Упражнение 168.

Поставьте глаголы, стоящие в скобках, в требуемом по смыслу времени:

1. Don't enter the room! A student (to examine) there.
2. The event (to report) by the newspapers before they arrived home.
3. After the accident he (to take) home immediately.
4. The letter (to type) by the typist when I came in.
5. I am sure that his work (to complete) by the end of the month.
6. Some new magazines just (to bring). Would you like to look them through?
7. The exercises usually (to correct) by the teacher at home.
8. I can't show you my written work as it not (to return) by my teacher.
9. Many new houses (to build) in our town lately.
10. We think that the ship (to charter) next week.

1. ... A student is being examined ... .
2. The event had been reported ... .
3. ... he was taken ... .
4. The letter was being typed (or: had been typed) ... .
5. ... his work will have been completed ... .
6. Some new magazines have just been brought.
7. The exercises are usually corrected ... .
8. ... it has not been returned ... .
9. Many new houses have been built ... .
10. ... the ship will be chartered ... .