Упражнение 230.


Напишите следующие предложения в прошедшем и будущем времени:
1. We can help you.
2. I can do this work myself.
3. She can translate the article into Russian.
4. I can buy a dictionary for you.
5. He can go to the library with you.
6. They can read English books.
7. You may stay here.
8. I must leave now.


1. We could help you; We will (shall - устарело) be able to help you.
2. I could do ...; I will (shall) be able to do ... .
3. She could translate ...; She will be able to translate ... .
4. I could buy ...; I will (shall) be able to buy ... .
5. He could go ...; He will be able to go ... .
6. They could read ...; They will be able to read ... .
7. You might stay here. You will be allowed (permitted) to stay here.
8. I had to leave. I will (shall) have to leave soon.