A King in New York Rus. English subtitles. Субтитры к фильму на английском языке.

{2275}{2324}We want the head of Shahdov!
{2818}{2843}Where is he?
{2848}{2895}He's gone!|To the treasury!
{3219}{3290}Traitor! Thief!|He's taken everything.
{4040}{4104}Your Majesty, say a few words|to the American people.
{4109}{4132}Just a moment.
{4137}{4190}- Who are you?|- His Majesty's Ambassador.
{4195}{4233}- Jaume!|- Your Majesty!
{4238}{4280}Glad to see you alive and well.
{4285}{4318}We fooled them!
{4413}{4467}Come on, break it up,|get a move on!
{4552}{4630}- My securities, are they safe?|- Turned over to Dr Voudel.
{4637}{4690}He says as your Prime Minister,|he has charge of everything.
{4695}{4757}Him?|I wouldn't trust that crooked...
{4781}{4816}There he is!
{4821}{4851}Your Majesty!
{4876}{4951}- My securities, where are they?|- Safely deposited.
{4956}{4979}In my name?
{4984}{5089}We cannot discuss that here.|First we must get rid of the press.
{5095}{5127}This way please.
{5315}{5350}Smile, Your Majesty!
{5362}{5385}One over here!
{5427}{5486}- Another one here!|- One serious.
{5504}{5562}Please gentlemen, no more pictures.
{5578}{5681}His Majesty King Shahdov has|been through a bloody revolution.
{5686}{5752}I hope you will keep this interview|as brief as possible.
{5769}{5803}Your questions, please.
{5808}{5869}I understand you got away|with all the loot.
{5883}{5963}If you're referring to what legally|belongs to His Majesty's government,
{5968}{6047}documents were transferred out of|the reach of revolutionary thieves.
{6077}{6103}Where are they?
{6108}{6178}That question is of a private nature|and cannot be answered.
{6183}{6213}You may answer.
{6223}{6271}They are safely deposited in a bank.
{6276}{6347}- In whose name?|- That is also of a private nature.
{6352}{6387}You may answer.
{6400}{6459}As P.M. Of His Majesty's|Government in exile,
{6464}{6495}they are in my name
{6500}{6564}until His Majesty deems fit|to have them otherwise.
{6569}{6598}Then I think I'll have them otherwise.
{6603}{6681}Be calm, Your Majesty. First you|must pass through Immigration.
{6686}{6711}Any further questions?
{6716}{6776}How about this controversy|over atomic energy?
{6821}{6886}Ladies and gentlemen,|that's how I lost my throne.
{6891}{6945}I wanted atomic energy|for domestic use
{6950}{7005}but my ministers wanted|atomic bombs.
{7010}{7113}Nevertheless, I have nuclear plans|that will revolutionize modern life
{7118}{7177}and bring about a Utopia|undreamed of!
{7182}{7267}Your Majesty, if I might interrupt,|the Immigration Officer is waiting.
{7276}{7313}- I beg your pardon.|- This way, Sir.
{7318}{7357}That will be all, gentlemen.
{7439}{7491}Here, Sir, for the fingerprinting.
{7511}{7550}Your right hand please, Sir.
{7609}{7681}Your Majesty, won't you say|a few words to the American people?
{7699}{7772}I am deeply moved by your warm|friendship and hospitality.
{7777}{7871}This big-hearted nation has already|demonstrated its noble generosity
{7876}{7954}to those who seek|a refuge from tyranny. Thank you.
{8120}{8162}Here are the funds|of the treasury, Sir.
{8167}{8219}I hope this will allay|your suspicions.
{8224}{8307}You should have said anxiety|and saved us both embarrassment.
{8391}{8425}Is this all there was in the treasury?
{8430}{8495}- That is all, Sir.|- No wonder we had a revolution.
{8525}{8605}- Where are the books and records?|- They were left behind.
{8628}{8654}I see.
{8660}{8738}So the funds and securities|are deposited in the First National?
{8743}{8794}- That is right, Sir.|- Then let's go there.
{8799}{8850}It's too late now, Your Majesty.|The banks are closed.
{8855}{8881}Is that all, Sir?
{8886}{8978}Yes Dr Voudel, but make yourself|available at 10 tomorrow morning.
{8983}{9032}- That's when the banks open?|- Yes, Sir.
{9250}{9308}Why didn't he tell you he'd taken|the funds of the treasury?
{9313}{9338}I don't know and I don't care.
{9343}{9372}But the press will accuse you.
{9377}{9426}A King is accused|of many things, Jaume.
{9431}{9463}Your Majesty,|you must remember...
{9468}{9560}Remember! After what I've been|through I want to forget.
{9565}{9605}Tonight I want the light|and the frivolous.
{9618}{9674}- I want to see the town.|- Steady, Sir, steady!
{9691}{9804}Jaume, if you knew what it means|to breathe this free air!
{9809}{9879}This wonderful, wonderful America!
{9884}{9946}Its youth! Its genius!|Its vitality!
{9951}{10063}The glamour of it all!|New York! America!
{10543}{10651}When I think of a million dollars
{10662}{10739}Tears come to my eyes
{10749}{10805}I think of all the blue...
{10941}{11013}- Would you like to go to a movie?|- Love it.
{11324}{11365}I got shoes
{11370}{11455}I got shoes|Shoes to step on all your blues.
{11460}{11531}When you do that rock and roll|with me tonight
{11733}{11786}Seems noisier here than outside.
{11804}{11878}It'll be quieter in a moment|when the picture comes on.
{12033}{12092}You're not well|Take a pill
{12128}{12177}Do you think|this sort of thing is healthy?
{13314}{13355}Gee, that sends me!
{13567}{13597}She bit me!
{13639}{13676}Completely insane.
{13748}{13791}First row?|Isn't this rather close?
{13796}{13845}It's the best we could get, Sir.
{14256}{14289}Who's there?
{14344}{14395}I've gotta kill ya honey.
{14409}{14454}It's for ya own good.
{14991}{15029}It's no use, honey.
{15034}{15105}Our love has no place in this world.
{15117}{15183}That isn't true.|We can go to Denmark.
{15491}{15531}Stick 'em up! This is it!
{16107}{16127}Let's go.
{16254}{16284}This way, Sir.
{16361}{16391}I'll get you a waiter.
{16475}{16528}This is more agreeable.|Not so noisy.
{16720}{16756}Thank you very much.
{16979}{17035}- What are you having?|- I don't know.
{17704}{17766}I think I'll have some caviar.
{17781}{17849}- What will you have?|- I'll have the same.
{18341}{18384}I think I'll have something else.
{18389}{18435}Have you any turtle soup?
{18453}{18495}Turtle soup, yes.
{18503}{18551}Turtle soup. Two.
{18653}{18706}Turtle! Turtle!
{18854}{18919}Good morning Mr and Mrs America|and all the ships at sea.
{18924}{18983}This is the 10 o'clock edition|of the news.
{18988}{19030}King Shahdov,|dethroned Monarch of Estrovia,
{19035}{19122}who escaped his country with|the treasury, arrives in America.
{19128}{19212}King Shahdov brings to the States|a vast fortune and his atomic plans
{19217}{19262}in the hopes of revolutionizing|modern life
{19267}{19311}and bringing about a Utopia.
{19388}{19480}Your Majesty, Voudel checked out|last night and left for South America!
{19485}{19534}- Call up the bank!|- I did.
{19539}{19628}They said all funds had been|withdrawn the day you arrived.
{19690}{19729}He's stolen everything!
{19741}{19801}Then we shall expose him|as a thief and a scoundrel.
{19806}{19868}It's no use.|We have no records, no legal claim.
{19917}{19950}We're broke, Jaume.
{19966}{20014}You still have your atomic plans.
{20029}{20117}Blueprints. It'll be difficult|financing blueprints.
{20131}{20214}To think you're accused|of absconding with the treasury!
{20219}{20327}I'd sooner be thought a successful|crook than a destitute monarch.
{20451}{20484}Very well.
{20504}{20582}Her Majesty's arrived|and is on her way up.
{20587}{20660}Not a word to anyone|that we're broke.
{20665}{20707}Your Majesty,
{20712}{20794}may I say that what small fortune|I have is entirely at your disposal.
{20807}{20875}Jaume, dear Jaume.
{20888}{20930}If we can get finance|for these atomic plans,
{20935}{20984}we'll have all the money we want.
{21349}{21415}- When did you arrive?|- An hour ago. I flew in from Paris.
{21421}{21456}- Alone?|- Yes.
{21475}{21506}It's all horrible.
{21511}{21579}Well, at least I still have|a head on my shoulders.
{21616}{21679}- How is your family?|- Very well, thank you.
{21684}{21748}Good! Are you staying long?
{21774}{21850}I'd like to return to Paris|as soon as possible.
{21855}{21881}Very well.
{21951}{22040}I won't keep you longer than|necessary. After what's happened,
{22045}{22105}I think we ought to come|to some understanding.
{22145}{22212}Irene, we've always been friends.
{22217}{22266}Good friends, if nothing more.
{22308}{22353}Always been honest|with each other,
{22358}{22439}and as you know, our marriage|was an affair of the State.
{22455}{22497}You were not happy|and naturally
{22502}{22548}you not being happy,|neither was I.
{22553}{22579}I was to blame for that.
{22664}{22695}You were young
{22728}{22765}and very much in love.
{22771}{22819}Unfortunately, not with me.
{22845}{22909}No, neither was to blame.|It was the Throne
{22929}{22999}and now the Throne|no longer exists.
{23009}{23048}You want a divorce?
{23098}{23137}I want you to be happy.
{23147}{23187}I'll do whatever you wish.
{23192}{23277}I only wish to end|the hapless years you spent with me.
{23295}{23350}They were by no means hapless.
{23359}{23441}Then let's call them years|of a friendly misalliance.
{23454}{23523}Cheer up!|Let me order you some lunch.
{23534}{23585}Why is life so complicated?
{23590}{23638}How dull it would be if it weren't.
{23664}{23691}Main office.
{23696}{23733}Give me room service, please.
{23738}{23776}Room service.
{23793}{23836}Will you send up a menu?
{23858}{23882}Good heavens!
{23900}{23923}Come in!
{23944}{23969}Telegram, Sir.
{23974}{24029}Gracious!|I thought it was the menu.
{24043}{24068}Excuse me.
{24222}{24287}From that Cromwell woman again|about dinner this evening.
{24292}{24360}- You're definitely not going?|- Definitely.
{24581}{24649}There's one thing|we haven't discussed. Alimony.
{24668}{24737}I don't need it.|I'm quite rich, you know that.
