A Fish Called Wanda 1988. Субтитры к фильму на английском языке.

{815}{875}And on that point,|members of the jury, ...
{875}{919}..I rest my case.
{1391}{1441}(camera shutter clicks)
{1547}{1593}(alarm clock rings)
{2219}{2259}HeIIo, Wanda.
{4010}{4045}Hi, Ken.
{4046}{4090}HeIIo, W-W-Wanda.
{4094}{4129}Ken, ...
{4154}{4178}..this is Otto.
{4178}{4250}HeIIo, Ken.|Wanda's told me a Iot about you.
{4250}{4293}Hey! Great fish!
{4298}{4376}A squeeze of Iemon,|some tartare sauce... perfect!
{4406}{4442}George back yet?
{4442}{4492}No, he had to g-g-go...
{4502}{4546}..to the b-b-b...
{4646}{4719}That's quite a stutter you've got there,|Ken.
{4742}{4802}(laughs)|It's aII right, it doesn't bother me.
{4802}{4870}So er...|George needs a weapons man, eh?
{4898}{4922}A cup of tea, Ken?
{4970}{5006}Yeah, he'd Iike one.
{5006}{5078}I had a good friend in the CIA,|had a stutter.
{5078}{5126}Cost him his Iife, dammit.
{5126}{5165}(door opens)
{5198}{5236}Hi, George.
{5270}{5311}HeIIo, George.
{5318}{5354}Get you a Scotch?
{5390}{5428}George, ...
{5450}{5492}..this is Otto.
{5510}{5544}So, ...
{5546}{5594}..you're Wanda's brother?
{5594}{5630}Good to be here, George.
{5630}{5678}England is a fine country.
{5678}{5735}Did she teII you what we need?
{5846}{5884}(Ken gasps)
{5942}{5996}(Otto) Something Iike that?
{6050}{6097}Something Iike that.
{6134}{6174}HeIIo, Wendy.
{6230}{6272}Had a good day?
{6278}{6361}I spend the morning|trying to get a waste disposal man.
{6362}{6445}At Iunch, Marjorie just|complained about her husband...
{6446}{6518}..then I have to play|three rubbers with Philippa.
{6518}{6601}I come back and|Sandersons have sent the wrong flowers.
{6602}{6636}Oh, no!
{6662}{6713}Would you Iike some tea?
{6794}{6830}I won the case.
{6830}{6910}This is the first moment|I've had to myseIf aII day.
{6998}{7046}HeIIo, Portia! How was the show?
{7046}{7106}Awful, Daddy. I must have a new horse.
{7106}{7178}- But you Iiked Phantom.|- He's not fit for dog meat.
{7178}{7238}Can I change him? It won't cost much.
{7238}{7298}- Oughtn't we...|- I thought you were making tea.
{7298}{7358}- I am, darling. Sorry.|- I'd better get it.
{7358}{7427}- No, no, let me do it.|- No! I'II do it!
{7502}{7538}I won the case.
{7538}{7585}Now this is cracked.
{7622}{7683}They're worth about 1 00,000 each.
{7706}{7754}There are 1 35 of them.
{7754}{7817}That makes 1 3 miIIions, my friends.
{7826}{7850}DoIIars or pounds?
{7850}{7886}Pounds, pet.
{7886}{7939}This is the big one. So...
{8234}{8270}The plan.
{8270}{8321}Yeah. Great. No problem.
{8330}{8402}What was the middle thing,|about the police?
{8426}{8498}We don't meet up|at Heathrow until Tuesday...
{8498}{8522}Yeah, yeah!
{8522}{8570}I haven't finished yet.
{8570}{8658}Because the police wiII watch|aII the airports for 72 hours.
{8666}{8690}I know.
{8690}{8724}I know.
{8738}{8793}Do you want me to g-g-get...
{8810}{8851}..a b-b-big...
{8978}{9014}A Iimo, OK?
{9014}{9062}And put diplomatic plates on it.
{9062}{9129}What if he has to speak in the break-in?
{9134}{9194}Nobody says anything during a break-in.
{9194}{9247}It's OK, Otto. Ken's good.
{9266}{9311}So, next week, ...
{9326}{9374}..we won't have to Iook for work.
{9374}{9434}And it won't have to Iook for us.
{9446}{9485}Oscar Wilde.
{9602}{9669}You really Iike animals, don't you, Ken?
{9674}{9722}What's the attraction?
{9722}{9758}Because you can t-t-t...
{9758}{9825}..trust them, and they don't sh-sh-sh...
{9842}{9878}Shit on you?
{9878}{9927}Show off aII the time.
{9938}{9998}You know what Nietzsche|said about them?
{9998}{10058}He said they were God's second blunder.
{10058}{10094}Bye, sis!
{10106}{10173}WeII, you teII him from me that I-I-I...
{10214}{10253}Bye, George.
{10262}{10322}If you talk to Mom, teII her I said hi.
{10322}{10370}- OK.|- (Don't let him touch you.)
{10370}{10430}One more day, and we're together.
{10502}{10550}I'm sorry about my brother, Ken.
{10550}{10601}I know he's insensitive.
{10610}{10658}He's had a hard Iife.
{10658}{10709}Dad used to beat him up.
{12873}{12930}Anybody moves and you're dead.
{13437}{13477}(alarm rings)
{13593}{13630}(dogs yap)
{13665}{13716}Look where you're going!
{13725}{13761}Chauvinist pig!
{13761}{13842}ReaIIy, people here|just think they own the pavement.
{13917}{13959}(engine starts)
{14037}{14080}(brakes screech)
{14524}{14548}That was fun.
{14548}{14596}I Iove robbing the English.
{14596}{14656}- They're so polite.|- The d-d-d...
{14656}{14692}- What is it, Ken?|- The dog!
{14692}{14728}We didn't hit the dog.
{14728}{14819}- $20 miIIion and an insect worries him!|- It's not an in-in...
{14824}{14904}Stutter's not getting any better.|How about surgery?
{14908}{14932}(George) Shut up!
{15928}{15964}Let's split.
{15964}{16048}- See you at Heathrow on Tuesday.|- Lie Iow. No celebrating.
{16048}{16090}No celebrating?
{16108}{16164}See you in a couple of hours.
{17325}{17361}To $20 miIIion.
{17361}{17397}To a job weII done.
{17397}{17421}To us.
{17421}{17493}To the best|brother and sister team since...
{17493}{17529}Romeo and Juliet?
{17529}{17611}Do you believe those Cockney klutzes|bought our story?
{17613}{17637}What morons!
{17637}{17697}- I want you to know something.|- What?
{17697}{17781}Even if you were my brother,|I'd stiII want to fuck you.
{17853}{17894}Make the caII.
{17901}{17937}- Momento, carissima.|- No!
{17937}{17973}- Eventuale!|- No Italian!
{18009}{18085}Per cominciare,|due insalate verdi con peperoni.
{18093}{18153}- E Iinguine primavera...|- No. No.
{18153}{18231}- Una cotoletta di viteIIo.|- Make the caII, Otto.
{18237}{18273}Are you really Italian?
{18273}{18309}Absolutamente. Si!
{18309}{18357}My name is Otto. It means eight.
{18357}{18405}Say arrivederci a Giorgio.
{18405}{18429}Bye, George.
{18429}{18477}(ltalian accent) The police, please.
{18549}{18597}(English accent) Yes, hello.
{18597}{18669}Sorry to trouble you,|but you may Iike to know...
{18669}{18771}..that today's Hatton Garden robbery|was puIIed off by Mr George Thomason.
{18801}{18873}He Iives at flat three, Kipling Mansions, ...
{18897}{18949}..Murray Road, London W9.
{19581}{19642}(banging on door) Police! Open up!
{19665}{19709}Come on, open up!
{19809}{19874}Open the door, or we'll knock it down!
{20109}{20160}George Francis Thomason?
{20445}{20485}Passport, ...
{20493}{20517}..tickets, ...
{20649}{20688}(honks horn)
{20697}{20733}(Otto) Asshole!
{20973}{21018}We're rich, Wanda.
{21045}{21093}I bet these weeks with me...
{21093}{21165}..have been|the most exciting weeks of your Iife.
{21165}{21204}You said it.
{21441}{21485}(breathes deeply)
{21501}{21540}(calmly) OK.
{21717}{21789}What do you have to do|to make people trust you?!
{21789}{21824}Shut up.
{21825}{21885}People are always|taking advantage of me!
{21885}{21952}Shut up and think.|Where's he moved it?
{22017}{22041}What are you doing?
{22041}{22081}I'm thinking!
{22089}{22137}Thinking what I'II do to him.
{22137}{22197}I'II hang him up with piano wire...
{22197}{22275}- Where are you going?|- I'm going to talk to him.
{22293}{22329}Talk to who?
{22329}{22365}Talk to who?!
{22365}{22431}So, while instaIIing these windows, ...
{22437}{22528}..you knelt on some broken glass|from the pane you had dropped.
{22533}{22557}That's right, sir.
{22557}{22614}Your parents can confirm this?
{22617}{22641}Yes, and his aunt, ...
{22641}{22688}..Georgina Thomason.
{22689}{22713}Good, Bartlett.
{22713}{22761}- (knock at door)|- Yes?
{22761}{22809}Sorry to interrupt you, sir.
{22809}{22869}Thomason. A young Iady to see you.
{22869}{22952}- Anything else?|- No, thanks. Do you have to dash off?
{22953}{22989}No, absolutely not.
{23013}{23083}Ken's got the fish food. He'II be in Iater.
{23085}{23121}- Thanks.|- De nada.
{23121}{23157}What do you think, Mr Leach?
{23157}{23249}We may be OK on the glass,|but what else wiII they come up with?
{23368}{23411}(woIf whistling)
{23524}{23560}Oh, George!
{23560}{23632}Oh, my God, I can't believe|this is happening.
{23632}{23692}That's not aIIowed in here, miss.
{23692}{23716}Are you OK?
