Упражнение 78.

Напишите вопросы к выделенным жирным шрифтом словам:

1. I am looking at him.
2. Comrade Petrov is a doctor.
3. They are talking about the international situation.
4. They are painters.
5. That is my sisters dog.
6. Some English books are lying on the table.
7. The children are sitting under the tree.
8. He is waiting for me.
9. Comrade A. called you up.
10. We saw Comrade A. yesterday.


1. Who(m) are you looking at? (or: At whom are you looking?)
2. What is Comrade Petrov?
3. What are they talking about? (or: About what are they talking?)
4. What are they?
5. Whose dog is that?
6. What is lying on the table?
7. Who is sitting under the tree?
8. Who(m) is he waiting for? (or: For whom is he waiting?)
9. Who called me up?
10. Who(m) did you see yesterday?