Упражнение 62.

Напишите по-английски:
3/5 тонны; 1/4 километра;
2/3 процента;
1 1/2 часа;
1/2 фунта; 4 1/2 пенса;

2 3/4 процента; 2 2/3 дюйма;
0.105 метра;
2.18 фунта;
17.562 тонны;

5 процентов; 23 процента;
0.36 процента;
2.5 процента.


three fifths of a ton; a (or: one) quarter of a kilometer;
two thirds per cent (or: two thirds of one per cent);
one {or: an) hour and a half (or: one and a half hours);
half a pound; four pence halfpenny;

two and three quarters per cent; two and two thirds inches;
nought point one nought five of a metre (or: point one nought five of a metre);
two point one eight pounds;
one seven (or: seventeen) point five six two tons;

five per cent; twenty three per cent;
nought point three six per cent (or: point three six per cent);
two point five per cent.