Упражнение 51.

Образуйте от прилагательных, стоящих в скобкам, сравнительную или превосходную степень, в зависимости от смысла:

1. The Trans-Siberian railway is (long) in the world.
2. The twenty-second oi December is the (short) day in the year.
3. Iron is (useful) of all metals.
4. The Neva is (wide) and (deep) than the Moskva River.
5. Elbrus is the (high) peak in the Caucasian mountains.
6. His plan is (practical) than yours.
7. His plan is (practical) of all.
8. This room is (small) than all the rooms in the house.
9. London is the (large) city in England.
10. Silver is (heavy) than copper.
11. This wall is (low) than that one.
12. This exercise is (good) than the last one.
13. My cigarettes are (bad) than yours.
14. Yesterday was the (hot) day we have had this summer.


1. the longest.
2. the shortest.
3. the most useful.
4. wider, deeper.
5. the highest.
6. more practical.
7. the most practical.
8. smaller.
9. the largest.
10. heavier.
11. lower.
12. better.
13. worse.
14. the hottest.