{24757}{24834}From a lady about to get a divorce,|that's an incredible statement.
{24885}{24987}Do you realize today happens to be|the anniversary of our wedding?
{24999}{25049}Well, you look happier now|than you did then.
{25083}{25124}What a bore I must have been.
{25135}{25170}Considering we were|on our honeymoon,
{25175}{25212}you weren't exactly amusing.
{25231}{25266}You must have hated me.
{25304}{25369}- On the contrary, I loved you.|- How could you?
{25374}{25439}I thought you were too young|to know your own mind.
{25447}{25475}But you weren't.
{25551}{25617}- You haven't eaten a thing.|- I'm not hungry.
{25637}{25675}Let me order you something else.
{25683}{25749}Thank you.|I must think about leaving.
{25757}{25795}You're returning to Paris?
{25811}{25859}Yes. And you?
{25893}{25922}I must stay here.
{25927}{25973}- Why?|- Money.
{25983}{26039}According to the press,|you have millions.
{26044}{26120}I shall need them if I'm to put|through this atomic project.
{26165}{26189}Excuse me.
{26292}{26378}This is Transatlantic Airways.|We're holding reservations to Paris
{26383}{26426}if her Majesty intends leaving?
{26431}{26489}Thank you.|Her Majesty intends leaving.
{26699}{26757}Porter!|My boarding ticket.
{26797}{26843}Here are your chocolates|with the nougat inside
{26848}{26907}and those banal movie magazines|you're so fond of.
{26912}{26936}Allow me, Madame.
{26941}{27041}Passengers for London and Paris|check through Gate 9 please.
{27049}{27074}That's you.
{27125}{27160}Take good care of yourself.
{27165}{27203}Don't forget your magazines.
{27212}{27252}Write me if ever you need anything.
{27257}{27278}I will.
{27323}{27389}Let me hear from you|once in a while. Don't forget.
{27394}{27421}I won't.
{27787}{27842}It's the Cromwell woman again|about dinner this evening.
{27856}{27895}The answer is no.
{27900}{27933}You won't change your mind?
{27938}{28026}I'm not accessible to strangers|for the price of a free dinner.
{28089}{28180}I'm sorry but His Majesty regrets|he's unable to come this evening.
{28216}{28280}- Who is this creature?|- A prominent hostess here.
{28285}{28367}Publishes several women's magazines|and owns an important TV network.
{28377}{28416}Well, I have neither aspirations
{28421}{28505}to appear on television|nor to write for women's magazines.
{28515}{28562}We haven't come to that yet.
{28582}{28669}Besides I'm in no mood|for dinner parties.
{28674}{28753}Your Majesty,|the Queen's departure has upset you.
{28790}{28839}To part is to die a little.
{28852}{28914}Her Majesty looked|ineffably sad when she left.
{28991}{29040}Are you sure you want this divorce?
{29060}{29106}I'm sure the Queen does.
{29114}{29162}I'll swear Sir,|she's beginning to love you.
{29167}{29262}Wishful thinking Jaume,|wishful thinking.
{29673}{29785}I'd sell my soul for love
{29797}{29908}If I could find true love
{29933}{30010}There's nothing in the world
{30015}{30061}I wouldn't do.
{30099}{30185}I'd commit every sin
{30199}{30277}If I could win
{30310}{30465}Someone that's tender and true
{30507}{30621}Like Faust I'd sign away
{30626}{30681}My soul
{30695}{30764}If I could say
{30780}{30892}I'd found the one, the only one
{30914}{31000}To love, to love
{31006}{31123}I'd sell my soul
{31138}{31228}For love
{32220}{32255}Did you say help?
{32299}{32353}I'd better telephone downstairs.
{32363}{32423}Here! Stay where you are!
{32689}{32722}Go away! Help!
{32745}{32792}I wish,|I wish you'd make up your mind.
{32797}{32832}- Help!|- Wait a minute.
{32911}{32948}Where are you?
{33032}{33057}It's all right.
{33068}{33154}It's all right.|If you'd just... cooperate.
{33259}{33288}There you are!
{33311}{33343}Who are you, Sir?
{33353}{33423}I am... King Shahdov.
{33477}{33552}- What happened?|- I slipped and hurt my ankle.
{33566}{33593}Could I...
{33639}{33657}Thank you.
{33735}{33801}It's all right, I won't hurt.|I have a green thumb.
{33843}{33903}My name is Ann Kay.|How do you do?
{33908}{33942}Nicely, thank you.
{33961}{34011}I'm to meet you tonight|at Mona Cromwell's.
{34016}{34054}I'm sorry, I'm not going.
{34068}{34139}Oh no!|Everyone will be so disappointed.
{34313}{34376}Jaume, answer the telephone.
{34387}{34425}I beg your pardon, Sir.
{34437}{34471}Of course,|if you're going to be there,
{34476}{34502}I might consider.
{34507}{34544}I'll telephone you're coming!
{34549}{34611}Not yet.|We've hardly got acquainted.
{34688}{34727}But I must telephone.
{34831}{34866}And I must jump into a hot tub!
{35145}{35199}Madame Cromwell, I'm sorry
{35204}{35265}but His Majesty is quite definite.|He's not going.
{35347}{35378}Hello, honey.
{35387}{35432}Are you nervous,
{35442}{35503}bothered and upset?
{35529}{35568}Take off your clothes.
{35642}{35688}With a bottle of Whitbread's beer
{35693}{35755}It'll give you pep|and give you cheer
{35835}{35879}Whitbread's beer.
{35917}{35997}Your Majesty, it's that persistent|Cromwell woman again.
{36016}{36052}I've changed my mind. We're going.
{36078}{36106}I don't understand.
{36111}{36142}Nevertheless, we'll go.
{36156}{36227}Then do you mind if I stay home?|I'm rather tired tonight.
{36250}{36290}Of course, if you're tired.
{36558}{36619}- Where's Ann?|- There she is now!
{36671}{36697}Well, I got him.
{36702}{36763}You certainly did.|Tell me, how did you do it?
{36768}{36798}I rented the suite next to his.
{36803}{36836}So now you're living in the Ritz!
{36841}{36879}Not on your life!|It's too dangerous.
{36884}{36929}I'll be back|in my own apartment tonight.
{36934}{36965}So you got a King|on your program.
{36970}{37007}Not so loud!|He doesn't know it.
{37012}{37042}What sort of guy is he?
{37047}{37109}At dinner parties they say|he's gay and amusing
{37114}{37147}if you get him in the mood.
{37152}{37194}And that's up to you.
{37223}{37289}Take over, I've got to look for|that husband of mine.
{37353}{37412}- Fred! I've been looking for you.|- Here I am honey.
{37417}{37462}- Who's watching below?|- The doorkeeper.
{37467}{37533}He'll telephone the butler|the moment the King arrives.
{37618}{37695}What's all this business|about curtseying to the King?
{37700}{37750}Haven't you ever been|presented at Court?
{37755}{37788}Only for speeding.
{37793}{37859}Don't let them kid you.|Just do as the ladies do.
{37864}{37943}And another thing,|you don't sit before he does.
{37948}{38017}After 36 holes of golf,|I hope he sits quick.
{38022}{38077}Me too, with my swollen kneecap!
{38082}{38156}Well, here's a chance to sit|before he gets here.
{38200}{38255}His Majesty, King Shahdov!
{38448}{38526}Your Majesty,|may I present Miss Ann Kay.
{38588}{38652}How do you do? We've met before.
{38657}{38701}And Mrs Rochauser.
{38731}{38753}How do you do?
{38758}{38795}Miss Pam Butterworth.
{38819}{38881}- And Mr Bill Johnson.|- How do you do?
{38886}{38912}Excuse me.
{38917}{38940}Mrs Vera Loose...
{38955}{38983}Can you hear me?
{39002}{39046}- Where's Hank?|- That's him.
{39051}{39117}Hank, how goes it?
{39129}{39165}All lined up for television.
{39174}{39202}What's the routine?
{39207}{39292}I'll do the deodorant ad first|then see if I can get the King going.
{39309}{39368}I'll give you two buzzes|to start your commercials.
{39603}{39665}By the by, is that an El Greco?
{39670}{39710}Oh no, Sir. He's a Filipino.
{39715}{39753}I mean the picture opposite.
{39758}{39825}I'm not sure.|My wife bought it at an auction sale.
{39864}{39910}Would Your Majesty|care to sit down?
{39921}{39946}Thank you.
{40006}{40068}Your Majesty is served.
{40132}{40184}Don't you think Miss Ann Kay|very attractive?
{40189}{40242}Very, the little I've seen of her.
{40816}{40849}Madame, your health!
{41018}{41068}And... how is your ankle?
{41076}{41114}Much better, thank you Sir.
{41119}{41188}If it gives you any further trouble,|just knock on my door.
{41193}{41242}Frankly, I hope for the worst.
{41247}{41343}- You want to see me suffer?|- I want to see more of you.
{41429}{41492}- I find it close in here.|- Could be closer.
{41497}{41550}And the atmosphere quite stuffy.
{41556}{41580}It's anything but that.
{41585}{41657}How fortunate people|no longer consider the problem
{41662}{41717}of perspiring in stuffy rooms.
{41722}{41747}I beg your pardon?
{41752}{41832}Think of pretty young girls|being unpopular at dances
{41837}{41879}and they don't know why.
{41884}{41919}I don't follow you.
{41924}{41974}The answer is B.O.
{41994}{42043}- B.O.?|- Body odor!
{42055}{42109}But now that can be eliminated,
{42114}{42176}because there is such a thing|as FRESH.
{42181}{42263}That wonderful, soothing,|luring deodorant.
{42268}{42321}It keeps underarms dry.
{42328}{42450}Remember, you're lovely to be near|only when underarms stay dry.
{42455}{42508}That's why lovely women use it.
{42513}{42570}Remember: Keep fresh,
{42575}{42652}be fresh, with FRESH deodorant.
{42703}{42757}Who is this young lady?|I find her very odd.
{42762}{42809}She is a brilliant|advertising specialist.
{42814}{42871}Really!|She certainly has it on the brain.
{42914}{42974}Do you usually go off|the deep end this way?
{42979}{43032}- You think I'm crazy?|- I know so.
{43037}{43124}I know Your Majesty is a wonderful|actor who's played Hamlet.
{43129}{43185}I've dabbled in private theatricals.
{43190}{43232}I'd give anything to see your Hamlet.
{43237}{43278}Maybe you will one night.
{43283}{43320}Why not tonight?
{43325}{43369}OK a private performance.
{43374}{43410}To be or not to be...
