. 10. The accident might
not have occurred if they had been more careful. 11. If I were in his place, I should refuse. 12. If
you had seen him, you wouldn't have recognized him.


1. Had I time, ... . 2. Should you find them, ... . 3. Had they called at the office
yesterday, ... . 4. Had I seen him yesterday 5. Were he here, ... . 6. Were he in
town 7. Should he come, ... . 8. Had I enough money, ... . 9. Were I you, ... .
10. ... had they been more careful. 11. Were I in his place ... . 12. Had you seen
him, ... .