A Small World 2003 . English subtitles. Субтитры к фильму на английском языке.

{1532}{1738}SMALL WORLD
{1940}{2076}I am Ogi. I don't exist,|so you don't see me.
{2092}{2160}They tried to bring me|to the world,
{2168}{2281}but they weren't serious.|No one really wanted me.
{2300}{2399}My father, Dr Philip,|didn't have strength.
{2406}{2543}He was saying he was|desperate and couldn't go on.
{2549}{2646}He was actually|just a hypochondriac.
{2653}{2789}He feared more for his health|than he wished to have me.
{2795}{2849}Sad, really sad.
{2900}{2969}What is this?|- The storm is coming.
{3002}{3038}Lie down.
{3065}{3251}My possible mother, Dr Ana,|cared neither for my dad or me.
{3258}{3360}Her patients were|more important to her.
{3436}{3521}Oh, God! Dear God!
{3574}{3675}Forgive me, oh, forgive me!
{3733}{3890}Life was good. Children were|being born, God was satisfied.
{3897}{3967}I was the only one|nobody wanted.
{3974}{4027}I loved you so much.
{4047}{4092}So much.
{4108}{4222}Now that you're gone,|all I have is hunger.
{4449}{4528}But the death of an old|lady at the cemetery
{4537}{4613}changed everything.|It was necessary
{4619}{4677}for someone to die|so I could be born.
{4765}{4868}It all began on Friday,|September 16th.
{4880}{4943}A big storm was coming.
{4950}{5037}Two policemen chose|the wrong way.
{5044}{5149}Impossible. One place,|two directions.
{5172}{5258}So it's the same.|Go on, drive.
{5264}{5322}Down the shorter road?|- Take the longer one,
{5329}{5383}so we get retired|as late as possible.
{5494}{5590}My father, saving that|old lady at the cemetery,
{5602}{5668}met a wrong guy.
{5676}{5727}Help! Can anyone hear me?!
{5732}{5780}Please, this woman is dying!
{5786}{5862}Come and give me a hand!|- I'm no doctor. - I am!
{5870}{5955}That same guy was arrested|by the policemen
{5962}{6018}who chose the wrong way.
{6024}{6084}You talking to me?|- I have to relieve myself.
{6090}{6190}How and where?|- Physiologically and anywhere.
{6197}{6291}It's relieving time.|Sergeant, stop the vehicle.
{6298}{6407}They called him 'the suspect",|by the book.
{6474}{6569}Everything went wrong.|But an owner of a cake shop
{6576}{6651}made it the right way for me.
{6783}{6918}On that September 16th|at 4 p.m. I met my father.
{6941}{7033}The way to that meeting was|shorter than one day.
{7094}{7140}Here is how it happened.
{7277}{7332}Help! Can anyone hear me?!
{7339}{7383}Please, this woman is dying!
{7390}{7467}Come and give me a hand!|- I'm no doctor. - I am!
{7529}{7611}She's choking on chicken?|- No, it's her heart.
{7618}{7674}Take the phone from my pocket|and call an ambulance!
{7680}{7736}Which pocket?|- The right one!
{7807}{7859}This?|- The phone, man!
{8010}{8081}A Motorola?!|- Call an ambulance!
{8108}{8153}What are you doing? Hurry up!
{8160}{8209}There's no signal.|- What, no signal?!
{8216}{8262}I'll just move a bit...
{8268}{8327}What are you talking about?!
{8450}{8500}Jesus Christ!
{9052}{9108}Get out and relieve yourself.
{9329}{9392}How shall I do this?
{9447}{9531}I don't get paid|to do that. Sergeant!
{9683}{9750}Yes, Sir?|- Relieve him.
{10001}{10087}You mean manually?|- Just do it.
{10101}{10159}We've got to travel.
{10166}{10252}Why don't I free his hands|just briefly? - No.
{10260}{10355}Come on, people,|I'm going to pee my pants.
{10833}{10918}Now squat down|and relieve yourself.
{11016}{11151}I was charged with robbery.|This humiliation is too much.
{11158}{11221}Only God knows what's too much.
{11281}{11355}This is the number you dialed.|Please leave a message.
{11363}{11424}Philip, your phone's ringing|but there's no reply.
{11430}{11494}How was the funeral?
{12170}{12270}Dear Ana, today I became|sure that I have cancer.
{12278}{12386}My body is falling apart.|Its functions are failing.
{12392}{12468}I can't have|any contact with you.
{12486}{12577}Doctors say it's prostate gland,|but we know it's not.