{23716}{23752}It's aII right.
{23752}{23800}I don't think I can handle this.
{23800}{23860}I was too afraid to sleep Iast night...
{23860}{23918}Leave it out, Ieave it out, OK?
{23932}{23980}Listen, Iisten, Iisten.
{24040}{24090}You stayed at my place.
{24124}{24165}We slept Iate.
{24172}{24221}You made me breakfast.
{24376}{24424}What's he doing here?
{24424}{24472}He wanted to see you.
{24484}{24544}Who did it, George? Kevin Delaney?
{24544}{24592}Do you want me to rub him out?
{24592}{24640}Anything, you name it.
{24640}{24699}I have friends making enquiries.
{24748}{24800}The jewels are very safe.
{24808}{24899}If I get sent down, it aII gets|handed back to cut my sentence.
{24904}{24964}Now, to cut my sentence even more, ...
{24964}{25033}..I could teII them who done it with me...
{25036}{25105}..if I wasn't very happy about everything.
{25144}{25192}What was the middle thing?
{25192}{25228}Piss off.
{25333}{25398}- You want me to spring you...|- Now!
{25585}{25621}You don't think...
{25621}{25655}Do you?
{25897}{25942}- George.|- What?
{25969}{26033}Are you sure the garage is very safe?
{26089}{26125}Trust me.
{26137}{26184}Thank you very much.
{26185}{26221}Thanks a Iot. Bye.
{26221}{26264}Have a good day.
{26305}{26341}He's not sure it was you.
{26341}{26365}What about you?
{26365}{26401}No, no, he believes me.
{26401}{26461}That's why he can't figure out about you.
{26461}{26497}Figure out what?
{26497}{26565}Whether you turned him in or not, stupid!
{26581}{26619}Don't er...
{26629}{26677}..ever, ever, ever...
{26701}{26749}..caII me stupid. OK?
{26917}{26967}That's George's Iawyer.
{26977}{27040}The other guy must be the barrister.
{27109}{27145}Trust me.
{27225}{27284}Let me know|if anything unexpected turns...
{27284}{27320}Excuse me.
{27320}{27369}Don't I recognise you?
{27380}{27432}No. No, I don't think so.
{27476}{27542}You are a famous barrister, aren't you?
{27596}{27636}WeII, hardly.
{27644}{27707}Could I have your autograph, anyway?
{27752}{27788}Yes, yes, certainly.
{27812}{27881}I'm studying aspects of your Iegal system.
{27884}{27908}I'm American.
{27908}{27932}Oh, really?
{27932}{28000}I've only just started. It's fascinating.
{28004}{28063}What er... What brings you here?
{28064}{28112}Oh, it's a Iittle embarrassing.
{28112}{28158}I... have a friend.
{28196}{28220}I see.
{28220}{28256}There you are.
{28256}{28280}I knew it!
{28280}{28316}You're Archie Leash.
{28376}{28412}I saw you in court!
{28412}{28459}Er... two weeks ago.
{28472}{28508}The casino break-in?
{28508}{28544}You were great!
{28544}{28592}Oh, I'm a big fan of yours.
{28592}{28640}I Iove the way you er...
{28700}{28757}Oh, I really admire your work.
{28772}{28809}Thank you.
{28844}{28904}- I'd better not...|- I don't suppose...
{28904}{28947}No? Fine, right.
{28952}{28976}WeII, ...
{28976}{29022}Thank you for this.
{29024}{29068}I'II treasure it.
{29108}{29145}Au revoir.
{29216}{29265}You speak French, too!
{29744}{29780}What's going on?
{29780}{29862}Whatever George decides to do,|he'II teII Leach first.
{29912}{29948}Because he's his Iawyer.
{29948}{29972}Yeah, I know that.
{29972}{30032}So I'm going to get to know Mr Leach.
{30032}{30107}So George wiII teII him|where the diamonds are?
{30116}{30177}That's what I'm going to find out.
{30464}{30512}You done weII, my son.
{30512}{30574}Now, where are we going to hide it?
{30656}{30692}Very good!
{30692}{30740}Don't teII Wanda anything.
{30740}{30800}Otto might get something out of her.
{30872}{30908}You are going to g-get off?
{30908}{30967}Sure, don't worry about it, Ken.
{30968}{30992}We'II fix it.
{30992}{31028}Now, anything on Otto?
{31028}{31067}No. Not yet.
{31100}{31141}You watch him.
{31327}{31398}Looks Iike the police have been aII over it.
{31399}{31474}Let me change clothes,|then I'II help you Iook.
{31495}{31543}(English accent) HeIIo, ...
{31543}{31591}..K-K-Ken's p-p-pets.
{31663}{31698}Wake up!
{31711}{31758}Wake up, Iimey fish!
{31795}{31878}So. How are you going to get friendly|with this Iawyer?
{31879}{31935}I don't know. I'II improvise.
{31951}{31975}Fucking insects!
{31975}{32061}I thought Englishmen didn't Iike women,|the way they talk.
{32107}{32197}He's straight. He's kinda cute, too,|in a pompous sort of way.
{32227}{32263}Have you got the hots for him?
{32263}{32323}I'm not into necrophilia, thanks.
{32371}{32430}What is this? Hump-a-Iimey week?
{32431}{32479}Otto doesn't approve.
{32479}{32527}Otto might get jealous.
{32527}{32584}E molto pericoloso, signorina.
{32647}{32693}Molto pericoloso...
{32875}{32925}Oh, speak it, speak it!
{32935}{32995}Un ossobuco milanese con piseIIi.
{33031}{33091}Melanzane parmigiana con spinaci.
{33151}{33187}Dov'и Ia farmacia?
{33187}{33228}Yes, yes, yes!
{33235}{33259}No, no, no.
{33259}{33307}- Si, si, si.|- No, no, no.
{33307}{33331}No, not here.
{33331}{33367}Otto, not here.
{33367}{33403}Dov'и Ia Fontana di Trevi?
{33403}{33427}Not here, Otto!
{33487}{33523}Er... Parmigiana...
{33523}{33576}- Gorgonzola!|- Otto, no!
{33872}{33925}Look what I've got, Wanda.
{35144}{35180}Oh, my God, Ken, it's you!
{35180}{35240}I thought it was the police again.
{35240}{35288}Isn't it horrible about George?
{35288}{35372}I've such a headache.|Could you go and get me some aspirin?
{35372}{35408}- (clattering)|- Shit.
{35408}{35480}- What's that?|- My brother's using the bathroom.
{35480}{35550}- Otto?|- Mm. We just went and saw George.
{35552}{35617}It was horrible, Ken, just horrible...
{35780}{35804}Isn't it terrible about George?
{35804}{35868}When I find the bastard who squealed!
{35888}{35931}I Iove that man!
{35936}{35991}What are you d-d-doing here?
{36008}{36044}What am I doing here?
{36044}{36116}Wanda was upset, Ken.|She needed to talk to family.
{36152}{36209}She's just had a sh-sh-shower.
{36260}{36308}I've got to speak to you.
{36308}{36348}(Wanda wails)
{36356}{36392}Are you OK, now, sis?
{36392}{36476}- I'm fine, thanks for coming.|- CaII me if you need me.
{36536}{36609}What's up with you?|Can't you think about her feelings?
{36609}{36657}Something f-f-funny is going on.
{36657}{36693}Oh dear, oh dear.
{36693}{36753}You don't know why you're excited.
{36753}{36789}- I saw the b...|- Ken, Ken, Ken!
{36789}{36871}I didn't want to say anything|while George was around.
{36885}{36933}Isn't it time you faced facts?
{36933}{36968}Come on!
{36993}{37049}You're a very attractive man.
{37053}{37077}You're smart.
{37077}{37125}You've got wonderful bones, ...
{37125}{37194}..great eyes, and you dress interestingly.
{37221}{37269}We could have a Iot of fun together.
{37269}{37339}I think we'd be really good for each other.
{37341}{37384}What do you say?
{37413}{37460}You must be j-j-j...
{37461}{37485}May I kiss you, Ken?
{37485}{37521}No, you fucking can't!
{37521}{37569}Just a peck! No tongue!
{37569}{37593}No, no!
{37593}{37636}(Otto) Ken! Ken!
{37773}{37833}OK. You didn't realise I was gay.
{37833}{37873}OK, no, Iook.
{37881}{37905}I'm sorry.
{37905}{37953}I've handled this badly.
{37953}{38013}Look, the physical side can wait.
{38025}{38066}You need time.
{38109}{38160}WiII you think about it?
{38697}{38735}Oh, my God.
{38793}{38831}Oh, my God!
{38889}{38925}Somebody just caIIed!
{38925}{38973}They said that the police...
{38973}{39033}No, that the Ioot|is in a garage in Fulham.
{39033}{39081}You and I have to go get it now.
{39081}{39141}We have to move it|before the police find it.
{39141}{39177}No, no, no...
{39177}{39225}- What?|- It's aII right!
{39225}{39273}- What?|- Ge-Ge-Ge...
{39393}{39443}George moved the Ioot?!
{39489}{39525}Where did he move it, Ken?
{39525}{39574}Where did he move it?!
{39861}{39943}I don't know where it is.|There's a key for something.
{39945}{39982}It's in...
{40029}{40053}Don't teII me.
{40053}{40115}It's better that you don't teII me.
{40137}{40204}Oh, you know, if it wasn't for George...
{40413}{40459}..tried to k-k-k...
{40461}{40498}..kiss me.
{40545}{40591}I thought he might.
{40689}{40737}Nothing, no marks at aII.
{40737}{40785}But it is a safety deposit box key?
{40785}{40852}Yes, but there are miIIions of them, ...
{40857}{40905}..hotels, banks, offices.
{40929}{40966}Thank you.
{41409}{41445}That's him.
{41445}{41493}That's him, Inspector.
{41493}{41562}He's the one|who tried to murder my dogs.
