Упражнение 9.

Замените, где возможно, существительное с предлогом of существительным в форме притяжательного падежа:

1. The new club of the workers.
2. The poems of Lermontov.
3. The clothes of the boys.
4. The walls of the room.
5. The plays of Shakespeare.
6. The voice of his sister.
7. The orders of the Commander-in-Chief.
8. The pages of the bock.
9. The watch of my friend Peter.
10. The birthday of my daughter Helen.
11. The parents of all the other boys.
12. The boats of the fishermen.
13. The opinion of the lawyer.
14. The signature of Mr. Brown.
15. The offer of the seller.
16. The conclusions of the expert.
17. The house of my father-in-law.


1. The workers' new club.
2. Lermontov's poems.
3. The boys' clothes.
4. The walls of the room.
5. Shakespeare's plays.
6. His sister's voice.
7. The Commanderin- Chief's orders.
8. The pages of the book.
9. My friend Peter's watch.
10. My daughter Helen's birthday.
11. All the other boys' parents.
12. The fishermen's boats.
13. The lawyer's opinion.
14. Mr. Brown's signature.
15. The seller's offer.
16. The expert's conclusions.
17. My father-in-law's house.