Упражнения по английскому языку с ответами. №55.

Тема: «Моя семья, друзья»

My паше is Mike. I am 25. I am Belorussian. I am a manager. I work at a big firm. I like my job. It is very interesting. I live in Brest. Brest is not a big city, but it is very beautiful. I live in Lenin Street. I have a big house. I have 5 rooms in my house.

Now I want to tell you a few (несколько) words about my family. My mother is Nina Petrovna. She is 46 years old. She is a teacher. My father is Nicolay Andreyevich. He is 47 years old. He is a doctor. I also have a brother, but I do not have a sister. My brother goes to school. He is 12. He is a good boy.

I am married and I have my own family. My wife is Anna. She is a nice girl. She does not work now. She looks after our son. He is 2 years old. Also, I have a pet, which is a dog by (no) the name of Albert.

He is very funny. I take him for a walk and feed him twice a day. I always help my wife about (no) the house. We often cook dinner together. In the evening we watch TV together or read books. On Saturdays and Sundays we often go to a restaurant or to the cinema, sometimes we go to our parents to have dinner. I have many friends and I often go to see them. I guess that is all I want to tell you about myself (себе).

Составьте разговорную тему по следующему плану и перескажите получившийся текст.
• о себе: где работаете, сколько вам лет, состоите в браке или нет;
• о семье: жена, муж, дети (сколько им лет, где работают);
• о родителях (сколько им лет, где работают и т. д.);
• где вы живете;
• что вы делаете вечером;
• как часто вы встречаетесь со своими друзьями.

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