Упражнение 187.

Замените следующие действительные обороты страдательными:

1. They told me an interesting story yesterday.
2. They offered him a cup of tea.
3. They promised us a very interesting book.
4. They pay him regularly.
5. They will show us some new magazines.
6. They teach the children French and German.
7. They gave him an invitation card to the party.
8. They granted the firm a long term credit.


1. a) I was told an interesting story, b) An interesting story was told to me.
2. a) He was offered a cup of tea. b) A cup of tea was offered to him.
3. a) We were promised a very interesting book, b) A very interesting book was promised to us.
4. He is paid regularly.
5. a) We shall be shown some new magazines, b) Some new magazines will be shown to us.
6. a) The children are taught French and German, b) French and German are taught to the children.
7. a) He was given an invitation card to the party, b) An invitation card to the party was given to him.
8. a) The firm was granted a long term credit, b) A long term credit was granted to the firm.