{43453}{43492}- You mean here?|- Why not?
{43498}{43529}Oh no, no, no!
{43534}{43563}I'll get everyone quiet.
{43662}{43698}Ladies and gentlemen,
{43703}{43784}we are privileged to witness|a great historic moment.
{43793}{43833}His Majesty King Shahdov
{43838}{43941}has graciously consented to give|us Hamlet's To Be Or Not To Be.
{44184}{44258}There are many ways of playing|the soliloquy of Hamlet.
{44263}{44329}There's the pale, thoughtful,|anemic Prince.
{44334}{44414}There's the mad, bombastic one.|Which do you prefer?
{44425}{44457}Anything but anemic.
{44471}{44496}Very well.
{44512}{44540}"To be, or not to be:
{44560}{44590}"That is the question.
{44595}{44634}"Whether 'tis nobler to suffer
{44639}{44692}"the slings and arrows|of outrageous fortune,
{44697}{44745}"or to take arms|against a sea of troubles,
{44750}{44794}"and by opposing end them?
{44799}{44870}"To die: To sleep, no more,
{44888}{44930}"and by a sleep to say we end
{44935}{45013}"the thousand natural shocks|that flesh is heir to,
{45033}{45083}"'tis a consummation|devoutly to be wished.
{45088}{45160}"To die, to sleep...
{45178}{45217}"To sleep,
{45249}{45284}"perchance to dream:
{45329}{45367}"There's the rub.
{45396}{45461}"For who would bear the whips|and scorns of time?
{45466}{45536}"The oppressor's wrong,|the proud man's contumely,
{45541}{45588}"the pangs of despised love,
{45593}{45626}"the law's delay.
{45631}{45725}"The insolence of office,|and the spurns that patient merit
{45730}{45774}"of the unworthy takes,
{45779}{45853}"when he himself might|his quietus take
{45864}{45917}"with a bare bodkin?
{45937}{46007}"Who would fardels bear, to sweat
{46012}{46064}"and grunt under a weary life?
{46086}{46164}"But that the dread
{46169}{46224}"of something after death
{46250}{46315}"that undiscovered country
{46320}{46427}"from whose bourn no traveler returns
{46435}{46476}"puzzles the will
{46494}{46567}"and makes us rather bear|those ills we have
{46580}{46665}"than fly to others|that we know not of?
{46679}{46722}"Thus conscience..."
{46807}{46862}- I've forgotten.|- Oh no! Please go on.
{46867}{46903}No, no. I'm sorry.
{47057}{47092}You've just heard|a recital of Hamlet
{47097}{47139}by His Majesty King Shahdov.
{47145}{47207}We now return to Ann Kay's|Real Life Surprise Party
{47212}{47253}after station identification.
{47258}{47302}This is station KXPA.
{47320}{47357}How can I thank you?
{47362}{47412}What a privilege. What genius!
{47417}{47502}- You liked it?|- You have such power, such anger!
{47514}{47572}What a success you'd be as an actor.
{47604}{47679}But actors need more|than genius to succeed.
{47687}{47746}- They need good sound teeth.|- Naturally.
{47751}{47794}Have you the assurance to speak
{47799}{47876}and face others without danger|of being repellent?
{47882}{47913}There you go again!
{47918}{47997}How can an actor play opposite|a lovely leading lady
{48002}{48039}if he's uncertain?
{48049}{48148}But with OXYTONE Toothpaste|he has confidence and control,
{48153}{48247}for OXYTONE Toothpaste|is the breath of violets.
{48259}{48346}OXYTONE will arrest decay,|remove yellow film
{48356}{48433}and restore teeth|to a beautiful whiteness.
{48447}{48477}You'll never regret,
{48482}{48549}you'll never fret,|if you use OXYTONE Toothpaste.
{48554}{48610}You know,|you're giving me a terrific complex.
{48646}{48693}I thought you were crazy,|but now I'm positive.
{48698}{48734}I thought you liked crazy people.
{48739}{48820}Yes, but how can you suddenly|branch off into toothpaste?
{48825}{48907}It must be an association of ideas.|Tomorrow I go to my dentist.
{48912}{48944}How boring.
{48955}{48992}Most boring!
{49003}{49042}You know, you really are funny.
{49047}{49071}You think so?
{49079}{49165}I must tell you some of my jokes.|Naughty ones!
{49196}{49257}Yes, can't we join|in the conversation?
{49262}{49322}Well, we were discussing dentists.
{49332}{49420}I loathe when you're helpless,|your mouth full of instruments,
{49425}{49474}and they answer the telephone.
{49505}{49580}- For example, do you mind?|- Not at all.
{49585}{49615}Just to illustrate.
{49620}{49687}You see, will you open|your mouth, please?
{49692}{49723}When you're in this position,
{49738}{49790}invariably the phone rings.
{49795}{49877}He answers it. You can't move.|He treats you like a drain pipe.
{49909}{49970}For the last hour and a half you've|been entertained by King Shahdov
{49975}{50026}on Ann Kay's Real Life|Surprise Party.
{50031}{50075}This is Station KXPA.
{50518}{50545}Still up?
{50570}{50625}- I haven't slept a wink.|- Indeed?
{50647}{50732}Your Majesty! After your positive|refusal to appear on television,
{50737}{50770}to see you reciting Hamlet,
{50775}{50836}putting knives and sugar tongs|down that wretched woman's throat!
{50841}{50869}Are you mad?
{50874}{50936}After what I saw, Your Majesty,|perhaps I am.
{50941}{51002}- You saw me on television?|- It's all so insane.
{51036}{51124}I'm an idiot! I thought something|peculiar was going on!
{51130}{51163}They must have had|hidden cameras.
{51168}{51204}- What do you mean?|- I knew nothing about it.
{51209}{51271}Outrageous. Sue them for damages!
{51276}{51309}Let's get out in the air.
{51318}{51343}It's rather late, Your Majesty.
{51348}{51410}I can't sleep.|We'll go to a nightclub.
{51520}{51570}We should return to Europe.
{51575}{51617}Don't be absurd. We need money.
{51626}{51700}After what's happened,|no businessman'll take you seriously.
{51731}{51805}Your Majesty!|A King playing Hamlet on television!
{51810}{51848}They'll question your sanity.
{51853}{51951}I suppose chasing a golf ball|just to put it in a hole is sane?
{51964}{52000}I prefer Hamlet to golf.
{52005}{52042}- We're ruined.|- Nonsense.
{52089}{52129}John, there he is!
{52137}{52222}Your Majesty,|may I congratulate you, Sir.
{52227}{52272}My wife and I saw you on television
{52277}{52356}and I just want to say|you certainly are a man of talent,
{52361}{52443}and may I say so, Sir,|a true democrat.
{52448}{52475}Thank you very much.
{52480}{52532}I'd like you to shake hands|with my wife.
{52537}{52595}Honey, this is His Majesty...
{52609}{52662}pardon me, King,|what is your last name?
{52681}{52729}That's it, King Shahdov!
{52734}{52765}How do you do?
{52778}{52835}Could I have your autograph|for my little boy?
{52840}{52924}Yes, by all means.|Have you a piece of paper?
{52929}{52967}I only have a Kleenex.
{52972}{53012}That'll do.|A pen?
{53022}{53053}No, I don't have a pen.
{53058}{53134}How do you expect a man|to write if you ain't got a pen?
{53210}{53274}I sure hope|it doesn't ruin your pen.
{53306}{53360}Sir, can I have|your autograph please?
{53515}{53567}Will you let us have the details?
{53572}{53625}- More mail, Sir.|- Take them in the next room.
{53726}{53787}That telephone's been|ringing for a week now.
{53792}{53823}We haven't had a moment's peace.
{53828}{53867}We'll let you know in due course.
{53872}{53975}Juniper Eyewash Company offering|$5,000 to appear on their program.
{53980}{54011}- Juniper what?|- Eyewash.
{54016}{54062}Here's an offer|from King's Lager Beer.
{54067}{54134}The answer is no.|King's Lager Beer!
{54221}{54268}Very well,|I'll take it in the next room.
{54304}{54326}Come in!
{54653}{54694}Your Majesty, my name's Johnson.
{54699}{54742}Advertising Rep for Crown Cheese.
{54747}{54850}For 2 words that won't take|more than 40 seconds of your time,
{54855}{54932}Crown Cheese will give you $10,000|to appear on television.
{54937}{55012}All you have to do is spread|Crown Cheese on a piece of toast,
{55017}{55112}take a bite, say "yum, yum"|and $10,000 are yours.
{55188}{55225}Show this gentleman to the door.
{55230}{55294}Are you crazy?|$10,000 for 2 words?
{55299}{55396}You don't have to memorize them,|they'll be on a blackboard!
{55406}{55442}This way, Sir.
{55692}{55760}It's that creature who was with you|on television, Miss Ann Kay.
{55786}{55846}- Have her come up.|- Tell Miss Ann Kay to come up.
{55854}{55928}The audacity of that woman to come|here after what happened.
{55933}{56005}Your Majesty, it's a changing world,|different values.
{56011}{56036}So it seems.
{56185}{56265}"Yum, yum!"|That's worth $10,000?
{56579}{56649}- Good morning.|- Well! Come in.
{56818}{56860}Congratulations Your Majesty.
{56865}{56912}You've electrified|the whole country.
{56917}{56984}Thanks to your peculiar ideas|of hospitality.
{57006}{57052}They're not mine, Your Majesty.
{57057}{57084}What do you want?
{57104}{57160}Mrs Cromwell asked me|to deliver this.
{57244}{57318}I believe there's a check inside|for $20,000.
{57416}{57497}Quite so. This will save me|the trouble of returning it to her.
{57510}{57543}I'm sorry you're angry.
{57556}{57623}I'm sure my anger means|nothing to you, Miss Kay.
{57628}{57673}Neither does my contempt.
{57716}{57740}Good morning.
{58027}{58073}That was a quick interview.
{58100}{58159}Jaume, put this in|the wastepaper basket.
{58180}{58257}At 12 o'clock you are to visit|a progressive boys' school.
{58277}{58342}I think it good policy after|that awful television business.
{58355}{58401}Have you heard from|the Atomic Commission?
{58406}{58462}Not a word.|I've telephoned them every day
{58467}{58522}for a week now,|but can't get through.
{58527}{58599}If we don't hear from them, some|of these offers may be worthwhile.
{58607}{58644}We haven't come to that yet.
{58661}{58722}Do you realize you've torn up|a check for $20,000?
{58727}{58776}Yes, from that Cromwell woman.
{58869}{58921}By the bye,|what is our bank balance?
{58951}{59006}912 dollars, to be exact.