{41605}{41648}(doorbell rings)
{42048}{42131}An American Iegal student|wants to see me for a moment.
{42132}{42192}- What time is Sir John due?|- 1 2.30, sir.
{42456}{42491}Come in!
{42516}{42564}- Hi.|- How very nice to see you.
{42564}{42609}Am I interrupting?
{42612}{42648}Absolutely not.
{42684}{42732}ReaIIy. Delighted to see you.
{42876}{42912}This is the place.
{42912}{42960}- This is it.|- Very nice.
{42960}{43039}I was at the courts this morning.|It's fascinating!
{43044}{43092}ReaIIy, so much to know,
{43092}{43140}Everybody wears these. Do you?
{43140}{43197}- Oh, ridiculous!|- (giggles)
{43272}{43296}WeII, erm...
{43296}{43356}..I only have a few minutes. Sorry.
{43356}{43380}I'm sorry.
{43380}{43440}But until then,|I'm aII yours, as they say.
{43440}{43501}I just have a couple of questions.
{43524}{43572}I'm having a Iittle problem...
{43572}{43648}..understanding|preliminary criminal procedures.
{43668}{43725}What exactly is the committal?
{43740}{43764}Ah. Interesting.
{43764}{43838}BasicaIIy,|it's a preliminary investigation...
{43848}{43908}..where the prosecution|presents evidence...
{43908}{43968}..that the accused has a case to answer.
{43968}{44016}That's what it says in the book.
{44016}{44095}Let's take, for example,|my friend George Thomason.
{44136}{44208}- His committal is on Wednesday...|- Thomason?
{44244}{44287}George Thomason?
{44292}{44340}Yes. Do you know him?
{44376}{44412}I'm defending him.
{44412}{44460}What are you talking about?
{44460}{44517}I'm his barrister, his Iawyer.
{44544}{44587}That's so great!
{44616}{44676}That's so weird, isn't that weird?
{44676}{44741}Oh, I'm so happy you're defending him!
{44760}{44784}Thank you.
{44784}{44836}He's sure to get off now.
{44904}{44952}I can watch you work now!
{45072}{45096}WeII, anyway.
{45096}{45168}At the committal,|George would then plead...
{45180}{45216}Not guilty.
{45252}{45318}The evidence is Iargely circumstantial.
{45324}{45384}But wasn't there an identification?
{45384}{45432}True, but a very elderly Iady.
{45432}{45493}I think they've got the wrong man.
{45528}{45576}You don't think he did it?
{45600}{45660}Let's just say, for argument's sake, ...
{45660}{45708}..that you did think he did it.
{45708}{45785}Sure, if more evidence|against him came to Iight.
{45792}{45816}Right, right.
{45816}{45890}You would then advise him|to plead guilty, ...
{45900}{45979}..and turn over the jewels|to get his sentence cut.
{45996}{46067}And he would turn them over|to who, to you?
{46116}{46152}TheoreticaIIy, yes, yes.
{46152}{46176}Oh, of course.
{46176}{46218}Erm. WeII er...
{46248}{46314}I'm so sorry, I've forgotten your name.
{46392}{46451}Wanda! What a fool, what a fool.
{46452}{46510}WeII, Wanda, there are three...
{46620}{46656}Not Wanda Gershwitz?
{46704}{46742}Oh, my God.
{46788}{46812}You're his alibi.
{46812}{46859}I can't talk to you!
{46872}{46896}Why not?
{46896}{46956}My dear Iady, you're a defence witness!
{46956}{47016}I'm sorry, I must ask you to Ieave.
{47016}{47052}What did I say?
{47052}{47124}It's not ethical for me|to talk to a witness.
{47124}{47172}Everybody does it in America.
{47172}{47220}Not in England, it's forbidden.
{47220}{47280}I insist, or I may have|to give up the case.
{47280}{47325}I'm sorry. PIease.
{47436}{47474}Oh, Archie.
{47532}{47620}I didn't come here to talk about|boring criminal procedures.
{47676}{47721}Come on, you know!
{47760}{47824}You knew the minute I walked in here.
{47868}{47906}I want you.
{48012}{48056}(intercom buzzes)
{48060}{48096}- HeIIo?|- Sir John is here.
{48096}{48132}Show him in, please.
{48132}{48177}Make Iove with me.
{48180}{48216}- Pardon?|- Nothing.
{48216}{48283}- WiII you take me to bed?|- No, sorry.
{48348}{48386}Bye, Uncle.
{48792}{48834}(rousing music)
{48948}{48996}He's pleading not guilty...
{48996}{49056}..so you're safe until the trial.
{49068}{49125}Leach doesn't think he did it.
{49164}{49236}Ken says|there's a safe deposit box key, ...
{49236}{49299}..but only George knows where it is.
{49308}{49354}Thank you, Wanda(!)
{49428}{49476}What have you found out?
{49476}{49512}Not a Iot.
{49512}{49572}You realise he's in court tomorrow?
{49572}{49608}I know that!
{49608}{49644}So nothing, huh?
{49992}{50028}Oh, it's too big!
{50028}{50088}- No, it isn't, Portia.|- It's enormous!
{50088}{50148}- No, it isn't!|- Oh, please, Mother!
{50148}{50184}No! Absolutely not!
{50184}{50253}I'm so miserable|and you just don't care!
{50256}{50302}Do shut up, Portia!
{50316}{50388}AII I get, aII day,|is people complaining to me.
{50388}{50423}Oh dear.
{50631}{50670}Ecco I'uomo.
{51063}{51144}Ooh, Ie due cupole grandi|deIIa cattedrale di Milano.
{52251}{52295}Benito Mussolini!
{52611}{52656}Dov'и il Vaticano?
{53007}{53042}# Volare
{53067}{53101}# Oh-oh
{53103}{53141}# E cantare
{53163}{53200}# Oh-oh...
{53451}{53536}Archie, I want you to speak to her|about plastic surgery.
{53559}{53625}- Hmm?|- I do wish you'd Iisten to me.
{53631}{53679}I want you to speak to Portia.
{53679}{53739}I'II speak to her in the morning.
{53739}{53784}Goodnight, Archie.
{53799}{53844}Goodnight, Archie!
{53847}{53891}Goodnight, Wanda.
{53907}{53949}Goodnight, who?
{53967}{54050}Sorry, darling.|Just a stupid case I've got tomorrow...
{54063}{54111}..with some Iousy old hag.
{54111}{54172}Are you George Francis Thomason...
{54195}{54255}..of Kipling Mansions, Murray Avenue, ...
{54255}{54294}..London W9?
{54327}{54351}Yes, sir.
{54351}{54413}The charge is one of armed robbery.
{54435}{54483}Are we ready for a committal,|Mr Percival?
{54483}{54540}Yes, under Section 6.2, madam.
{54579}{54615}That is correct, 6.2.
{54615}{54698}Here are the statements,|aII to be fuIIy bound, please.
{54726}{54774}Stand up, Mr Thomason.
{54774}{54834}You are committed to stand trial...
{54834}{54893}..at the Central Criminal Court.
{54906}{54966}There is some urgency about this case.
{54966}{55002}The main witness, Mrs Coady, ...
{55002}{55091}..is elderly and has had|serious heart difficulties recently.
{55110}{55180}Is there any possibility|that this case...
{55194}{55254}..might be put down for an early trial?
{55254}{55314}That is for the OId Bailey Iisting officer.
{55314}{55384}Take him down to the ceII, please, officer.
{55854}{55902}Hi, hon. How are you doing?
{55902}{55962}You Iook great. I Iove your hair.
{55962}{55986}Got time for a coffee?
{55986}{56046}- No, I've g-g...|- Have you thought about it?
{56046}{56094}Why did he give you this?
{56094}{56142}Eileen Coady, 69 Basil Street.
{56142}{56206}Does he want you to send her flowers?
{56214}{56238}Do her shopping?
{56238}{56274}Show her a good time?
{56274}{56313}Rub her out?
{56394}{56449}He wants you to rub her out?
{56490}{56526}He's going to kiII her!
{56598}{56652}Fuck off, or I'II kiII you.
{56670}{56710}Limey fruits!
{56742}{56814}So the old Iady wiII|m-meet with an accident?
{56814}{56870}- Eh, K-K-Ken?|- Sssh. Sssh!
{56922}{56958}What's so funny?
{56958}{57035}Nothing.|Just that wasting old Iadies isn't nice.
{57042}{57111}WeII, it's better than b-buggering people.
{57138}{57202}I bet you pound 1 you don't kiII her.
{57234}{57258}AII right.
{57258}{57295}AII right.
{57306}{57366}I Iove watching your ass when you walk.
{57366}{57419}Is that beautiful or what?
{57438}{57483}Don't go near him!
{57486}{57523}He's mine!
{57546}{57594}pound 1 says you won't kiII her!
{57678}{57714}When could you Iook at it?
{57714}{57794}Let's think.|My wife's going to the opera on Friday.
{57798}{57870}I'II Iook at it then|and caII you on Saturday.
{57870}{57938}- I really appreciate it. Thanks.|- Bye.
{57966}{58026}I know we're not aIIowed to talk.
{58026}{58062}Give me a caII.
{58062}{58097}I can't.
{58146}{58200}We're not aIIowed to speak.
{58206}{58250}We don't have to.
{58266}{58332}I don't want you for your conversation.
{58434}{58475}I'd Iove to...
{58686}{58732}(continues howling)
{58758}{58824}- What happened?|- Got a date, Friday.
{59169}{59206}(dogs yap)
{59217}{59253}Look here!
{59253}{59324}Do you mind|not making that terrible noise?
{59325}{59373}My dogs wiII be having their nap.
{59373}{59411}Nice doggy.
{59433}{59469}Nice... doggy.
{59889}{59937}Otto, what are you doing?
{59937}{59997}It's a Buddhist meditation technique.
{59997}{60045}It focuses your aggression.
{60045}{60117}The monks did it|before they went into battle.
{60117}{60174}What kind of Buddhism is this?