{12638}{12688}It's over, my one and only.
{12694}{12746}A big storm is coming.
{12753}{12826}I'm sorry we didn't have|our son, our Ogi.
{12834}{12889}But it was God's will.
{12895}{12972}I believe that one day|that child will forgive us.
{12984}{13032}If I do something|desperate today,
{13038}{13122}I hope you'll find this|dictaphone and understand me.
{13129}{13224}Forgive me and goodbye,|my love.
{13752}{13868}You"d eat something sweet?|- No. Just close your eyes.
{13878}{14026}Ooh! Now what? - Just close|your eyes and you'll see.
{14079}{14138}Happy birthday.
{14283}{14336}A Motorola.
{14348}{14428}For me?!|- Of course. I don't need it.
{14434}{14538}It's so wonderful|and so small!
{14751}{14827}Are you relieving|or satisfying yourself?
{14832}{14886}It's often the same thing.
{14893}{14975}But what about you,|now specifically?
{14981}{15104}Now, specifically, the grass|is tickling my testicles.
{15150}{15209}Alright, hurry up!
{15262}{15401}Could the kind Sergeant|pull my trousers up, please?
{15491}{15600}Should I cuff him in front?|- Do that.
{15747}{15786}Hold it.
{16312}{16406}Are you using anything?|- What do you mean specifically?
{16413}{16552}Some kind of stimulant,|a Spanish Wind?
{16590}{16652}Spanish Wind is a cake.
{16659}{16757}The stimulant's called|Spanish Fly. - Never mind.
{16771}{16833}You know what I mean.
{16839}{16922}You're so strong|the whole time.
{16928}{16989}Well, first I'm healthy.
{17009}{17107}Second,|you're my only stimulant.
{17114}{17218}And you're my only man.|I love you. - That's third.
{17419}{17491}Should I? Maybe someone's|calling me already?
{17499}{17546}Be quick.
{17633}{17728}You're wonderful! How did|you get these words here?
{17735}{17812}Hello, Maria speaking!
{18476}{18550}What are you doing here?|- Don't jump, please.
{18557}{18639}Leave me alone.|- Everything can be fixed.
{18673}{18731}Philip, you're going to fall!
{18743}{18839}I have no more strength.|- Step down, please.
{19055}{19209}Let go off me.|Let go... Leave me alone!
{19255}{19310}Let go, let go!
{19577}{19689}It's started then.|- What do you mean specifically?
{19696}{19817}I mean the storm that was|approaching and has now arrived.
{19912}{19966}Two raindrops|don't mean anything.
{19974}{20031}As if I said that|I would die fatally
{20039}{20097}because I feel|my stomach swelling.
{20103}{20182}Some fatal diseases begin|just like that.
{20189}{20244}And some with no warning at all.
{20250}{20304}As with our late colleague.
{20309}{20373}He had a car accident.|- That's also fatal.
{20379}{20452}And there was no warning.|- You're such an expert!
{20540}{20639}I hope it"s a high-quality coat.|- A Burberry, don't worry.
{20776}{20855}While we're on the subject,|I wanted to ask you something.
{20871}{20988}Me? - Were you cold while|urinating in the grass?
{20994}{21066}What specifically do you mean?|- Specifically, I mean
{21072}{21131}your testicles and that area?|- No.
{21137}{21299}That"s where prostate gland is|and it"s sensitive to cold.
{21305}{21363}What's a 'prostate gland'?
{21371}{21424}You haven"t heard of|the prostate!? - No.
{21430}{21487}I have.|- I wasn't asking you.
{21497}{21608}The prostate gland is very|sensitive to the cold.
{21614}{21682}Later this manifests|through various symptoms,
{21689}{21801}often fatal.|- What symptoms and how fatal?
{21807}{21883}Pain in the genital area.|Inability to have intercourse.
{21890}{21991}And by 'fatal' I meant cancer.|- All that because of the cold?
{21997}{22066}I don't know.|That's why I'm asking.
{22072}{22173}Do you often relieve yourself|that way? - In the grass?
{22180}{22229}I mean in the nature?
{22237}{22348}No, just when arrested.|Otherwise, I use a toilet.
{22355}{22412}But, whatever,|the cold doesn't bother you?
{22418}{22482}Not that I've noticed.
{22489}{22551}You don't have pains or|problems with intercourse?
{22557}{22613}No, on the contrary.
{22621}{22733}If you mean the intercourse|with the opposite sex?
{22740}{22878}That's what I meant.|- Believe me, I can't stop.