{59011}{59096}What? Get some sticking plaster!|Thank Mrs Cromwell for the check!
{59101}{59134}Surely you're not accepting it?
{59139}{59178}A bird in the hand, my dear fellow.
{59183}{59231}But Your Majesty's honor,|your pride?
{59236}{59297}Pride? A King has no false pride.|Call her up!
{59303}{59391}It's 11:20, if you're going|to the school you'd better dress.
{59397}{59438}Call up Mrs Cromwell.
{59450}{59473}Here he is now!
{59518}{59557}Your Majesty! Just a moment!
{59630}{59662}Welcome, Your Majesty!
{59667}{59746}How do you do?|This is my Ambassador.
{59809}{59831}Well, young man?
{59849}{59906}Your Majesty,|we're not officially open yet
{59911}{60004}but I thought you'd like to see the|exhibit, then review the children.
{60009}{60031}I see.
{60040}{60068}Your Majesty.
{60090}{60142}I do hope you don't mind|these press photographers.
{60147}{60211}One of the curses|of the 20th century, I'm afraid.
{60327}{60367}I'm sorry gentlemen,|that will have to be all.
{60372}{60433}I'm very sorry, that is the last now.
{60564}{60617}I hope you don't mind|the press photographers.
{60622}{60686}After all, a Royal TV star|is quite an attraction.
{60723}{60795}May I explain to Your Majesty|what we're trying to do?
{60801}{60875}A progressive school strives|to develop a child's individuality,
{60880}{60958}to give him full rein to express|his feelings and desires
{60972}{61045}on the theory that individuality|and genius are cognate.
{61088}{61154}We encourage these little people|to run their own affairs.
{61159}{61256}Some prefer the fine arts,|others the occupational crafts.
{61274}{61363}This young man wishes to present|you with a sample of his art.
{61392}{61442}Well! Very kind of you.
{61504}{61528}Pardon me!
{61539}{61575}Go to your room at once.
{61721}{61790}We believe the seeds of genius|are in all children.
{61795}{61892}We strive to develop their instincts,|encourage their impulses.
{61968}{62027}Here is an ambitious young sculptor.
{62043}{62100}- What's that you're making?|- Fig leaf.
{62136}{62191}Nothing interesting|about a fig leaf.
{62215}{62287}Open, frank, uninhibited.|That's what we encourage.
{62328}{62380}Telephone message for Mr Jaume.
{62385}{62443}- Did they give any name?|- Miss Ann Kay.
{62448}{62494}Might be about that check,|you'd better go see.
{62499}{62551}- Where is the telephone?|- This way, please.
{62556}{62610}Show His Excellency to my office.
{62702}{62735}This way, Your Majesty.
{62784}{62833}And here is our bakery.
{62903}{62935}Excuse me, Your Majesty.
{63913}{63995}And this young man specializes|in Viennese pastries.
{64010}{64067}This is some|of our little friend's handicraft.
{64075}{64155}These are exactly the same|as the ones he's been making.
{64166}{64224}- Would you like to taste one?|- Oh no, thank you.
{64341}{64398}And here, Your Majesty,|we have an infant phenomenon.
{64416}{64464}A remarkable child of ten.
{64489}{64566}He's quite a historian,|editor of our school magazine.
{64598}{64630}Very interesting.
{64640}{64707}This, Your Majesty,|is Rupert, our young editor.
{64712}{64749}How do you do, Rupert?
{64754}{64776}Sit down.
{64793}{64861}- What's that you're reading?|- Karl Marx.
{64876}{64907}Surely you're not a communist?
{64926}{64987}Do I have to be a communist|to read Karl Marx?
{65035}{65075}That's a valid answer.
{65097}{65138}Well, if you're not a communist,|what are you?
{65158}{65189}- Nothing.|- Nothing?
{65206}{65243}I dislike all forms of government.
{65258}{65294}But somebody must rule!
{65311}{65351}And I don't like the word "rule".
{65367}{65440}Well, if we don't like the word "rule",|let's call it "leadership".
{65452}{65507}Leadership in government|is political power
{65512}{65595}and political power is an official|form of antagonizing the people.
{65622}{65668}What magazine did you say he edits?
{65673}{65737}A commentary on current events.
{65744}{65780}Pardon me, Your Majesty.
{65785}{65876}But my dear young man,|politics are necessary.
{65881}{65943}Politics are rules imposed|upon the people.
{65948}{66003}But in this country rules|are not imposed,
{66008}{66049}they are the wish|of all free citizens.
{66054}{66107}Travel around a bit,|then you'll see how free they are.
{66112}{66146}You didn't let me finish.
{66151}{66198}They have every man|in a straightjacket
{66203}{66260}and without a passport|he can't move a toe.
{66284}{66382}In a free world they violate|the natural rights of every citizen.
{66404}{66466}They have become the weapons|of political despots.
{66471}{66556}If you don't think as they think|you're deprived of your passport.
{66579}{66631}To leave a country|is like breaking out of jail.
{66636}{66710}And to enter a country is like|going through the eye of a needle.
{66715}{66743}Am I free to travel?
{66748}{66778}Of course you're free to travel.
{66783}{66830}- Only with a passport!|- May I say something?
{66835}{66888}Only with a passport!
{66893}{66929}Do animals need passports?
{66959}{66984}Have you finished?
{66989}{67057}It's incongruous that|in this atomic age of speed
{67062}{67119}we are shut in and shut out|by passports.
{67124}{67162}If you'll shut up and|let somebody else talk!
{67167}{67225}- And free speech, does that exist?|- No, you've got it all.
{67230}{67262}And free enterprise?
{67267}{67299}We were talking of passports.
{67304}{67356}Today it's all monopoly.
{67361}{67392}All right, now will you...
{67404}{67478}Can I go into the automobile business|and compete?
{67483}{67510}If I can get in a word!
{67515}{67599}Not a chance! Can I go into|the grocery business and compete?
{67604}{67646}- Will you shut up?|- Not a chance!
{67660}{67723}Monopoly is the menace|of free enterprise.
{67728}{67781}As I look back 60 years ago...
{67786}{67820}Where were you 60 years ago?
{67825}{67895}He was a glint|in his great grandfather's eye!
{67914}{67964}Very well, now. Have you finished?
{67969}{68017}Now let me say something.
{68022}{68100}Let me tell you how wrong you are.|In the first place...
{68183}{68209}In the first place...
{68243}{68286}I've forgotten|what I wanted to say.
{68298}{68348}And the atomic bomb!
{68353}{68443}It's a crime that when the world|cries for atomic energy
{68454}{68487}you want to make atomic bombs.
{68530}{68569}I'm against atomic bombs!
{68574}{68643}You want to wipe out civilization,|destroy all life
{68648}{68673}on this planet!
{68678}{68744}You still think you're living|in the 19th century!
{68771}{68846}I lost my throne because|I didn't want atomic bombs!
{68858}{68926}You and your kind think atomic|bombs can solve your problems.
{68931}{68958}Listen, you little rat!
{68963}{69007}Today man has too much power.
{69012}{69100}The Roman Empire collapsed with|the assassination of Cesar - why?
{69105}{69149}Because of too much power.
{69154}{69233}Feudalism blew up with|the French revolution - why?
{69238}{69273}Because of too much power.
{69278}{69349}And today the whole world|will blow up - why?
{69354}{69397}Because of too much power.
{69416}{69448}The monopoly of power
{69453}{69502}is a menace to freedom.
{69516}{69598}It degrades and victimizes|every individual.
{69603}{69660}And where is the individual?
{69665}{69699}I don't know.
{69709}{69800}Lost in terror because|he is made to hate instead of love.
{69823}{69926}If civilization is to survive|we must combat power
{69931}{70024}until the dignity and peace|of man are restored.
{70059}{70097}What's the meaning of this?
{70280}{70319}- Any news?|- No, Sir.
{70344}{70394}Nothing from|the Atomic Commission?
{70399}{70487}Not a word. I wrote them again|last week but have had no reply.
{70527}{70591}No news. No social invitations.
{70605}{70653}- I believe it's a boycott.|- Why?
{70658}{70707}It could be something you said.
{70712}{70802}Your interview with the press|was rather political.
{70824}{70870}You mentioned your atomic plans
{70875}{70934}would revolutionize modern life|and bring about a utopia.
{70939}{70966}What's wrong with that?
{70971}{71035}Well, at the moment, everyone's|in such a state of hysteria
{71040}{71093}that such talk as utopia|terrifies them.
{71098}{71130}I never heard such nonsense.
{71206}{71234}What's that?
{71293}{71353}Might be news|from the Atomic Commission!
{71358}{71451}No, it's the hotel bill. I know the|envelope, they've sent it 5 times.
{71458}{71487}How much do we owe them?
{71534}{71563}Isn't that exorbitant?
{71568}{71603}Well, we've been here 6 weeks.
{71608}{71667}It also includes $3,000|you've had in cash.
{71672}{71702}How much have we left?
{71713}{71746}Not a penny, Sir.
{71762}{71812}Too bad we didn't accept|those TV offers.
{71817}{71850}I think we should move|to a cheaper hotel.
{71855}{71895}No, it's quite comfortable here.
{71900}{71953}But the atmosphere's|becoming frigid.
{71958}{71997}Even the waiters are getting rude.
{72002}{72038}I've been trying to get one|for 10 minutes.
{72179}{72216}Would you like some lunch, Sir?
{72221}{72288}Something simple.|Caviar, toast and onions.
{72322}{72411}Yes, a large tin of it,|and chop the onions very fine.
{72416}{72454}Same for you, Jaume?
{72462}{72545}Thank you, Your Majesty,|I'll take a ham sandwich and a beer.
{72575}{72628}And some vodka, on ice!
{72694}{72723}Your Majesty!
{72764}{72801}What's the meaning of this?
{72815}{72840}Pardon me, Sir.
{72845}{72888}Your Majesty,|I've just got to talk to you.
{72893}{72975}Please, listen first and if you|don't like it, throw me out.
{73092}{73142}Your Majesty,|I never take no for an answer.
{73147}{73254}I have a check for $50,000|from the Royal Crown Whiskey Co.
{73259}{73324}I know you don't need the dough...
{73359}{73391}Be seated, Miss Kay.
{73462}{73489}Thank you, Sir.
{73639}{73666}Thank you, Sir.
{73695}{73736}Your Majesty,|here's the proposition.
{73741}{73806}You're on television, seated|in a beautiful baronial hall.
{73811}{73878}A butler pours you a glass|of Royal Crown Whiskey,
{73883}{73954}and with your natural majestic charm|you say a few words and drink.
