Упражнения по английскому языку с ответами. №34.

Поставьте следующие предложения в форму множественного числа.

1. Is it a nice city?
2. It is a pear.
3. Is this apple sweet?
4. Is it your child?
5. That apple is not red.
6. This is not an interesting book.
7. This is my dog.
8. Is it your bag?
9. That school is new.
10. This is his computer.
11. Where is your friend?
12. This is my son.
13. That girl is my daughter.
14. This is a nice girl.
15. That is a flower.
16. It is an interesting film.
17. That is a white plate.
18. This is a book.

Пишите здесь. Ответы снизу.
1. Are they nice cities?
2. They are pears.
3. Are these apples sweet?
4. Are they your children?
5. Those apples are not red.
6. These are not interesting books.
7. These are my dogs.
8. Are they your bags?
9. Those schools are new.
10. These are his computers.
11. Where are your friends?
12. These are my sons.
13. Those girls are my daughters.
14. These are nice girls.
15. Those are flowers.
16. They are interesting films.
17. Those are white plates.
18. These are books.