{22887}{22959}You're all talk.
{22971}{23055}I'm talking to the man.|- Sorry.
{23078}{23202}And do you have problems?|- No, not me either.
{23214}{23362}My problem's more that my big|belly gets in the way
{23369}{23468}during intercourse...|If I may be so witty.
{23551}{23654}I have no other problems.|I worry about cancer,
{23662}{23764}but that's only|natural and normal.
{23771}{23856}I worry about cancer as well,|but I never heard
{23863}{23952}of this cancer of...|- Prostate gland?
{23958}{24024}Now you know,|so take care.
{24030}{24091}You'll be taking care|of me now.
{24097}{24160}We won't be taking care|of your prostate,
{24167}{24232}if I may be so witty.
{24303}{24377}Now hold on to your hats.
{24458}{24498}Thank you.
{24520}{24606}What happened for God's sake?|- I think I have cancer.
{24614}{24669}That Ana is going to leave me.
{24675}{24733}I was saving an old|lady at the cemetery.
{24739}{24821}Some guy stole my phone|and the old lady died.
{24828}{24872}What are you talking about?
{24879}{24962}Prostate cancer. - Where|did you get such an idea?
{24969}{25094}I have pains for months.|There is a sexual dysfunction.
{25101}{25179}It's just an inflammation.
{25193}{25297}Listen, there is a cafe|under the bridge.
{25305}{25410}Let's go have a drink.|I'll explain you everything.
{25427}{25480}I am a doctor.
{25538}{25606}This feels so good!
{25755}{25877}I should do your butt too.|- Some other time.
{25897}{25972}You say that every time.
{26173}{26237}Look! - What is it?
{26297}{26401}My phone! - Excuse me,|just let me get this.
{26406}{26472}Hello, Maria speaking!|- Ana, Ana!
{26504}{26595}I should do your butt.|I know about these things.
{26601}{26644}Alright. But just a bit.
{26652}{26699}Where did you get my phone?
{26705}{26778}I wanted to kill myself|because of this! - Your phone?
{26783}{26855}It's mine!|- It"s my birthday present.
{26883}{26938}Hey, that's him!|- Who?
{26945}{27023}The guy who stole my phone!|The thief!
{27056}{27098}Good afternoon.
{27143}{27188}Don't let him get away!
{27207}{27263}We almost fell from the bridge|because of you.
{27270}{27343}Call the police! - You do it.|I have to hold him.
{27363}{27463}Where's the dictaphone?!|Tell me! - No!
{27547}{27613}It's behind the cakes.
{27769}{27851}We've caught a thief and|we're holding him here.
{27864}{27954}In a cake shop!|Send somebody! Thanks!
{27991}{28049}I could live like that too!
{28056}{28120}Taking everything I need|from someone else!
{28127}{28184}But where's the pain|and sacrifice?
{28192}{28282}Not so hard.|I'm getting a rash on my neck.
{28288}{28363}What rash? - I have|an allergy to adrenaline.
{28380}{28489}It's not easy for us either.|We have problems too.
{28506}{28562}I know.|- How do you know?!
{28571}{28630}You listened to my dictaphone?!
{28638}{28688}What's it with you, people?!
{28694}{28752}Oh, Lord, forgive me!
{28847}{28938}Good day to you, Father.|- God bless you, my son!
{28945}{29046}225, over. - 225, apparently|a robbery's taking place
{29053}{29152}at the 'Mozart' cake shop.|Check it out. - I'm on my way.
{29213}{29258}Oh, my God!
{29281}{29320}Have no fear!
{29633}{29694}You'll catch a cold.
{29745}{29817}Why did you have to|bring the phone?
{29824}{29886}We could have eaten cakes|and kissed.
{29892}{29947}It could have been|simple and nice.
{29954}{30045}I didn't want it simple.|It's your birthday.
{30063}{30157}You wanted it expensive|and special, but for free?
{30202}{30253}Calm down. Everything's|going to be OK.
{30457}{30502}Good day, folks!
{30549}{30628}This guy on the floor|is the suspect, I guess.
{30636}{30715}He's not a suspect,|he's a proven thief!
{30722}{30870}He's innocent|until proven guilty.
{30876}{30931}So, we'll call him 'the suspect'|for the time being.
{30941}{31014}And what did he do? - He stole|my mobile and my tape recorder.
{31021}{31063}Now it's a tape recorder?!
{31070}{31144}What's the matter with you?!|- Give me your left hand, son.