{73959}{74002}I'm to advertise whiskey?
{74017}{74092}I know it's beneath your dignity,|but there's $50,000 in there.
{74097}{74136}If you don't want the money|you can give it to charity.
{74148}{74202}That's a peach of an idea,|that charity angle!
{74207}{74253}We'll advertise it in all the papers.
{74258}{74363}I don't think it becomes His Majesty|to advertise his charitable donations.
{74368}{74416}Personally|I think it's most distasteful.
{74421}{74463}OK King, you're the doctor!
{74471}{74519}About the payment, when do we...
{74524}{74577}On signing the contract.
{74583}{74624}Jaume, attend to that matter at once.
{74642}{74687}Then it's a deal? Great!
{74692}{74728}Take him to the studios,|get him mugged.
{74733}{74772}We want pictures. Lots of dignity.
{74777}{74831}Say, you haven't got|your crown with you?
{74836}{74896}Under no circumstances|will I wear my crown.
{74901}{74942}OK King, you're the doctor!
{75107}{75142}Herbert, a little to the right.
{75211}{75312}May I suggest holding your glass|to one side? It's hiding your face.
{75342}{75379}There's a shadow.
{75465}{75507}Now one without the glass.
{75526}{75597}Herbert, bring up|a dozen colored plates.
{76010}{76055}You're really photogenic.
{76069}{76108}You still want to beguile me?
{76113}{76141}But I mean it.
{76151}{76176}You fooled me once.
{76187}{76234}And you've never forgiven me?
{76265}{76337}You're nothing but a delusion|and a snare.
{76364}{76398}I'm not really.
{76460}{76492}This is my revenge!
{76586}{76653}Do you want the large...|Oh, excuse me!
{76682}{76720}Yes, Herbert, what is it?
{76747}{76814}Do you want the large colored plates|or the three-quarters?
{76845}{76874}The large ones.
{76879}{76973}No, you'd better stay here!|Go ahead, get the large size.
{77033}{77062}He's gone?
{77203}{77274}I want you to look handsome, honey.|Good luck.
{77401}{77430}He's ready!
{77435}{77484}All right,|let's have one more rehearsal.
{77589}{77653}Now remember King,|give it that majestic stuff.
{77658}{77704}- You ready, butler?|- Go ahead!
{77737}{77781}Your Royal Crown Whiskey, Sir.
{77786}{77851}Thank you, Melrose. Royal Crown|Whiskey I always enjoy.
{77856}{77935}I know it, Sir. Your Gracious|Majesty is never without it.
{77943}{78012}- I don't like that last line.|- Right, it might get a laugh.
{78017}{78044}Cut that last line.
{78049}{78077}From your line please, King.
{78094}{78173}Thank you, Melrose. Royal Crown|Whiskey I always enjoy.
{78178}{78219}I know it, Sir.
{78289}{78319}That too can get a laugh.
{78324}{78410}Don't emphasize it, say it lightly:|"I know it, Sir".
{78440}{78525}Thank you, Melrose. Royal Crown|Whiskey I always enjoy.
{78540}{78573}I know it, Sir.
{78637}{78701}Cut it out entirely. Just nod.
{78822}{78857}Your health, Melrose!
{78974}{79058}What a flavor!|So strong, yet so mild.
{79063}{79140}So caressing|as it slips down the throat.
{79145}{79289}Then comes that warm afterglow|that energizes and exudes goodwill.
{79294}{79387}That's why I like|Royal Crown Whiskey.
{79393}{79430}- How's that?|- Great.
{79456}{79518}Give me the real whiskey.|Now quiet, everybody.
{79523}{79563}Wait for the red light, King!
{79781}{79835}Your Royal Crown Whiskey, Sir.
{79842}{79932}Thank you, Melrose. Royal Crown|Whiskey I always enjoy.
{80006}{80056}- Your health, Melrose.|- Thank you, Sir.
{80230}{80260}Say, what the...?
{80276}{80330}Cut it! Kill it! Cut it!
{80377}{80420}Went down the wrong hole!
{80490}{80536}What a fiasco!
{80581}{80636}- What started the coughing?|- The whiskey.
{80643}{80699}Never tasted such beastly stuff|in my life.
{80704}{80765}In a civilized country|we drink wine.
{80770}{80818}And that abusive Johnson man!
{80823}{80891}While I'm choking to death,|threatens to sue me!
{80898}{80978}Oh well, there's one consolation.|We've got their $50,000.
{80984}{81021}You've cashed the check, I hope?
{81120}{81186}- It's the Kay woman again.|- Have her come up.
{81191}{81242}Will you send Miss Kay up, please?
{81249}{81295}Wonder what she wants?|The money back, I suppose.
{81300}{81352}Oh no, this girl's rather decent.
{81357}{81393}They're all decent|until money's involved.
{81398}{81433}Not in this case.
{81445}{81491}This girl's trying to help.
{81496}{81537}What's her interest in you?
{81556}{81595}I'd rather not discuss it.
{81608}{81687}You might be shocked,|or agreeably surprised.
{81817}{81855}We're in!
{81860}{81895}We got 'em rolling!
{81900}{81958}Shell Oil, Imperial Tobacco,|Lipton's Tea!
{81963}{82010}They're all hot.|You can write your own ticket!
{82015}{82050}I don't understand.
{82055}{82138}Neither does anyone,|but it's a smash hit!
{82143}{82175}Everyone's talking about it.
{82180}{82207}Talking about what?
{82212}{82282}The broadcast!|It's the biggest laugh on television.
{82287}{82326}They all figured it was deliberate.
{82331}{82395}The sponsor thinks it's|the most original idea he's ever had.
{82403}{82452}They're going to give it|another nationwide hook-up!
{82502}{82577}That means you can get|another $20,000 extra!
{82588}{82660}It's all very bewildering.|I don't understand it.
{83152}{83179}What's wrong?
{83184}{83267}If you're to advertise hormones,|you have to look young.
{83274}{83321}I think we'd better advertise|something else.
{83326}{83413}Of course not, this is a very|important contract. Smile.
{83456}{83480}No, don't do that.
{83508}{83536}The chin up.
{83556}{83610}I know.|All this flabby business here.
{83667}{83734}What plastic surgery|could do for you!
{83770}{83843}All that flabby business|could be eliminated.
{83848}{83904}- Including the wattles.|- Wattles?
{83911}{83941}The baggy...
{83979}{84014}Under the eyes.
{84046}{84085}You just don't like me, do you?
{84090}{84187}Nonsense! A little lift here and|there and you'd look quite young.
{84198}{84227}For instance,
{84233}{84300}all this can be pulled back|and eliminated.
{84315}{84339}Same with the nose.
{84361}{84413}I don't think|I want my nose eliminated.
{84418}{84474}No silly, but it could be improved.
{84487}{84525}It should be raised a little.
{84530}{84557}My nose?
{84562}{84631}You'd be surprised the youthful|effect it'll give you.
{84645}{84677}Go like this.
{84745}{84780}Don't be silly!
{84795}{84829}Don't be shy!
{84921}{85002}Pull it back. All back, tight!
{85028}{85065}How young you look!
{85070}{85117}Yes, but I'm strangling to death.
{85122}{85164}But what a difference!
{85182}{85228}Of course it accentuates|the small chin,
{85233}{85291}but that can be built up|with paraffin.
{85296}{85319}How horrible.
{85327}{85363}If you don't like paraffin,
{85368}{85436}you can have skin grafted|from another part of your body.
{85441}{85482}Don't let's go into that.
{85513}{85587}But you've got to look attractive|for television.
{85594}{85633}So you don't think I'm attractive?
{85638}{85663}I think you're beautiful.
{85684}{85714}Now to business.
{85719}{85769}Now let's have a real big smile.
{85804}{85849}No, no. That's too much.
{85854}{85892}Show's the receding gums.
{85906}{85941}But that too can be fixed.
{85946}{85991}From another part of my body,|I suppose.
{85996}{86037}Well, you'd be surprised.
{86058}{86094}I'd rather not think about it.
{86122}{86163}Gee, I've got an idea.
{86168}{86231}The before and after effect|of taking hormones.
{86236}{86287}We'll take a picture now|with everything sagging,
{86293}{86356}and then another one|when you've had your face lifted.
{86361}{86446}I promise you I can get you|another $100,000 extra.
{86458}{86489}I'll have to think it over.
{86644}{86683}No, Sir. Not a stitch showing.
{86688}{86724}Good! Just like a barber's shop.
{86729}{86762}Now can I take a look?
{86768}{86839}Today you can present|yourself to everybody.
{86889}{86921}Good heavens! What's that?
{86926}{86989}It's a shock at first,|but you'll get used to it.
{87004}{87033}Not that face, never!
{87042}{87074}You don't like it?
{87091}{87124}What have you done to my nose?
{87129}{87188}It's all there, Sir.|We've just raised it slightly.
{87193}{87256}- But the lip?|- I think it's cute.
{87279}{87308}You like it?
{87313}{87348}You look 20 years younger.
{87364}{87429}For a while you must be careful|not to stretch anything.
{87441}{87468}There's no fear of that.
{87473}{87528}At least until everything's healed.
{87547}{87624}- But the profile!|- It's very collegiate.
{88088}{88109}Who is it?
{88114}{88149}It's me, Ann.
{88271}{88316}- Heavens alive!|- What is it?
{88340}{88377}Your face!|What have they done to it?
{88382}{88405}You don't like it?
{88410}{88461}The lip!|They've shortened it too much.
{88466}{88502}This is a fine time to tell me.
{88507}{88570}But you can't appear|on television like that!
{88583}{88649}I knew it! They've taken off|too much of my lip.
{88654}{88708}Don't get excited.|They can put back your lip.
{88713}{88756}From another part|of my body, I suppose?
{88761}{88820}No, it can be lowered|by letting a pleat out.
{88825}{88857}Do you think my face is a skirt?
{89043}{89072}That isn't smiling.
{89087}{89133}I have to be careful|not to stretch anything.
{89148}{89188}You don't have to be that careful.
{89201}{89255}Yes I do.|It's all tucked up behind the ears.
{89274}{89334}That shouldn't bother you.|Laugh!
{89455}{89512}My dear, that isn't laughing.|Laugh naturally.
{89526}{89559}I'm laughing naturally.
{89642}{89696}But that isn't natural,|what you're doing.
{89712}{89744}Now you're making me|self-conscious.
{89770}{89814}Laugh freely. Don't be afraid.
{89827}{89861}I'm not afraid.
{89900}{89952}Besides there's very little|to laugh at.
{89972}{90019}In fact,|there's nothing to laugh at.
