Упражнение 84.

Вместо точек вставьте соответствующие относительные местоимения. В тех случаях, когда наряду с одним местоимением возможно употребление другого, поставьте второе местоимение в скобках:

1. Do you know the man ... wrote this letter?
2. The magazine ... you lent me is very interesting.
3. The street ... leads to the station is very wide.
4. The doctor ... she visited told her to stay in bed.
5. The man ... you want to see has just left.
6. There is the student ... book you found.
7. The girl ... you see at the door is my sister.
8. A friend of mine, ... was present at the meeting, told me all about it.
9. Is the man to ... you spoke a writer?
10. These are some of the finest pictures ... I have ever seen.


1. who (or: that).
2. that (or: which).
3. that (or: which).
4. whom (or: that).
5. whom (or: that).
6. whose.
7. whom (or: that).
8. who.
9. whom.
10. that.