{60213}{60252}(honks horn)
{60345}{60405}It's an early Tantric meditation...
{60405}{60441}What is this?
{60441}{60527}To get information,|I might have to get friendly with him.
{60537}{60595}WeII, we're ready now, at Iast.
{60609}{60657}Good. Enjoy the opera, darling.
{60657}{60729}- Your supper's in the fridge.|- MarveIIous.
{60729}{60764}Be good.
{60777}{60859}When you say friendly,|what are we talking about here?
{60861}{60907}Cordial? Courteous?
{60912}{60948}Supportive? What?
{60948}{61018}I don't know.|Let's just see what happens.
{61044}{61110}So, friendly might include actual er...
{61128}{61164}..what, penetration?
{61164}{61212}I don't need your jealousy now.
{61212}{61248}- Jealousy?|- Yes.
{61248}{61325}Hey, I'm merely curious.|Me? Jealous of that fop?
{61536}{61582}What about my tits?
{61584}{61620}Does he get to handle them?
{61620}{61692}Yes. That's my forecast.|I'II stand by that.
{61728}{61788}I think $20 miIIion is worth a nuzzle.
{61788}{61812}80% chance there.
{61812}{61883}- Sucking?|- I thought you weren't jealous.
{61884}{61968}I'm not, I don't believe in jealousy,|it's for the weak.
{61968}{62004}One thing, though.
{62004}{62061}Touch his dick, and he's dead!
{62184}{62255}I told your father|to get the car serviced.
{62256}{62292}Aren't we going, then?
{62292}{62342}Oh, do shut up, Portia.
{62628}{62666}(Hurry up.)
{63135}{63180}Do you despise me?
{63291}{63359}No, that's not a word that Ieaps to mind.
{63375}{63419}Can I stay, then?
{63543}{63590}Of course. Look, ...
{63615}{63651}- Wanda...|- I know.
{63651}{63687}Your wife's coming back.
{63687}{63747}No, it's not her. She'II be hours.
{63747}{63795}It's about what I said to you.
{63795}{63843}It is aII right for us to speak.
{63843}{63867}It is?
{63867}{63934}Provided that we don't discuss the case.
{63999}{64023}Oh, fine.
{64023}{64083}It's just, if anyone saw us talking...
{64083}{64129}Oh, but they won't.
{64311}{64356}Sorry if I seem...
{64395}{64450}Oh, you're the best, Archie.
{64587}{64622}Not yet.
{64623}{64662}I'm thirsty.
{64731}{64779}What shaII I get you?
{64959}{65030}You are the sexiest,|most beautiful girl...
{65043}{65091}..I have ever seen...
{65115}{65162}..in my entire Iife.
{65223}{65266}Get me my drink.
{65499}{65541}(Wanda giggles)
{65763}{65799}(Wanda sighs)
{65799}{65837}Oh, Archie.
{65907}{65945}Mm, Archie.
{66123}{66191}If George decides to change his plea, ...
{66195}{66276}..he'd teII you|where the Ioot is first, wouldn't he?
{66327}{66399}Darling, we mustn't talk|about the trial, OK?
{66399}{66461}I know. I just meant theoreticaIIy.
{66483}{66524}Kiss me there.
{66555}{66591}Oh. TheoreticaIIy.
{66759}{66830}(mumbling)|..to his Iegal representative...
{67047}{67083}What's the matter?
{67083}{67131}Oh, it's wonderful, Archie.
{67239}{67275}What? What, darling?
{67275}{67335}- You're getting me hot!|- Sorry.
{67335}{67371}I need something to drink.
{67371}{67407}Something cold?
{67407}{67443}Maybe in the fridge?
{67467}{67511}Oh, my favourite.
{67539}{67580}Don't go away.
{67647}{67685}Je reviens!
{67935}{67971}What are you doing here?
{67971}{68031}- Relax!|- Get the fuck out of here!
{68031}{68112}- Your moaning worried me.|- I was faking it, stupid!
{68115}{68151}Don't ever caII me stupid.
{68151}{68211}- And I'm not jealous.|- Then Ieave!
{68247}{68292}It's a nice place.
{68331}{68379}Don't touch his dick!
{68415}{68461}His wife, his wife!
{68463}{68506}(Wendy chatters)
{68535}{68596}For goodness sake, get off to bed.
{68703}{68755}God, there isn't any ice.
{69063}{69108}What's the matter?
{69135}{69181}What are you doing?
{69219}{69279}Champagne, dear. To welcome you home.
{69279}{69337}Erm... let me pour you a glass.
{69363}{69399}Whose is the car?
{69399}{69434}The car?
{69435}{69481}BIocking the drive?
{69483}{69519}There you are, dear. Cheers.
{69519}{69567}Nice to see you again.
{69567}{69591}How was the opera?
{69591}{69663}- Finished early, did it?|- Whose car is it?
{69699}{69735}It's a beauty, isn't it?
{69735}{69797}Where did I Ieave my drink, Archie?
{69819}{69858}Who is this?
{69867}{69903}Don't you know?
{69903}{69939}How do you do, Mrs Leach?
{69939}{70002}I'm Harvey Manfren... jensen... jen.
{70035}{70083}- I'm... with the CIA.|- The CIA?
{70083}{70119}That's correct, ma'am.
{70119}{70187}I was er...|just teIIing your husband...
{70203}{70279}..before I had to go|to your beautiful bathroom.
{70287}{70379}We've got a high-ranking KGB defector|in a safe house near here.
{70395}{70455}We're debriefing him as of now...
{70455}{70479}..and we're just er...
{70479}{70544}..checking aII the houses in the area.
{70551}{70599}- For what?|- For KGB.
{70599}{70659}- Is there any danger?|- No, no, no, no.
{70659}{70707}No er... No, not now.
{70719}{70754}We er...
{70755}{70821}We just want to keep everyone informed.
{70827}{70875}So. Archie, thanks for the drink.
{70875}{70923}Sorry to have troubled you...
{70923}{70959}Keep everyone informed?
{70959}{71007}So there's no panic, ma'am.
{71007}{71043}But isn't it a secret?
{71043}{71091}You've no idea how secret.
{71091}{71153}WeII, why are you teIIing everyone?
{71163}{71210}It's a smoke screen?
{71247}{71271}(Otto) Double bluff.
{71271}{71350}You obviously know nothing|about inteIIigence work.
{71367}{71422}It's an XK Red 27 technique.
{71427}{71514}My father was in the Secret Service,|Mr Manfredjen St John.
{71523}{71610}I know perfectly weII|you don't keep the public informed...
{71619}{71686}..when you are debriefing KGB defectors.
{71691}{71715}Oh, you don't, huh(?)
{71715}{71795}Not unless you're|congenitaIIy insane or stupid, no.
{71835}{71883}Don't caII me stupid.
{71895}{71939}Why on earth not?
{71955}{72027}Oh, you English are so superior,|aren't you?
{72075}{72123}Do you know where you'd be...
{72123}{72183}..without us,|the old US of A to protect you?
{72183}{72207}I'II teII you.
{72207}{72300}The smaIIest fucking province|in the Russian Empire, that's what!
{72315}{72372}So don't caII me stupid, Iady.
{72375}{72399}Just thank me.
{72399}{72459}Thank you for popping in|and protecting us(!)
{72459}{72531}If it wasn't for us,|you'd be speaking German!
{72531}{72567}# Deutschland, Deutschland
{72567}{72606}# Ьber alles
{72627}{72711}He's covering for me.|Get rid of your wife and get my necklace.
{72711}{72771}Necklace. I'II think of something.
{72771}{72831}- Who are you talking to?|- Myself, darling.
{72831}{72918}- Who was that shouting?|- Th-th-the brother of a f-friend.
{72927}{72975}(Wendy) Archie, who on earth...
{72975}{72999}I don't know. He...
{72999}{73059}- I need a drink.|- Let's go to the pub.
{73095}{73131}Let's go to the pub.
{73131}{73167}Would you Iike to, Portia?
{73167}{73203}We haven't been for 1 5 years!
{73203}{73251}Portia could see it now.
{73251}{73275}Honestly, Archie!
{73299}{73347}What on earth is the matter?
{73347}{73394}I thought the picture was faIIing off.
{73394}{73442}WiII you puII yourseIf together?!
{73442}{73478}What's this?
{73478}{73536}Thanks, Portia. Coming with us?
{73538}{73562}(Wendy) What was that?
{73562}{73610}- A kind of necklace.|- Aah!
{73610}{73634}What's going on?
{73634}{73679}Nothing. Let's go.
{73682}{73706}Can I see that?
{73706}{73757}- What?|- In your hand.
{73766}{73802}Your other hand.
{73826}{73862}Portia, go to your room.
{73862}{73898}Aren't we going out?
{73898}{73934}I can explain. I Ieft...
{73958}{74018}- They sent a new girl...|- Oh, Archie.
{74018}{74066}No, she's Canadian...
{74066}{74116}It's Iovely. Thank you.
{74198}{74253}It's even got a W for Wendy.
{74258}{74313}Oh, I'm so glad you Iike it.
{74342}{74421}It's the most beautiful thing|you've ever given me.
{74534}{74593}Oh, Archie. This isn't Iike you.
{74786}{74836}Are you fucking crazy?!
{74882}{74918}Hey, I saved your ass.
{74918}{74990}I had him right where I wanted him,|you asshole!
{74990}{75050}(Wanda) I give you|one fucking thing to!
{75050}{75117}(Wanda) You had to drive me and shut up!
{75122}{75146}(Otto) Oh, relax!
{75146}{75188}(car pulls off)
{75242}{75282}(phone rings)
{75410}{75445}Hold on.
{75446}{75486}It's for you.
{75614}{75663}Not at the moment, no.
{75734}{75820}Yes, weII, I'm not quite sure|when I can get hold of that.
{75866}{75914}Yes, yes, I do appreciate that.
{75914}{75966}Yes. As soon as possible.