{90241}{90286}Good evening, Miss Kay.
{90393}{90431}The man's a complete ass.
{90436}{90470}Frankly, I'm beginning to like it.
{90475}{90536}Sorry, Sir.|It was the first shock at seeing you.
{90541}{90572}Evidently you don't like it.
{90577}{90627}- I suppose I'll get used to it.|- Well, I won't.
{90639}{90668}It's all very depressing.
{90673}{90757}Don't be depressed. We'll go out|tonight, that'll cheer you up.
{90762}{90791}Nothing will cheer me up.
{90811}{90889}Now that it's ended
{90894}{90985}The romance is over
{91017}{91103}The passion is gone
{91120}{91177}Like the wind
{91182}{91231}And the rain
{91267}{91324}Gone are the joys
{91329}{91405}Of our madness
{91476}{91545}But the sadness
{91590}{91648}Goes on and on
{92251}{92390}Like an old-fashioned song
{92441}{92528}When I dream...
{92557}{92598}My lips won't meet.
{92603}{92652}I can't even drink through a straw.
{92674}{92722}Don't worry, you'll get used to it.
{92727}{92807}I can't pronounce my P's or my M's.
{92839}{92869}It's terrible.
{92927}{92961}I'm so depressed.
{92973}{93028}Stop thinking about yourself!
{93033}{93102}There are two comedians on next.|They're very funny.
{93118}{93161}I'm in no mood for anything funny.
{93170}{93222}A laugh will do you good.
{93238}{93308}The doctor said I'm not to laugh.|I might split something.
{96876}{96900}What's wrong?
{96917}{96946}I've come undone!
{96961}{97010}- What?|- It's all slipped.
{97016}{97072}- Let me have a look!|- No, no. Never!
{97275}{97318}No, Sir. Not a scar.
{97323}{97390}Good. It's all my own original face.
{97395}{97427}Every bit of it, Sir.
{97503}{97549}This isn't from another part|of my body, I hope?
{97554}{97582}No, Sir.
{97591}{97637}I even like my wattles.
{97670}{97728}- What do you think?|- Frankly, I liked the other face.
{97744}{97770}Well, I don't.
{97775}{97809}To me, it was more youthful.
{97814}{97839}What do you think?
{97844}{97899}Cute. You look 10 years younger.
{97943}{97968}Thank you.
{97986}{98036}- Send the bill to the hotel.|- I'll do that, Sir.
{98083}{98122}- My overcoat.|- It'll be in the waiting room, Sir.
{98127}{98160}This way, Sir.
{98893}{98923}Hi, King!
{98978}{99012}Don't you remember me?
{99035}{99105}I do, the most obnoxious brat|I've ever met.
{99134}{99208}That's too bad, but I don't feel|that way about you.
{99234}{99261}Oh, you don't?
{99283}{99369}We might have argued, but I thought|our talk was stimulating.
{99374}{99423}What are you doing out|in this weather?
{99436}{99479}Taking a vacation.
{99503}{99531}You look it.
{99545}{99580}Why aren't you at school?
{99598}{99625}I've graduated.
{99649}{99740}Why, you're shivering and blue!|Your clothes are sopping wet.
{99753}{99787}Don't worry, I'm OK.
{99792}{99831}You'd better come along with me.
{99836}{99874}You won't give me over to the cops?
{99889}{99936}- Of course not.|- You promise?
{99944}{100000}Come along before|you catch your death of cold.
{100106}{100154}This way, boy. This way.
{100165}{100245}First thing is to take off your wet|clothes and get into a hot bath
{100250}{100287}before you catch pneumonia.
{100292}{100338}Come on, straight forward here.
{100343}{100393}Right on through.|Into the bathroom.
{100436}{100457}This way.
{100490}{100548}Sit down and get your clothes off.
{100612}{100668}Are you hungry?|Good.
{100709}{100766}Jaume, order some hot soup|and chicken sandwiches.
{100771}{100807}For one?
{100852}{100889}Room service, please.
{100914}{100991}We'd like some hot soup|and chicken sandwiches for one.
{100998}{101029}Yes, thank you.
{101055}{101089}But Your Majesty,|I don't understand.
{101094}{101182}This is the brat I told you about.|Obnoxious, offensive, but a genius.
{101187}{101231}I still don't know|what it's all about.
{101236}{101286}Neither do I,|but I intend to find out.
{101342}{101378}Stop dallying, young man!
{101386}{101450}When you're through taking a bath,|put on these things.
{101465}{101525}That's the idea.|Hurry up, get in there.
{101646}{101706}Now, are you warm?
{101719}{101755}Just peachy.
{101781}{101862}Now young man, I want the truth.|How is it you're in this condition?
{101875}{101934}- I ran away from school.|- Why?
{101956}{101986}They want to question me.
{102002}{102046}- What about?|- My folks.
{102056}{102085}What have they done?
{102090}{102150}Nothing but maintain|their constitutional rights,
{102155}{102220}as any red-blooded American|would do.
{102225}{102257}Enough, enough.
{102265}{102343}The moment you put him|in a hot bath, he gets red-blooded.
{102361}{102410}Your Majesty, may I have|a word with you alone?
{102456}{102541}Hurry up out of that bath, put on|these things and come into the room.
{102704}{102755}What are you going|to do with this boy?
{102760}{102796}Let him stay here|till his clothes dry.
{102801}{102883}You have a broadcast in 20 minutes.|You cannot leave him alone here!
{102918}{102955}He's run away from school.
{102960}{103031}His parents are in trouble.|It's quite obvious what they are!
{103037}{103078}- Communists?|- Precisely.
{103083}{103099}So what?
{103104}{103168}But you cannot afford to be|involved in such a situation.
{103173}{103260}Should the boy freeze to death just|because his parents are communists?
{103292}{103318}What if they are communists?
{103323}{103391}Are we to send him into the street|in wet clothes?
{103396}{103430}At least we can wait|till they're dry.
{103444}{103488}Jaume, what are you looking for?
{103533}{103572}You've been here too long.
{103577}{103628}Next thing you'll be saying|the boy's a communist.
{103633}{103683}You can't be too sure of anyone.
{103817}{103863}Gee, these are swell!
{103868}{103905}Sit in that chair, boy.
{103933}{103974}Food will be here in a moment.
{104040}{104135}Now...|Tell me, are you a communist?
{104151}{104182}Yes Sir, I am.
{104196}{104253}I thought you disliked|all forms of government?
{104258}{104358}I do, but I'm so sick and tired of|people asking me if I'm this or that.
{104363}{104432}So then if it pleases everybody,|I'm a communist.
{104691}{104754}Boy, bring that chair up to the table.
{104770}{104818}Hot soup|and chicken sandwiches, Sir.
{104827}{104863}Sign the check, Jaume.
{105134}{105185}Is His Majesty King Shahdov there?
{105190}{105220}No, he's gone out.
{105226}{105270}Have you any idea|when he will return?
{105275}{105335}He left an hour ago.|He should be back any moment.
{105340}{105386}- Thank you.|- You're welcome.
{105580}{105621}Telegram for His Majesty!
{105781}{105826}There's a strange kid|in that apartment.
{105831}{105867}I've never seen him before.
{106036}{106068}Who are you, son?
{106090}{106128}Me? Who are you?
{106140}{106194}I'm the house detective.|What are you doing here?
{106271}{106303}Waiting for who?
{106331}{106356}My uncle.
{106391}{106423}Your uncle?
{106454}{106532}Hi, Uncle.|This is the house detective.
{106568}{106593}Pardon me, Sir.
{106598}{106662}I didn't realize he was your nephew.|Just checking up.
{106667}{106694}Quite so.
{106791}{106834}Well, Your Highness?
{106898}{106925}I'm sorry, Sir.
{106938}{106969}Explain yourself!
{106993}{107063}Well, he came in and wanted to know|what I was doing
{107068}{107122}and when he said he was a cop,|I got scared.
{107127}{107215}So I said I was waiting for my uncle|and then you came in.
{107250}{107286}Why pick on me for your uncle?
{107291}{107332}You were the only one around.
{107365}{107391}Thank you.
{107464}{107565}The weather seems to be clearing up,|so our friend can be on his way.
{107573}{107635}- Meet Prince Rupert.|- What?
{107648}{107694}Been telling the house detective|I'm his uncle.
{107699}{107742}I knew something|like this would happen.
{107750}{107787}I'm sorry. I'll go.
{107792}{107838}Don't be foolish,|your clothes are still wet.
{107843}{107903}Jaume, you'd better buy him|some new ones.
{108102}{108146}Three gentlemen from where?
{108161}{108201}The Atomic Commission?
{108257}{108286}I can't hear.
{108303}{108357}They're leaving Washington today?
{108365}{108402}They're on their way!
{108525}{108555}We're cut off.
{108592}{108658}They said they're leaving today|or they're on their way.
{108663}{108696}It was a bad connection.
{108701}{108753}If they're on their way|we'd better get the plans.
{108758}{108835}Right, it requires both our signatures.|Oh, the boy!
{108842}{108871}We'll discuss that.
{108914}{108949}We'll get him some clothes.
{108954}{108987}Then we'll be rid of him?
{108992}{109057}Of course. He'll be gone hours|before they get here.
{109412}{109487}I'm sure His Majesty's in.|He was a moment ago.
{109642}{109722}This way gentlemen, please.|Kindly be seated.
{109885}{109937}Good afternoon. Is His Majesty in?
{109942}{109972}He just left.
{109988}{110055}I believe I'm addressing|the King's nephew, am I not?
{110136}{110221}I thought so.|That's what I just heard.
{110230}{110303}The King's nephew. Well, indeed!
{110308}{110358}This is an unexpected pleasure.
{110390}{110450}Have you any idea, Sir,|when His Majesty will return?
{110455}{110523}He said he was going to the bank|to get some plans.
{110528}{110561}Then we'll wait.
{110570}{110641}I'll leave you gentlemen|with His Royal Highness.
{110758}{110789}Your Highness,
{110794}{110850}is this your first visit|to our country?
{110855}{110933}Oh no, I've been here a long time.|Practically all my life.
{110941}{110973}Is that so?
{110983}{111043}Sounds like a real American boy,|don't he?
{111048}{111077}He sure does.
{111086}{111111}Do you go to school here?
{111132}{111164}Yeah, in Brooklyn.
{111179}{111273}Brooklyn! So your daddy wants you|to have an American education?
{111293}{111325}Well, you see,
{111340}{111394}my father don't believe|in this King business,
{111399}{111461}so he changed his name|and came to live in Brooklyn.
{111466}{111509}That's where he met my mother.
