Упражнение 164.


Замените следующие действительные обороты страдательными:
1. Glinka composed the opera "Ivan Susanin".
2. This mine will produce large quantities of coal this year.
3. A railway line connects the village with the town.
4. A famous architect designed this theatre.
5. This plant had fulfilled the yearly plan by the 15th November.
6. The student read the text aloud.
7. The teacher will correct the student's composition.
8. Soviet scientists are making wonderful discoveries


1. The opera "Ivan Susanin" was composed by Glinka.
2. Large quantities of coal will be produced by this mine this year.
3. The village is connected with the town by a railway line.
4. This theatre was designed by a famous architect.
5. The yearly plan had been fulfilled by this plant by the 15th November.
6. The text was read aloud by the student.
7. The student's composition will be corrected by the teacher.
8. Wonderful discoveries are being made by Soviet scientists.