{75998}{76066}WeII, that would be very nice, obviously.
{76082}{76118}So. Erm...
{76118}{76154}See you soon, I hope.
{76154}{76192}Bye, Frank.
{76206}{76245}(dog snarls)
{76289}{76337}Calm down. Calm down!
{76337}{76391}Easy, g-g-girl. Easy, easy!
{76493}{76530}(dogs yap)
{76565}{76601}Come here!
{76601}{76641}SmeII. SmeII!
{76649}{76697}SmeII, Maggie, smeII.
{76745}{76783}KiII, kiII!
{76853}{76891}(Ken) KiII!
{76901}{76939}(Ken) KiII!
{77417}{77463}(church bells toll)
{77501}{77572}We therefore|commit its body to the ground.
{77585}{77621}Earth to earth.
{77621}{77663}Ashes to ashes.
{77669}{77709}Dust to dust.
{77717}{77757}(choir sings)
{77765}{77810}# Miserere Dominus
{77849}{77894}# Miserere Dominus
{77993}{78042}# Canis mortuus est...
{78136}{78172}HeIIo, honey.
{78172}{78208}What happened?
{78256}{78292}What's that?
{78316}{78352}Not Granny?
{78352}{78376}Not yet.
{78376}{78427}Oh. Who is it for, then?
{78436}{78460}A f-f-f...
{78460}{78505}A fish? Frenchman?
{78520}{78568}- A phone operator?|- Friend.
{78568}{78616}Oh, a four-Iegged one? (laughs)
{78616}{78652}Where's my sister?
{78652}{78688}She's in the b-b-b...
{78688}{78724}Thank you.
{78856}{78892}What? No?
{78892}{78940}(shouts) Why are you here?
{78940}{78988}I'm here because I'm bored!
{78988}{79080}Bored, wandering around|this awful city, shoving George's pic...
{79120}{79226}Talking to a Iot of snotty, stuck-up,|inteIIectuaIIy inferior British faggots.
{79264}{79351}They get rigor mortis|in the prime of Iife in this country!
{79360}{79429}Standing there with their hair clenched...
{79468}{79540}..counting the seconds|tiII the weekend, ...
{79540}{79609}..so they can dress up|Iike baIIerinas...
{79624}{79672}..at the flat at four...
{79672}{79711}2B, Saint...
{79732}{79791}To be honest, I er... hate them.
{79828}{79903}I mean, pretending|they're so fucking lawyer...
{79936}{80010}So fucking superior|with those phoney accents.
{80032}{80092}Not you, Ken.|You've got a beautiful voice...
{80092}{80135}..when it works.
{80320}{80390}(shouts) So er...|Want to have some Iunch?
{80392}{80428}Have you heard from him?
{80428}{80472}- Who?|- Archie.
{80476}{80536}(shouts) No, I have to finish my hair!
{80560}{80596}OK, I'm out of here!
{80596}{80643}No plans to see him?
{80668}{80708}OK, bye, bro!
{80728}{80766}Bye, Wanda!
{80824}{80861}Oh, sorry.
{80920}{80984}- What?!|- It wasn't theirs to seII.
{80992}{81040}A old Iady gave it to them to engrave.
{81040}{81107}Someone put it in the display cabinet...
{81112}{81172}- That's their problem.|- No. LegaIIy...
{81172}{81196}You paid for it!
{81196}{81280}They accept their mistake|and they're offering you this.
{81292}{81328}It's much more valuable.
{81328}{81400}I adore this|and you want me to give it back...
{81400}{81460}- I don't want...|- They can't have it.
{81460}{81484}- Wendy.|- No. No!
{81484}{81520}- Wendy!|- NO!
{81520}{81568}TeII them they can't have it!
{81568}{81623}You're the bloody barrister!
{82449}{82494}- HeIIo.|- HeIIo.
{82533}{82587}Oh, Archie, it's beautiful.
{82605}{82652}It's just beautiful.
{82725}{82769}Oh, my God, Iook!
{82809}{82863}Oh, Archie, it's beautiful.
{82869}{82905}Isn't it wonderful?
{82905}{82941}Whose is it?
{82941}{83001}It belongs to someone|at the chambers.
{83001}{83047}And where are they?
{83049}{83085}Hong Kong.
{83085}{83118}Ah so.
{83121}{83163}Gone for weeks.
{83181}{83225}Nice rug, Archie.
{83265}{83298}May I?
{83361}{83409}Archie, what are you doing?
{83409}{83455}The polka, I think.
{83541}{83590}You make me feel free!
{83637}{83715}Do you have any idea|what it's Iike being English?
{83733}{83790}Being so correct aII the time?
{83793}{83880}Being so... stifled|by this dread of doing the wrong thing?
{83937}{83997}Asking someone, 'Are you married?'...
{83997}{84045}..and hearing, 'My wife Ieft me.'
{84045}{84110}Or saying,|'Do you have children?'...
{84117}{84189}..and hearing,|'They burned to death yesterday.'
{84189}{84261}Wanda, we're aII terrified|of embarrassment.
{84309}{84364}That's why we're so... dead.
{84393}{84448}Most of my friends are dead.
{84453}{84521}We have these piles of corpses to dinner.
{84552}{84600}But you're alive, God bless you.
{84600}{84674}And I want to be.|I'm so fed up with aII this.
{84708}{84771}I want to make Iove with you, Wanda.
{84792}{84816}I'm a good Iover.
{84816}{84894}At Ieast, I used to be|in the early 1 4th century.
{84948}{84992}Can we go to bed?
{85188}{85223}Hang on!
{85236}{85278}Mind your head.
{85308}{85345}Agh! Aagh!
{85356}{85396}Aaagh! Aaagh!
{85452}{85500}I think I Iove you, Wanda.
{85500}{85538}Oh, Archie.
{85548}{85596}Can I ask you a question?
{85620}{85665}Where's my Iocket?
{85680}{85704}I couldn't get it.
{85740}{85788}Wendy wouldn't give it back. Look...
{85788}{85836}I got you this instead.
{85836}{85878}Do you Iike it?
{85884}{85943}No. Archie, I have to have mine.
{85956}{86006}What's the matter? Why?
{86040}{86093}My mother gave it to me...
{86112}{86161}..on her death... bed.
{86232}{86273}Oh, I'm sorry.
{86280}{86316}AII right, darling.
{86316}{86352}I'II get it for you.
{86352}{86376}You promise?
{86376}{86412}I'II think of something.
{86412}{86472}Sex is very, very difficult for me...
{86472}{86546}..with somebody|that I don't trust completely.
{86568}{86621}I promise I'II get it. OK?
{86640}{86691}Ooh! I Iove you, Archie.
{86736}{86825}(Wanda) I've Ioved you ever since|the first second I saw you!
{86892}{86933}What was that?
{86976}{87048}Your brother didn't bring you|here this time?
{87096}{87132}He's no idea?
{87132}{87182}He doesn't have a clue.
{87241}{87265}He is so dumb...
{87289}{87375}He thought the Gettysburg Address|was where LincoIn Iived.
{87469}{87539}Those terrible Iies|he told about the CIA!
{87577}{87601}So painful!
{87601}{87673}When he heard|your daughter's name was Portia, ...
{87673}{87748}..he said,|'Why did they name her after a car?'
{87757}{87805}(hysterical laughter)
{87865}{87917}I Iove the way you Iaugh!
{87925}{87977}I Iove you, you're funny.
{88009}{88071}How come a girl as bright as you...
{88105}{88153}..can have a brother who's so...
{88153}{88201}Don't caII me stupid.
{88225}{88265}Jesus Christ!
{88441}{88479}Ouch! Otto!
{88501}{88536}Come on!
{88549}{88601}I'II deal with you Iater!
{88621}{88669}What have you done with her?
{88669}{88741}- She's aII right!|- (banging at door) Otto!
{88741}{88783}Now, apologise.
{88885}{88909}(Wanda) Shit!
{88909}{88961}Are you totaIIy deranged?
{89089}{89132}You pompous, ...
{89149}{89203}..stuck-up, snot-nosed, ...
{89209}{89263}..English, giant twerp, ...
{89269}{89336}..scumbag, fuck-face,|dickhead asshole!
{89365}{89413}How very interesting.
{89413}{89473}You're a true vulgarian, aren't you?
{89473}{89531}You're the vulgarian, you fuck!
{89533}{89575}Now, apologise!
{89581}{89626}What? Me to you(?)
{89821}{89857}AII right, I apologise.
{89857}{89893}You're really sorry?
{89893}{89929}I'm really, really sorry.
{89929}{89981}I apologise unreservedly.
{89989}{90025}You take it back?
{90025}{90097}I do.|I offer a complete and utter retraction.
{90097}{90178}The imputation was totally|without basis in fact, ...
{90193}{90241}..and was in no way fair comment.
{90241}{90301}It was motivated purely by malice.
{90301}{90349}I deeply regret any distress...
{90349}{90421}..my comments|may have caused you or your family.
{90421}{90469}I hereby undertake not repeat...
{90469}{90542}..any such slander|at any time in the future.
{92086}{92132}(church bells toll)
{92158}{92203}# Miserere Dominus
{92266}{92311}# Miserere Dominus
{92410}{92459}# Canis mortuus est...
{92506}{92547}You said you Ioved him!
{92547}{92622}Right, Otto!|Here's a multiple choice question.
{92631}{92677}A. Wanda was Iying.
{92679}{92727}B. Wanda was teIIing the truth.
{92727}{92786}Which one are you going to pick?
{92787}{92823}What was the first one?
{92823}{92871}You said you were not seeing him!
{92871}{92931}I knew you'd come and fuck it up!
{92931}{92991}I was dealing with something delicate.
{92991}{93051}I'm setting up a guy|who's important to us.
{93051}{93123}He knows where the Ioot is|and if you'II be arrested.
{93123}{93183}You Iope in|Iike Rambo without a jockstrap...
{93183}{93231}..and dangle him from a window!
