Упражнение 267.

Замените второе предложение каждой пары оборотами типа "So do I" или "Neither (nor) do I":
He can speak French. — I can speak French too.
He can speak French. — So can I.

1. My brother is very busy. I am busy too.
2. Comrade Ivanov is going to Vladivostok. His wife is going to Vladivostok too.
3. I don't want to go there. He doesn't want to go there either.
4. Helen will go there. Peter will go there too.
5. He prefers to go by steamer. His brother prefers to go by steamer too.
6. He will not go away this summer. His wife will not go away this summer either.
7. That girl couldn't do it. Her sister couldn't do it either.
8. He can't swim. She can't swim either.
9. I was very tired after our trip. My daughter was also tired after our trip.
10. You shouldn't smoke so much. Your brother shouldn't smoke so much either.


1. So am I.
2. So is his wile.
3. Neither does he.
4. So will Peter.
5. So does his brother.
6. Neither will his wife.
7. Neither could her sister.
8. Neither can she.
9. So was my daughter.
10. Neither should your brother.

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