{111518}{111558}She didn't know he was a Prince.
{111563}{111621}She just thought he was|an ordinary emigrant,
{111626}{111680}but she loved him,|so she married him.
{111685}{111734}That's how I was born.
{111744}{111790}That's how the King|became my uncle.
{111795}{111862}But my uncle don't speak to my|father because they always quarrel.
{111892}{111930}One time|they were going to fight a duel.
{111959}{112007}That's why my father|came to America,
{112012}{112065}to give air and sunlight|to his thoughts.
{112070}{112156}The land of the free and the home|of the brave was his inspiration.
{112164}{112211}But today that freedom|is threatened.
{112216}{112297}Committees are searching men's|minds, controlling their thoughts.
{112303}{112391}And those who have the courage|to stand up are boycotted,
{112396}{112444}lose their jobs|and are left to starve.
{112450}{112476}Say, what the...?
{112481}{112521}They are condemned without trial.
{112526}{112550}Look here, young man!
{112556}{112645}Such procedure debases|the legality of our courts,
{112650}{112731}which says that no state|may deprive any person of life,
{112736}{112817}liberty, freedom of speech,|without due process of law!
{112849}{112890}This will about fit him.
{112903}{112944}Put this with the other things.
{112949}{112972}Rather fun.
{112977}{113066}We don't want the Commission|to arrive while that boy's there.
{113113}{113146}Hurry up, please!
{113170}{113212}- Scandalous!|- Outrageous!
{113217}{113277}These investigations, Sir,|are necessary
{113282}{113325}when our security is threatened.
{113330}{113386}With the hydrogen bomb|you have no security.
{113395}{113443}Why, that's communist talk!
{113448}{113535}Only with world cooperation|and understanding are we secure.
{113540}{113622}If you were older, Sir,|I'd report you to the authorities.
{113635}{113674}All right, report me!
{113679}{113774}Make me give names! Make|a sniveling stool pigeon out of me!
{113779}{113834}Brainwash me! But you can't.
{113839}{113916}They couldn't brainwash the signers|of the Declaration of Independence!
{113921}{113987}And you can't brainwash me.
{113996}{114038}Nobody wants to brainwash you.
{114141}{114168}Excuse me, gentlemen.
{114173}{114229}- I can't take it!|- You'll take it all right.
{114234}{114313}These bigoted bombastic people|look as if they're going to explode!
{114318}{114418}I'm sorry, gentlemen,|for this unfortunate occurrence.
{114506}{114535}Fits well.
{114552}{114629}Tell me,|whatever started the argument?
{114634}{114711}I don't know.|I just get going and I can't stop.
{114787}{114820}You think too much.
{114825}{114858}I can't help it.
{114863}{114890}You should play more.
{114895}{114924}Who can I play with?
{114943}{114991}Haven't you any friends your age?
{114996}{115029}They bore me.
{115087}{115147}All they think about|is Superman, cowboys.
{115163}{115234}- What's the matter with that?|- I hate Superman.
{115282}{115330}You hate a lot of things, don't you?
{115341}{115372}I don't hate you.
{115386}{115443}Nevertheless,|you must return to your school.
{115452}{115537}You can't stay here.|Especially as Prince Rupert.
{115548}{115597}I had to tell those gentlemen|the truth.
{115602}{115632}You didn't tell them my name.
{115649}{115677}I don't know your name.
{115682}{115718}Yes you do, Rupert.
{115725}{115763}- Rupert what?|- Macabee.
{115782}{115842}Macabee! A Scot!
{115859}{115909}No wonder you're a non-conformist.
{115959}{116007}- Is that your move?|- There's no other move.
{116012}{116035}Very well.
{116090}{116130}Set them up. We'll play again.
{116167}{116197}Where's Mr. Jaume?
{116202}{116255}He went down to the bank|with the plans.
{116273}{116310}Were the gentlemen interested?
{116328}{116387}They say they have|similar plans of their own.
{116445}{116528}This is another televised|recording of the investigation
{116533}{116590}of the Congressional Committee|on Un-American Activities
{116595}{116666}going on in the Federal Building|downtown New York City.
{116686}{116786}They'll expose communism in all|branches of American institutions.
{116796}{116835}The Committee has already|questioned scientists,
{116840}{116880}educators, churchmen,|writers and actors.
{116904}{116969}But first a glimpse|of the humorous side.
{117010}{117064}The investigators indulge|in a Hollywood touch,
{117069}{117135}to make themselves photogenic|before appearing on television.
{117142}{117181}And now for a more serious aspect.
{117186}{117238}The actual investigation|in progress.
{117243}{117275}The chairman|is questioning a witness.
{117289}{117324}Raise your right hand.
{117329}{117374}Do you swear to tell the truth?
{117379}{117401}I do.
{117406}{117444}- State your name.|- James Durkin.
{117449}{117490}- Profession?|- School teacher.
{117503}{117563}Mr Durkin, were you ever|a member of the Communist Party?
{117580}{117696}I was, Sir. I joined the Communist|Party in 1940, resigned in 1950.
{117706}{117796}In 1940 did you meet Mr and Mrs|Macabee, school teachers?
{117806}{117832}I did, Sir.
{117837}{117896}Mr and Mrs Macabee, stand up.
{117972}{118009}Take a look at this man and woman.
{118046}{118119}Are they the same Macabees|that you met in 1940?
{118130}{118155}They are, Sir.
{118180}{118211}To the best of your recollection,
{118216}{118283}were they at that time members|of the Communist Party?
{118318}{118345}They were, Sir.
{118350}{118393}That's all, Mr Durkin.
{118403}{118463}Mr Macabee will now|take the witness stand.
{118479}{118556}On the witness stand, Macabee|admitted he had been a communist,
{118561}{118618}but had resigned 5 years ago.
{118623}{118685}When asked to give information|about other party members,
{118690}{118739}Macabee refused to answer.
{118752}{118842}Mr Macabee, if you don't answer|you'll be charged with contempt.
{118861}{118919}I will answer any questions|concerning myself,
{118932}{118985}but it is against my conscience|to give names
{118990}{119040}or to inform on other people.
{119077}{119153}This Committee cites witness for|contempt of Congress. Remove him.
{119160}{119273}I charge this committee with|fomenting a cold civil war of hate...
{119290}{119350}James Macabee|now faces contempt charges.
{119355}{119452}If convicted he'll receive a minimum|sentence of 1 year per charge.
{119460}{119544}KXPA now returns you to popular|music from the hit parade.
{120047}{120081}There there, Rupert.
{120093}{120134}Here, take this.
{120159}{120197}What shall I do?
{120202}{120260}Staying away from school|won't help now.
{120287}{120338}Supposing I take you back in my car?
{120343}{120389}Then tomorrow I'll come visit you.
{120396}{120457}- You promise?|- I promise.
{120663}{120719}My name's Ulrich, Sir.|United States Marshal.
{120724}{120748}What can I do for you?
{120753}{120793}I'm looking|for Rupert Macabee, Sir.
{120806}{120846}- Come in.|- Thank you, Sir.
{120880}{120919}So there you are!
{120928}{120963}What is it, Marshal?
{120970}{121062}He's just missing from school|and I've come to take him back.
{121067}{121128}Supposing I save you the trouble|and take him back myself?
{121133}{121203}I'd like to oblige, Sir,|but we have our orders.
{121218}{121268}- Would you like me to come along?|- I'll be OK, Sir.
{121273}{121336}Sure he will,|we're not going to eat him.
{121364}{121397}Remember what you promised?
{121402}{121462}I do. I'll be along tomorrow.
{121472}{121512}All right son, let's go.
{121547}{121624}Just a minute!|Here's the rest of your apparel.
{121702}{121762}- Here's your overcoat.|- I'll take the rest, Sir.
{121767}{121811}Thank you. There.
{121819}{121846}Thank you, Sir.
{121865}{121894}All right, son.
{121935}{121985}Thanks. For everything.
{122389}{122431}What's the line up for the news?
{122436}{122502}Mr and Mrs Macabee have just been|cited for contempt of congress.
{122507}{122546}Who cares about schoolteachers?
{122551}{122621}And their 10 year-old son|has just been found.
{122632}{122670}That won't set the world|on fire either.
{122675}{122742}He was picked up|in King Shahdov's suite at the Ritz.
{122766}{122843}Wait a minute!|Yeah, we got something there!
{122961}{122999}Will that be all, Sir?
{123010}{123048}- Some hot water.|- Sorry, Sir.
{123188}{123241}I have a strange feeling|I'm being followed.
{123246}{123273}It's your imagination.
{123278}{123329}I hope so. Where's the boy?
{123334}{123359}He's gone.
{123399}{123442}A U.S. Marshal called for him.
{123447}{123477}- Here?|- Yes, here.
{123482}{123519}Sit down and have some tea.
{123524}{123601}Dear, dear.|I wish this hadn't happened.
{123606}{123657}- Why?|- To be arrested here!
{123662}{123702}He wasn't arrested.
{123713}{123762}The newspapers|will make an ugly story of it.
{123767}{123797}What do they know?
{123802}{123861}They know everything.|They may be listening now.
{123896}{123952}You're being slightly hysterical.
{124245}{124328}There, you see!|I've made a complete ass of myself.
{124333}{124361}I'm sorry.
{124366}{124394}I'm not an alarmist,
{124399}{124462}but if the newspapers|find out that boy was here...
{124467}{124521}- What time is it?|- 5 o'clock.
{124530}{124585}Turn on the radio.|We're just in time for the news.
{124788}{124863}Good afternoon, Mr and Mrs|America and all the ships at sea.
{124868}{124934}Rupert Macabee,|son of the schoolteachers
{124939}{125014}charged with contempt of congress,|was picked up at the Ritz
{125019}{125070}where he's been hiding|since his disappearance.
{125075}{125128}Sensational developments|since the boy's arrest
{125133}{125203}involve a dethroned monarch|said to be paid by communists.
{125208}{125326}Latest developments uncovered|an international atomic spy ring.
{125333}{125395}This reporter, in cooperation|with our secret agents,
{125400}{125494}are following clues to bring these|foreign conspirators to justice.
{125551}{125591}Turn it off! Turn it off!
{125607}{125666}The whole thing|is too silly for words.
{125685}{125731}Royal Communist!
{125745}{125802}The expression|is a reductio ad absurdam.
{125906}{125976}Jaume, you're nervous.|Let me do that.
{126008}{126038}Of course you are.
{126043}{126076}You don't know what you're doing.
{126131}{126179}- Sugar?|- T... t... two.
{126209}{126255}- You're stuttering.|- M... m... me?