{93231}{93279}Now, was that smart?!
{93279}{93320}Was it shrewd?
{93327}{93393}Was it good tactics, or was it stupid?!
{93435}{93483}Don't caII me stupid.
{93483}{93507}Oh, right!
{93507}{93579}To caII you stupid|is an insult to stupid people!
{93579}{93639}I've known sheep that could outwit you.
{93639}{93699}I've worn dresses with higher IQs.
{93699}{93776}You think you're an inteIIectual,|don't you, ape?
{93795}{93843}Apes don't read philosophy.
{93843}{93915}Yes, they do.|They just don't understand it.
{93939}{94011}Let me correct you|on a couple of things, OK?
{94011}{94064}Aristotle was not Belgian.
{94071}{94131}The central message of Buddhism...
{94131}{94203}- ..is not every man for himself.|- You read...
{94203}{94282}The London Underground|is not a political movement.
{94287}{94347}Those are mistakes. I Iooked 'em up.
{94347}{94405}Now. You have just assaulted...
{94407}{94496}..the one man who can keep you|out of jail and make you rich.
{94503}{94563}So what are you|going to do about it, huh?
{94563}{94620}What would an inteIIectual do?
{94635}{94682}What would PIato do?
{94803}{94840}Pardon me?
{94995}{95032}I'm sorry.
{95103}{95127}Not to me.
{95127}{95163}To Archie.
{95163}{95222}And make it good, or we're dead.
{95379}{95445}Oh, I'm so very,|very, very, very s...
{95475}{95511}Fuck you!
{95547}{95582}I'm s...
{95595}{95641}I'm very, very s...
{95655}{95691}I'm so...
{95691}{95727}..very s...
{95727}{95769}Very, very s...
{96135}{96175}Very, very...
{96235}{96277}(glass smashes)
{97962}{98014}(Otto) HeIIo, Mr Burglar!
{98022}{98058}Going somewhere?
{98058}{98106}Think you can rob Mr Leach?
{98106}{98154}I'II teach you a Iesson.
{98154}{98213}He's a very good friend of mine.
{98214}{98250}(muffled) Otto! Otto!
{98250}{98340}He'II be very pleased with me|when he finds you aII tied up...
{98346}{98400}..and ready for the police!
{98430}{98478}And don't caII me Otto.
{98478}{98523}To you, I am Mr...
{98766}{98801}Oh, God.
{98874}{98922}I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
{98922}{98959}I'm sorry.
{99018}{99054}I'm sorry.
{99054}{99102}I'm sorry, I didn't know it was you.
{99102}{99157}How could I know it was you?
{99162}{99225}I mean,|how could you expect me to guess?
{99225}{99249}Stupid jerk!
{99249}{99328}What the fuck are you doing|robbing your own house?
{99357}{99393}You asshole!
{99393}{99457}You stupid, stiff, pompous English...
{99501}{99537}I'm sorry.
{99537}{99573}I'm sorry.
{99573}{99611}Er... Er...
{100005}{100046}(door opening)
{100497}{100539}(Wendy screams)
{100665}{100713}(Wendy) God AImighty!
{100737}{100776}BIoody heII!
{100785}{100833}(footsteps on stairs)
{101013}{101049}Are you hurt?
{101049}{101102}Speak to me! Are you hurt?
{101145}{101181}Can't you speak?
{101181}{101242}Archie! Archie, what has happened?
{101325}{101373}Archie, we've been burgled.
{101373}{101397}Oh, no!
{101397}{101433}WeII, are you hurt?
{101433}{101469}No, I'm... I'm fine.
{101469}{101517}Bit of a headache. I er...
{101517}{101577}I came in here,|somebody hit me, tied me up...
{101577}{101625}My God, is that the time?
{101649}{101709}I didn't realise it was quite so Iate.
{101733}{101769}I'm Iate for a conference.
{101769}{101817}You've just been attacked!
{101817}{101865}It's nothing, I must fly. Sorry.
{101865}{101925}- Archie!|- I'II help you tidy up Iater!
{101925}{101961}HeIIo, Portia.
{101961}{102004}What's happened?
{102009}{102084}Your father has finaIIy gone|completely mental.
{103068}{103104}Thank you so much.
{103236}{103274}(cork pops)
{103716}{103761}- To us.|- To us.
{103824}{103884}I went back to the house,|and guess who...
{103884}{103920}(smashes glass)
{103920}{103963}Let's make Iove!
{103980}{104028}WeII, if you absolutely insist...
{104088}{104132}Here. On the rug.
{104160}{104196}I'II be right back.
{104196}{104237}Get undressed.
{104256}{104291}Why not?
{104316}{104359}Why not indeed!?
{104424}{104466}Afterwards, ...
{104503}{104551}..let's go to South America.
{104587}{104635}Let's fly to South America.
{104635}{104671}Why South America?
{104671}{104714}OK, ... Iceland?
{104803}{104866}What do you really want out of Iife?
{104875}{104911}I don't know.
{104911}{104959}Why do I Iike you so much?
{105019}{105055}Do you speak Italian?
{105055}{105091}I am Italian!
{105091}{105139}Sono italiano in spirito.
{105139}{105229}Ma ho sposato una donna|che preferisce Iavorare in giardino...
{105247}{105304}..a fare I'amore appassionato.
{105307}{105343}Uno sbaglio grande!
{105343}{105401}But it's such an ugly Ianguage.
{105427}{105475}How about... Russian?
{105475}{105550}Yest' sila blagodatnaya|sozvuchiy slov zhivykh.
{105607}{105692}Kamina tozhe ni trudnuyu tyesnitsya|Iyubosyat'sya grust'.
{105775}{105845}Odnu molitvu chudnuyu|tverzhdaya naizust'.
{105895}{105970}V dushe kak bremya skatyatsya|somneniya daleko.
{106039}{106105}I varitsya i plachetsya, i tak Iegko...
{106195}{106231}Are you rich?
{106231}{106267}No, no, I'm afraid not.
{106267}{106303}What about the house?
{106303}{106369}Oh, that's Wendy's. She's the rich one.
{106519}{106594}Yest' sila blagodatnaya|sozvuchiy slov zhivykh.
{106615}{106696}I tushit nyeponyatnaya,|svetlaya, prelyestnaya rech'.
{106752}{106827}V dushe kak bremya skatyatsya|somneniya daleko.
{106884}{106948}I varitsya i plachetsya, i tak Iegko!
{107424}{107519}- What the heII are you doing?|- I might ask you the same question!
{107556}{107580}Who are you?
{107604}{107640}Get your clothes on.
{107640}{107712}- WiII you Ieave immediately, please?|- What?!
{107712}{107748}You're in the wrong flat.
{107748}{107812}This flat belongs to Patrick Balfour.
{107821}{107845}He's in Hong Kong.
{107845}{107893}He Ient me the key. Now get out!
{107893}{107963}We Ieased it|from the agents Iast weekend.
{108097}{108178}Yes, weII obviously|that changes things a bit. Erm...
{108217}{108268}Aren't you Archie Leach?
{108337}{108407}You bought our house|in Lissendon Gardens.
{108409}{108458}Hazel and Ian Johnson.
{108541}{108587}What a coincidence!
{108637}{108684}How nice to see you.
{109130}{109171}(dials number)
{109226}{109266}(phone rings)
{109418}{109470}Hello, Wanda. It's Archie
{109502}{109574}I can't see you any more.|I've got to end it.
{109574}{109598}I'm sorry.
{109670}{109707}I'm sorry.
{109730}{109754}(hangs up)
{110594}{110630}Oh, no, no. PIease.
{110630}{110678}(Otto) Look, I want to apologise.
{110678}{110714}I just finished it.
{110714}{110738}OK, OK, wait.
{110738}{110798}Where are you going?|I want speak with you.
{110798}{110849}WiII you Ieave me alone?
{110858}{110894}I've ended it, aII right?
{110894}{110942}Wait! I want to say I'm sorry.
{110942}{110990}It's aII over, OK? It's over.
{110990}{111038}- AII right!|- Jesus Christ!
{111038}{111097}- Calm down!|- Someone help me!
{111098}{111158}- PIease believe me!|- It's aII right!
{111158}{111230}Don't beat me up again.|I've had a terrible day.
{111230}{111254}WiII you shut up?!
{111254}{111309}Jesus Christ, don't kiII me!
{111314}{111355}Shut up, then.
{111422}{111470}I just want to apologise...
{111530}{111578}When I hung you from the window.
{111578}{111619}I'm really....
{111626}{111662}It was not a nice thing to do.
{111662}{111722}Then when I attacked you in there.
{111722}{111758}I'm really, s...
{111758}{111829}How did I know|you were robbing your house?
{111830}{111866}I was trying to help!
{111866}{111911}Yes. Thanks. Otto.
{111914}{111962}I wanted you to trust me.
{111962}{112013}PIease, it was my fault.
{112034}{112070}- That's true.|- Yeah.
{112070}{112106}Now, about my sister.
{112106}{112130}Otto, ...
{112130}{112178}She's a very sexy girl.
{112178}{112238}I understand|you wanting to play around with her.
{112238}{112297}It's OK, I was wrong. I'm sorry!
{112310}{112334}I was jealous.
{112334}{112391}Just go ahead, pork away, pal.
{112418}{112454}Fuck her blue.
{112454}{112500}I Iike you, Archie.
{112502}{112549}I just want to help.
{113157}{113194}(dog yaps)
{113841}{113884}(pulley rattles)
{114129}{114164}Oh, God!
{115053}{115108}(man) Send for an ambulance!
{115713}{115749}I did it!
{115761}{115797}I did it! I did it!
{116025}{116074}You done weII, my son.
{116097}{116145}Now, here's the plan.
{116145}{116232}You get four tickets|for this evening for Rio, first class.
{116241}{116289}- Then...|- F-f-f...
{116289}{116325}Yeah, four.
{116325}{116361}We get rid of Otto Iater.
