Упражнение 85.

Вместо точек вставьте соответствующие относительные местоимения. В тех случаях, когда наряду с одним местоимением возможно употребление другого, поставьте второе местоимение в скобках:

1. He will be glad to any help ... you can give him.
2. This is the only example ... I can give you.
3. Yesterday I met my brother, ... showed me a letter ... he had received from our parents.
4. My youngest sister, ... you met at my house last week, has just got married.
5. I went fishing last Sunday, ... is one of the pleasantest ways of spending one's free time.
6. He has three sons, ... all work at the same factory.
7. The damage ... was caused by the German fascists to Soviet collective farms is estimated at 181,000 million roubles.


1. that.
2. that.
3. who, which.
4. whom.
5. which.
6. who.
7. that (or: which).