Упражнения по английскому языку с ответами. №42.

Вставьте артикли а, аn или the, где необходимо.
1. Where is textbook? - It is on sofa.
2. Where are
children? - They are in garden.
3. Close
door, please.
4. Take
letter from tabic.
5. It's a beautiful city on
bank of river.
6. I study
English language.
Smiths live in south of England.
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Вставьте артикли а, аn или the, где необходимо.
1. This is ball. ball is blue.
2. In the afternoon I eat
sandwich and drink coffee.
3. He gave me
coffee and cake. coffee was hot. cake was very tasty.
4. Do you like
5. I see
newspaper in your hand. Is article interesting?
6. Do you need
7. He never eats
meat, he always eats vegetables. He is vegetarian.
8. This is
pineapple. pineapple is delicious.
9. Nancy,
apples are good for you!
10. She bought
meat, butter and potatoes yesterday. She also bought cake. cake was delicious.
11. This is my
table. On table I have book, two pencils, pen and paper.
12. This is
case. case is brown. It is my brother's case.
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Вставьте артикли а, аn или the, где необходимо.
1. This is good apple. Take apple from table.
weather is fine today sky is blue. sun is shining brightly in blue sky.
3. This is
boy. boy is at school. He is pupil.
4. Today he received
letter from his friend. letter was interesting.
5. We live in
small house. I like house very much.
6. Are you
doctor? - No, I am student.
7. I like your
beautiful cat.
8. My
grandmother is at home. She is knitting nice sweater.
9. My
mother is not at home. She is at work. She is teacher. She is good teacher.
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