Упражнения по английскому языку с ответами. №14.

Исправьте ошибки, допущенные при расстановке артиклей.

1. I have a juice. An juice is a sweet.
2. It is my friend. The friend is the good.
3. This is the London. I like the this city. The your friend likes a city, too.
4. A my mother has a cars. The cars are a red.
5. A my brother has the toy. A toy is a red.
6. The Tanya has an oranges. An oranges are the green.
7. The your brother has the cats. An cats are a big. The they are not a small. They have an toys.
8. An your mother has the cars. An Anna has the car, too. A cars are not a big. The they are small.
9. This is the my friend. He has the many friends. A friends are students.
10. A Tanya has the tea. An tea is not a sweet.

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