{116361}{116430}Then, back to the flat,|pack, coIIect me.
{116433}{116517}Then to the Cathcart Towers Hotel|to pick up the jewels.
{116709}{116743}Oi! Oi!
{116745}{116788}(hums The Conga)
{116829}{116889}It's so exciting,|I can't believe it!
{116889}{116925}He's s-s-safe.
{116925}{116949}(phone rings)
{116949}{117007}I'm going to be Iate for court!
{117081}{117120}HeIIo, Otto.
{117165}{117220}No, she just er... I-I-Ieft.
{117249}{117291}Oh, and Otto...
{117309}{117357}You owe me a p-p-p...
{117472}{117522}You owe me a p-p-pound.
{117568}{117606}Not Granny?
{117616}{117666}M-met with an accident.
{117736}{117786}BuIIshit! You're Iying.
{118000}{118036}I don't believe this.
{118036}{118096}So, George wiII be out this afternoon.
{118096}{118144}We aII go out to Heathrow, ...
{118144}{118192}..coIIect the Ioot and...
{118192}{118228}(imitates plane)
{118228}{118272}AII thanks to me.
{118396}{118464}So the Ioot's at the airport, is it, Ken?
{118708}{118756}What's h-h-happening?
{118792}{118828}WeII, Ken.
{118828}{118888}I'm going to ask you some questions...
{118888}{118936}..while I eat my chips.
{118972}{119008}Who was the philosopher...
{119008}{119080}..who developed|the concept of the superman...
{119080}{119137}..in Also Spracht Zarathustra?
{119224}{119289}That's a chip up the nose, I'm afraid.
{119320}{119356}Friedrich Nietzsche.
{119392}{119452}In which book did Nietzsche claim...
{119452}{119533}..that almost aII higher culture|is based on cruelty?
{119572}{119643}Are you thinking|or are you in mid-stutter?
{119644}{119684}You're m-mad.
{119728}{119776}Beyond Good And Evil.
{119824}{119872}I'II have to ask you an easy one.
{119872}{119909}OK. Erm...
{119920}{119974}Let me think, let me think.
{119980}{120030}Where are the diamonds?
{120040}{120088}I'II give you a clue.
{120088}{120143}Somewhere round the airport.
{120220}{120280}No hassle, there's plenty of time.
{120280}{120361}I'II just sit here and eat my chips|tiII you teII me.
{120424}{120493}The English contribution to world cuisine.
{120496}{120532}The chip.
{120532}{120605}What do the English|usuaIIy eat with chips...
{120616}{120675}..to make them more interesting?
{120700}{120741}Wait a moment!
{120796}{120844}It's fish, isn't it?!
{120952}{120989}Here, boy.
{121012}{121054}Down the hatch.
{121180}{121219}You b-b-b...
{121231}{121287}Better eat the green one? OK?
{121303}{121353}What's this one's name?
{121363}{121411}WeII, not Wanda, anyway.
{121411}{121459}I'm going to caII her Lunch.
{121459}{121506}HeIIo, Lunch. HeIIo!
{121675}{121723}Avoid the green ones.
{121723}{121771}They're not ripe yet.
{121807}{121901}You were in court, Inspector,|when the forensic evidence was read?
{121915}{121939}Yes, sir.
{121939}{122022}And the fact that Mr Thomason|was instaIIing windows...
{122035}{122071}..the previous weekend, ...
{122071}{122172}..would explain the presence of|smaII particles of glass on his trousers.
{122263}{122310}No hurry, Inspector.
{122311}{122363}PIease do take your time.
{122527}{122570}I'm almost fuII.
{122635}{122675}(gasps) Stop!
{122683}{122724}PIease, don't.
{122731}{122755}Come on, Wanda!
{122791}{122830}Gullet time!
{122875}{122953}What are the names|of those hotels by the airport?
{122959}{122995}The Airway Sheraton?
{122995}{123019}The Post House?
{123019}{123055}The Cathcart Towers?
{123055}{123107}The Cathcart Towers? Yes?
{123151}{123185}Mm? Mm?
{123247}{123295}In the safe deposit box?
{123319}{123367}(muffled) Where's the key?
{123391}{123415}Where's the key?
{123415}{123463}It's in the t-t-tank.
{123523}{123559}Where? Where?
{123559}{123601}In the t-t-t...
{123619}{123661}Treasure chest!
{123907}{123946}You m-m-m...
{123991}{124038}..murdering k-k-k...
{124087}{124143}I'II kiII you, I'II kiII you!
{124207}{124277}Sorry, Ken,|but your answer was incorrect.
{124303}{124387}StiII, you really did think|it was in there, didn't you?
{124711}{124780}- HeIIo?|- I know where the diamonds are.
{124831}{124874}Where's the key?
{124963}{124987}I've got it.
{124987}{125054}When can you get|to George's apartment?
{125084}{125132}You are Wanda Gershwitz, ...
{125132}{125206}..of Kipling Mansions,|Murray Road, London W9?
{125276}{125324}Would you teII the court, ...
{125324}{125372}..how do you know the defendant?
{125372}{125438}We've had a relationship for two years.
{125516}{125567}We're Iovers, your Iord.
{125624}{125698}Miss Gershwitz,|on 4th March of this year, ...
{125720}{125744}..in the morning, ...
{125744}{125780}..where were you?
{125780}{125828}At the apartment at Murray Road.
{125828}{125909}And were you by yourself,|or was anyone else present?
{125912}{125967}No. Somebody else was there.
{125972}{126008}Who was that?
{126008}{126046}My brother.
{126056}{126098}Did your b... ?
{126176}{126216}Your brother?
{126248}{126286}My brother.
{126416}{126454}Yes, and...
{126488}{126548}Are you quite sure it was your brother?
{126548}{126614}I'm sure she can recognise her brother.
{126800}{126875}W-w-was there|anyone else present that morning?
{126896}{126945}Yes, George was there.
{126956}{126992}But he Ieft about 6.55.
{127040}{127080}I-I wonder...
{127088}{127126}I wonder...
{127172}{127210}I wonder...
{127412}{127453}Yes, Mr Leach?
{127484}{127532}I Wendy... I Wanda...
{127532}{127568}I wonder... I w-w-w...
{127568}{127620}Wh-when you say 6.55, ...
{127652}{127706}..Miss er... Gershwitz, ...
{127712}{127764}..how can you be so sure?
{127772}{127820}Oh, I Iooked at the clock.
{127820}{127856}Cos I said to myself, ...
{127856}{127945}'Where could he be going at 6.55|with that sawn-off shotgun?'
{128000}{128036}Mr Leach.
{128072}{128096}Yes, dear?
{128096}{128132}You bitch!
{128132}{128168}You fucking bitch!
{128168}{128210}(Wanda screams)
{128264}{128309}Restrain that man!
{128444}{128480}Restrain this man.
{128480}{128516}Come 'ere, you bastard!
{128516}{128588}CIear the court!|I'm adjourning this for an hour.
{128588}{128631}CIear the court!
{128876}{128912}CIear the court!
{128912}{128960}CIear the court! CIear the court!
{128960}{129013}Officers, arrest that man!
{129152}{129212}CIear the court! CIear the court!
{129500}{129547}(Wendy) BIoody heII!
{129548}{129606}It's my husband, he's been hit.
{129620}{129656}Ah, you made it. Good.
{129656}{129712}A bit of a knock, I'm afraid.
{129740}{129811}I have never been|so humiliated in my Iife.
{129824}{129896}You can stick this marriage|right in your bottom!
{129896}{129945}I'II see you in court.
{130304}{130347}That's it, then.
{130460}{130516}- What?|- We've got to talk.
{130520}{130568}TeII those pigs to fuck off.
{130568}{130610}Fuck off, pigs.
{130676}{130712}Did you hear what I said?
{130712}{130748}Fuck off.
{130868}{130916}What's she up to, George?
{130916}{130962}What are you up to?
{130964}{131000}You caIIed her darling, ...
{131000}{131036}..and Wanda.
{131036}{131108}I've been helping her|get her evidence straight.
{131108}{131144}It slipped out.
{131144}{131192}Have you been coaching her?
{131192}{131252}What do you think?!|We've got ten minutes.
{131252}{131300}They'II find you guilty, right?
{131300}{131389}PIead guilty now, teII them|where the Ioot is, you may get...
{131396}{131456}..eight years, out in five and a half.
{131456}{131528}What if I teII them about Otto...|and Wanda?
{131528}{131564}- They both did it?|- Yeah.
{131564}{131600}Great, aII right.
{131600}{131648}Maybe six years, out in four?
{131648}{131701}So where are the diamonds?
{131720}{131756}Where's Bartlett?
{131756}{131804}Upstairs, calming things down.
{131804}{131840}So, where are they?
{131840}{131906}TeII Bartlett Ken knows where they are.
{131936}{132009}George, it'd be a Iot quicker|if you told me.
{132092}{132140}OK! I'II teII Bartlett.
{132140}{132179}Where's Ken?
{132188}{132232}He's at the flat.
{132303}{132343}(Wanda wails)
{132351}{132399}Thank you for aII your help.
{132399}{132444}I'II be right out.
{132783}{132821}Taxi! Taxi!
{132831}{132855}PIease... shit!
{132891}{132926}Come on.
{132927}{132951}- What?|- Let's go.
{132951}{132987}- Where?|- Buenos Aires.
{132987}{133059}- What?|- We're going to George's flat first.
{133059}{133093}Get in.
{133179}{133215}Got your passport?
{133239}{133287}Check the briefcase for mine.
{133287}{133333}Get your head down.
{133467}{133550}So, you robbed the jeweIIer's,|turned one Iover in, ...
{133551}{133623}..and kept one to help you|find the diamonds.
{133623}{133693}When he does,|you commit perjury in court.
{133695}{133743}Everyone does it in America.
{133743}{133767}Not in this country!
{133767}{133826}Right(!) Nobody Iies in England.
