Упражнение 265.

Напишите и каждому предложению краткий вопрос, выражающий удивление собеседника по поводу данного высказывания:
I haven't seen the new film yet.
Haven't you?

1. He looks very well.
2. He won the second prize in the chess tournament.
3. She couldn't answer the question.
4. He is very strong.
5. He gave up smoking.
6. She didn't say a word about it.
7. I don't like fruit.
8. There isn't any water in the well.'
9. It's nearly twelve o'clock.
10. He will have passed all his examinations by the 10th of June.


1. Does he?
2. Did he?
3. Couldn't she?
4. Is he?
5. Did he?
6. Didn't she?
7. Don't you?
8. Isn't there?
9. Is it?
10. Will he?

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