{126364}{126402}Hot water, Sir.
{126444}{126471}Come in!
{126587}{126631}We'd better call up Green,|the lawyer.
{126707}{126765}Plaza?|72038 please.
{127101}{127179}Is that A.P. Green's law office?|Mr Green?
{127195}{127264}Just a moment please.|His Majesty wants to speak to you.
{127273}{127314}Mr Green on the phone.
{127332}{127369}There's a man outside.
{127488}{127523}This is King Shahdov.
{127570}{127603}Don't say too much over the phone.
{127608}{127633}Then you've heard the news?
{127638}{127677}Yes. You'd better come right away.
{127682}{127699}I see.
{127712}{127767}Be careful not to be served|with any papers.
{127785}{127843}I don't want you subpoenaed|until you've seen me.
{127908}{127958}- We must leave right away.|- Very well.
{127963}{127998}- Is the coast clear?|- He's still there.
{128003}{128038}I might try the fire escape.
{128043}{128074}I have an idea.
{128083}{128145}You wear my hat|and I'll wear yours.
{128150}{128235}He'll follow me and that will|give you a chance to get away.
{128240}{128290}Now wait a moment.|I'm all confused. Who am I?
{128295}{128337}You're me and I'm you.|We just exchange hats.
{128342}{128377}Ah, very good! Here.
{128445}{128481}Do I look like that?
{128506}{128557}- Who is it?|- It's me, Ann.
{128562}{128586}Open the door.
{128682}{128726}Did you hear that broadcast?
{128731}{128774}Yes, we're on our way|to see a lawyer.
{128779}{128828}That makes my American blood boil!
{128833}{128892}There's a man outside waiting|to subpoena me.
{128902}{128962}Don't worry about that.|I'll take care of him.
{128967}{129049}I'll go out first, hold him in|conversation, then you can get away.
{129054}{129090}Good! Go ahead!
{129289}{129341}Well, if it isn't Harry!
{129346}{129378}- My name's not Harry.|- What is it?
{129383}{129442}- Irving.|- Of course, Irving!
{129464}{129498}Well, how are you?
{129528}{129559}I don't know you.
{129564}{129621}Don't be silly.|Take off your glasses.
{130436}{130467}Stop, just a minute!
{130472}{130536}Can I have your autograph, please?
{130612}{130636}All right.
{130690}{130747}Come on out. Hurry up, please.
{130983}{131048}One at a time, please.|All right, all right.
{131104}{131146}Your Majesty, King Shahdov?
{131176}{131231}All right. There you are.
{131236}{131280}That's OK, you can keep that.
{131568}{131635}Don't be afraid son.|There's nothing to fear.
{131643}{131706}We're here to ask you|to help your parents.
{131723}{131792}All we want is the names|of some of their friends.
{131801}{131843}If you give us this information,
{131848}{131905}we'll do all we can|to help your parents.
{131967}{132045}Your Majesty, first and foremost,
{132050}{132117}you must stand on your rights|and demand immunity
{132122}{132174}on the ground|of your Royal Prerogative.
{132179}{132205}Immunity from what?
{132210}{132261}That I don't know,|but I intend to find out.
{132266}{132313}But if they put|the $64 question to you,
{132318}{132370}as to if you are,|or ever have been a communist,
{132375}{132425}then again you must stand|on your Royal Prerogative.
{132430}{132463}But that question is absurd.
{132468}{132520}There are many things|absurd these days...
{132559}{132639}We mustn't be late,|or they'll hold us for contempt.
{132645}{132696}Please Your Majesty, we must hurry!
{132860}{132890}This is the express.
{132988}{133038}Wait! I forgot my briefcase.|You go ahead.
{133043}{133105}I'll follow in a taxi.|You mustn't be late!
{134960}{135025}Watch your step.|Move to the back of the car please.
{135566}{135605}Main floor. Everybody out.
{135764}{135801}I'm in a bit of a fix here.
{135806}{135854}How'd you get mixed up|in the first place?
{135859}{135887}It's my business.
{135911}{135971}You're not supposed|to play with the fire hose!
{135976}{136046}I'll try to get you loose.|Pick your foot up.
{136094}{136156}I guess we'll have to let|a little more down.
{136230}{136273}Put your head through here.
{136290}{136325}Now give me your arm.
{136340}{136409}Try and bring the arm|around this way.
{136414}{136441}No, my cane's in the way.
{136446}{136481}Wait, give me the cane.
{136520}{136555}What are you doing?
{136574}{136633}Look, you'll have to...|Give me the nozzle.
{136638}{136691}I can't give you the nozzle.|My finger's in it.
{136726}{136780}My dear man!
{136795}{136824}Give me your arm.
{136831}{136857}You can't do that!
{136886}{136956}You'd better figure it out.|I've got to run the elevator.
{137098}{137154}Goodbye brother. I've got to go.
{137234}{137262}What's happened?
{137272}{137317}It's too complicated to explain.
{137322}{137391}He put his finger in the nozzle|and can't take it out.
{137396}{137457}Good heavens! We're going|to be late. Can't you hurry?
{137462}{137492}Are you nuts?
{137500}{137525}Turn around.
{137535}{137562}Don't pull on that!
{137567}{137607}Here, let me loosen it.
{137641}{137681}Main floor. Everybody out.
{137686}{137744}I got it. Now pick your foot up.
{137749}{137806}Haven't you two solved|that problem yet?
{137825}{137874}You're going to have|to take another ride.
{137879}{137926}- Just a minute, please.|- I can't wait.
{137931}{137958}We'll take the hose with us.
{137963}{138024}You can't do that!|It belongs to the Fire Department.
{138029}{138078}What do you expect us to do?
{138083}{138127}- You can't do that!|- We'll bring it back.
{138240}{138289}- Where's your car?|- You said you'd bring yours!
{138294}{138342}I forgot. Taxi!
{138364}{138401}See how lucky we are?
{138406}{138478}Don't let 'em give you contempt,|whatever you do!
{138483}{138522}I don't want you to get contempt!
{139286}{139341}Igor Shahdov of Estrovia!
{139416}{139455}Raise your right hand.
{139460}{139514}Do you swear to tell the truth?
{139559}{139617}It's a fire!|Sound the alarm, quick!
{139686}{139715}What is this nonsense?
{139720}{139785}I had my finger stuck in the hose|and had to bring it.
{139864}{139921}Committee cites this witness|for contempt.
{139926}{139973}That's very un-sportsmanlike!
{140891}{140920}All these for the plane?
{140925}{140978}Yes.|The trunks are to go by freight.
{141016}{141065}Miss Kay is on her way up.
{141091}{141170}Remember Sir, you haven't much time|if you want to visit that boy.
{141281}{141326}Good morning.|I've come to say goodbye.
{141331}{141394}I'd come to the airport|but I've a broadcast.
{141432}{141462}Who gave you this?
{141467}{141506}I beg your pardon?
{141516}{141578}Jaume, will you go downstairs|and pay the bill?
{141583}{141619}It's already paid, Your Majesty.
{141624}{141687}- Then pay it again.|- Oh, of course, yes.
{141928}{141995}I hate to see you go.|Why don't you stay?
{142000}{142028}It's too crazy here.
{142033}{142099}Don't judge by what's going on|today. It's a passing phase.
{142104}{142143}Very soon it'll all be over.
{142148}{142207}Quite so. In the meantime,|I'll sit it out in Europe.
{142212}{142286}That Committee affair has made you|the most popular man in America.
{142291}{142331}From now on|you can write your own ticket.
{142346}{142416}I've bought it.|Back to the Continent.
{142542}{142583}Telegram, Sir.
{142612}{142680}It's all right, Sir.|Everything's being looked after.
{142819}{142854}Excuse me!
{142981}{143014}From the Queen.
{143025}{143073}She's decided not to get a divorce.
{143078}{143121}Well, aren't you happy?
{143156}{143200}I don't know. Maybe.
{143208}{143269}- Where is she?|- Paris.
{143285}{143342}Then why don't you stay|and have her over?
{143354}{143388}With you around?
{143393}{143470}Oh honey, you know we don't|mean that much to each other.
{143475}{143538}There you go,|giving me another complex.
{143674}{143742}You must leave immediately|if you're to visit that boy's school.
{143747}{143772}Very well.
{143868}{143899}Goodbye, Ann.
{143925}{143962}Take care of yourself.
{143980}{144050}You know I'm very,|very fond of you.
{144056}{144096}I'm going to miss you, honey.
{144244}{144309}If I were only 20 years younger!
{144330}{144373}You'd better get back to your Queen!
{144389}{144433}Come on, you'll be late.
{144470}{144506}Don't forget your hat!
{144675}{144710}This way, Your Majesty.
{144733}{144787}How do you do, Sir.|Won't you sit down?
{144828}{144866}Will you have the boy brought in?
{144877}{144909}How is the little fellow?
{144914}{144978}He's been through quite an ordeal,|poor chap,
{144983}{145039}but he's doing better|now his parents are out of jail.
{145050}{145091}But I thought they were sentenced|to 2 years?
{145096}{145167}They were. But the Committee|recommended a suspended sentence
{145172}{145207}so now they're free.
{145251}{145292}And they can thank|the boy for that.
{145297}{145398}The parents were foolish, stubborn,|protecting others. Fortunately,
{145412}{145446}the boy cooperated.
{145516}{145568}It's been a happy solution|all round.
{145604}{145637}I see.
{146130}{146221}Here he is! Rupert,|there's someone here to see you.
{146290}{146321}Hello, Rupert.
{146465}{146504}I brought you some toys
{146522}{146586}and one or two things|I thought might amuse you.
{146689}{146720}He looks pretty good,|don't you think?
{146744}{146825}We still have our moods and doubts,|don't we Rupert?
{146830}{146900}But I keep telling him|he has nothing to worry about.
{146905}{146971}We consider Rupert a hero|and a real patriot.
{146976}{147019}We're all very proud of him here.
{147097}{147185}Now come, Rupert.|I thought we were all over this.
{147339}{147370}Cheer up, Rupert.
{147470}{147515}When all this hysteria is over,
{147520}{147573}I'll have you and your family|come and visit me.
{147582}{147639}- You promise?|- I promise.
{147657}{147715}Poor little fellow,|I think a trip would do him good.
{147720}{147776}But of course,|there are complications.
{147782}{147826}Well, let's hope|they'll soon be over.
{147831}{147875}I hope so too, Sir.
{147886}{147919}We all hope.
{147990}{148022}This is nothing to worry about.
{149435}{149482}Subtitles: Sionann O'Neill
{149487}{149538}Subtitling: TVS - TITRA FILM