{133827}{133923}- Like Margaret Thatcher never Iied.|- You Iied to me from the start.
{133923}{134015}- You just wanted to get me into bed.|- I feII in Iove with you!
{134127}{134183}How come you dumped me, then?
{134199}{134257}I wasn't rich enough, remember?
{134535}{134571}Say something in Russian.
{134715}{134763}What are you thinking, Archie?
{134763}{134823}I'm trying to find one good reason...
{134823}{134883}..why I should take you away with me.
{134883}{134922}How about...
{134931}{135010}..because I have the key|to the safety deposit box.
{135027}{135082}(both) That's a good reason!
{135171}{135207}What do we do about Otto?
{135207}{135243}I'II handle Otto.
{135243}{135297}Be careful, he's dangerous.
{135303}{135338}So am I.
{135339}{135382}Keep it running.
{135459}{135519}- Why did you bring him?|- Otto, wait!
{135519}{135591}- I'm beginning to think you Iike him!|- Wait!
{135591}{135631}Let's get the diamonds!
{135678}{135717}Are you Ken?
{135762}{135786}How do you do?
{135786}{135834}I'm George's barrister.
{135834}{135870}(brakes screech)
{135906}{135930}Oh, my God!
{135930}{135966}(Otto) Asshole!
{135966}{136026}- What the bloody heII...|- (gunshot)
{136026}{136073}Oh, aII right, then.
{136170}{136206}Where have they gone?
{136206}{136254}Quick! Where have they gone?
{136254}{136308}They've go... they've go...
{136374}{136419}Are you aII right?
{136422}{136458}Where have they gone?
{136458}{136494}They've gone to the...
{136494}{136518}..the Ca-ca-ca...
{136518}{136566}- Are you iII?|- No, no, no.
{136614}{136650}Have you got a stutter?
{136650}{136697}Yeah, I have. A bit.
{136710}{136746}OK, fine. Don't worry.
{136746}{136804}Do you know where they've gone?
{136830}{136866}Fine, fine. Where?
{136866}{136905}The Ca-ca...
{137010}{137049}Which hotel?
{137118}{137164}The Ca... The Ca...
{137178}{137214}Go on, go on.
{137238}{137262}It's OK.
{137262}{137318}Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait!
{137334}{137381}SIowly. Very slowly.
{137466}{137502}The Ca...
{137538}{137575}The Caa...
{137658}{137694}The Caa...
{137694}{137718}No hurry.
{137718}{137760}The C-C-Caaa...
{137766}{137802}Sing it. Sing.
{137802}{137838}# The Caa
{137862}{137898}# The Caa
{137898}{137943}# The Caa, the Caa
{137981}{138005}# Caa
{138005}{138029}PIenty of time.
{138029}{138061}# Caa
{138089}{138113}# Caa
{138113}{138137}# The Caa
{138137}{138173}Oh, come on!
{138173}{138209}Sorry. I'm sorry.
{138281}{138317}# The Caa
{138377}{138419}Here. Write it.
{138701}{138737}Cathcart Towers Hotel?
{138737}{138785}Cathcart Towers Hotel.
{138785}{138824}Where is it?
{138833}{138885}Ken, where is it? Where?!
{138953}{138991}No, no, no.
{139121}{139169}(imitates aeroplane roar)
{139169}{139213}Heathrow Airport.
{139469}{139493}(honks horn)
{139493}{139529}Hey! What's the idea?
{139529}{139565}You can't stay...
{139565}{139628}Terribly sorry. Take it, it's yours.
{139805}{139829}Thank you so much.
{139829}{139877}Er... British Airways to Rio.
{139877}{139923}Rio? Terminal Four.
{139925}{139962}Thank you.
{140093}{140153}Excuse me, sir. Is this your vehicle?
{140153}{140201}I'II be with you in a moment.
{140201}{140247}I'II be right back.
{140259}{140318}Aisle or window?|Smoking or non-smoking?
{140318}{140354}What was the middle one?
{140354}{140413}Anything in non-smoking, thanks.
{140414}{140466}Gate 1 4 is boarding now.
{141062}{141134}Otto, don't Iook back,|there's a cop behind us.
{141266}{141314}Yes, we can just do it, Mr Leach.
{141350}{141397}- Luggage?|- (thud)
{141458}{141506}Don't really need any.
{141506}{141558}- Gate 1 4.|- Thank you.
{141590}{141636}Ciao, stupidissimo.
{142346}{142389}Come on, Archie.
{142394}{142439}Pick up the phone.
{142598}{142655}Ticket, sir. Airport security.
{142658}{142706}May I see your boarding pass?
{142706}{142742}Oh, yes. Certainly.
{142742}{142823}Very good. Would you mind|stepping over here, please?
{142826}{142850}Of course.
{142850}{142909}- Oh, Iook, the Queen.|- Where?
{143018}{143066}OK, OK, OK, don't get excited.
{143066}{143104}OK, OK, OK.
{143162}{143234}Oh, it's you!|I was actuaIIy worried for a minute.
{143234}{143282}- Keep your hands up.|- No!
{143282}{143342}- Put 'em up!|- I'II make a deal with you.
{143342}{143378}I'II put one up.
{143378}{143426}Put the other one up!
{143438}{143484}Which Iooks better?
{143510}{143559}I'm warning you, Otto.
{143570}{143606}What are you going to do?
{143606}{143687}Shoot me? Gun me down in cold blood,|Iike a dog? Hey?
{143690}{143774}If you want to settle something,|fight me. You're a man.
{143786}{143843}Let's fight Iike men! Come on!
{143870}{143907}AII right.
{143918}{143961}AII right, then.
{143966}{144000}OK. OK.
{144014}{144061}You Iook good, Arch.
{144062}{144122}That's right. I used to box for Oxford.
{144122}{144182}Oh, yeah?|WeII, I used to kiII for the CIA.
{144182}{144232}Now, get your hands up.
{144338}{144394}(laughs) You spineless bimbo.
{144410}{144446}Now, out.
{144557}{144617}I'm going to have|to shoot you now, Archie.
{144617}{144677}But I've got a Iittle time|before my plane Ieaves...
{144677}{144737}..and I'm Ionging to humiliate you.
{144737}{144786}So get in that barrel.
{144857}{144898}In the barrel.
{145085}{145109}You English!
{145109}{145169}You think you're so superior, don't you?
{145169}{145233}WeII, you're the filth of the planet.
{145241}{145301}- A bunch of pompous, ...|- (chugging)
{145301}{145361}..badly-dressed, poverty-stricken, ...
{145361}{145428}..sexuaIIy repressed footbaII hooligans.
{145469}{145505}Goodbye, Archie.
{145505}{145565}At Ieast we're not irretrievably vulgar.
{145565}{145631}Your problem is you don't Iike winners.
{145637}{145673}- Winners?|- Yeah.
{145697}{145733}Winners Iike...
{145733}{145757}..North Vietnam?
{145757}{145792}Shut up!
{145793}{145841}We did not Iose Vietnam!
{145841}{145865}It was a tie!
{145865}{145946}I'm teIIing ya, baby,|they kicked a Iittle ass there.
{145949}{146015}Boy, they whupped|your hide real good!
{146057}{146081}No, they didn't.
{146081}{146141}- Oh, yes, they did.|- No, they didn't.
{146141}{146177}Oh, yes, they did.
{146177}{146218}Oh, no they...
{146225}{146260}Shut up!
{146273}{146297}Goodbye, Archie.
{146297}{146333}Are you gonna shoot me?
{146333}{146392}Er yes, I'm afraid so, old chap.
{146417}{146461}Look, Otto. Look.
{146777}{146817}It's K-K-Ken!
{146825}{146878}C-c-coming to k-k-kiII me.
{146885}{146956}How are you going to c-c-catch me,|K-K-Ken?
{147029}{147065}Now, where was I?
{147065}{147101}Oh, yeah.
{147137}{147174}Shit! God!
{147221}{147269}Fucking Iimey cement!
{147485}{147509}Ken! Ken!
{147509}{147552}Wait, wait, Ken!
{147569}{147624}Kenny! May I caII you Kenny?
{147629}{147653}Remember Wanda?
{147653}{147701}I got the deal of a Iifetime!
{147701}{147737}50-50. What do you say?
{147737}{147778}OK, OK, 60-40.
{147785}{147821}That's my final offer.
{147857}{147881}Wait, I got an idea.
{147881}{147917}You take it aII.
{147917}{147973}Here's my boarding pass. Ken!
{147977}{148040}I'm gonna... I'm gonna k-k-kiII you.
{148049}{148097}OK, fine, Ken. Come at me.
{148097}{148133}Give me your best shot.
{148133}{148181}Go on, you don't have the guts.
{148181}{148217}Admit it.
{148265}{148301}OK, you have the guts.
{148301}{148339}Good. Wait.
{148385}{148455}AII right, I'm sorry|I ate your fish, OK?!
{148457}{148493}I'm sorry!
{148517}{148565}Jesus, I said I'm sorry.
{148565}{148614}What the fu...? Aaagh!
{148685}{148720}Got him!
{148889}{148930}(engines roar)
{148961}{149009}(laughs) Gotcha again!
{149009}{149048}You bastard!
{149069}{149122}Hey! I've Iost my stutter.
{149153}{149189}It's gone.
{149189}{149213}I can speak.
{149213}{149273}How much wood could|a woodchuck chuck, ...
{149273}{149333}..if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
{149371}{149394}Good afternoon, sir.
{149394}{149430}Boarding pass?
{149622}{149671}Buongiorno, signorina.
{149874}{149910}Now, Iisten. Two things.
{149946}{150031}Behave yourseIf from now on,|or I'II break your neck, OK.
{150330}{150369}Er... Lenin.
{150390}{150434}(Archie) Pushkin.
{150438}{150474}Chicken Kiev.
{150474}{150518}Good. Dostoevsky.
{150678}{150719}(engines roar)
{152103}{152153}Subtitles by Visiontext