{31180}{31254}Follow me.|- Where are you taking him?!
{31261}{31324}It's just routine,|don't worry.
{31332}{31382}Put this on your head|and sit behind me.
{31390}{31448}He'll be back in no time.
{31461}{31545}Hold on tight!|We've got to travel.
{31587}{31656}They could have|at least sent a car.
{31724}{31766}Don't forget me.
{32328}{32431}The rain that begun around|noon that September 16th,
{32438}{32544}intertwined many roads and|they all merged into one.
{32552}{32639}It was the road|leading toward me.
{32647}{32746}Many will suffer on that road,|but I guess it was inevitable.
{32753}{32820}They say it's called destiny.
{32826}{32908}I don't know what that is,|I don't exist.
{33171}{33276}So, what happens now?|- Well now,
{33285}{33353}you're going to|finally treat yourself.
{33428}{33528}Oh, God forgive me!|- You're forgiven.
{33913}{33979}Doctor!|- What's up, Kiki?
{33987}{34065}Doctor, it's now or never!|- What?
{34071}{34146}Time for you to cheer up a bit.
{34153}{34264}It's high quality stuff!|- No, I can"t.
{34273}{34381}L"ll let you try some|in the name of science.
{34389}{34474}I wouldn't offer you,|if it wasn't first-class.
{34615}{34703}It's been a terrible day.
{34709}{34793}Well, that's exactly why|I'm giving it to you!
{34800}{34948}Last time it was some rubbish.|I tripped sex and I can"t do it.
{34958}{35090}Not this time. This is great.|It'll help you loosen up a bit.
{35097}{35161}Cocaine will perk me up,|and I don't need that.
{35167}{35209}It's not cocaine.|- What is it, then?
{35216}{35317}Something even better, doc.|It's got a bigger kick to it.
{35325}{35379}How much is it?|- A hundred.
{35401}{35475}A hundred what?|- A hundred euros.
{35557}{35649}It"s cheaper to masturbate|in front of the TV.
{35668}{35721}That's for kids.
{35728}{35785}You haven't taken anything|for six months now.
{35791}{35851}Your body deserves a treat.
{36027}{36121}But you're taking advantage|of my current misfortune.
{36127}{36221}That's how you make a living,|too. - Fair enough.
{36411}{36458}Behind the curtains|of the rain ahead,
{36465}{36518}we"ll die like villains.
{36525}{36583}I can't even listen to|you anymore! Let me drive!
{36590}{36675}No, I'll be even more scared|then! - Then shut up!
{36681}{36774}Or sing. It's same to me.|- I'll sing.
{36781}{36848}Please, don't sing.|I mean,
{36855}{36948}it wouldn't be appropriate,|with your dead colleague.
{36956}{37066}That's true. Stop singing.|- I haven't even started yet.
{37245}{37357}Where you're sitting now,|there used to sit girls
{37364}{37442}with this big...|this big...
{37448}{37509}Hands on the wheel!|- Don't be afraid.
{37515}{37579}...this big tits.|And when she hugs me...
{37629}{37701}Today, though,|all I've got is you.
{37748}{37822}I'm sorry.|- It's not your fault.
{37838}{37896}Fate, fate.
{37908}{38036}This colleague of ours that died|had a wife and four children.
{38044}{38134}But he also had a woman|that worked in a kiosk.
{38141}{38233}A chubby, provocative woman.|- I don"t like chubby women.
{38240}{38293}I don't care what you like.
{38299}{38371}There's something about|chubby women.
{38378}{38475}It's like using a small|weapon at a large beast.
{38481}{38552}You seem braver to yourself.
{38562}{38667}Where was I? So he kept|visiting her in her kiosk,
{38674}{38736}without a thought for|his four children.
{38743}{38798}And then he was punished.
{38805}{38873}How did God know|what he was doing?
{38880}{38961}Maybe he wanted to have more|kids and God likes that.
{38967}{39015}Four kids are enough.
{39022}{39130}But if four is enough,|why does God always tempt us
{39136}{39201}and keep us excited?
{39207}{39307}You need to relieve yourself,|and punishment"s waiting.
{39313}{39423}Now that's a religious question|that, specifically,
{39429}{39494}has nothing to do with justice.
{39501}{39616}Justice is one thing and|religion is something else.
{39623}{39714}Just like fate has nothing|to do with truth.
{39749}{39796}You've lost me.
{39803}{39895}You relieved yourself|in the cold grass
{39902}{39979}and you'll get cancer|as a punishment.
{39987}{40054}Yet you survived the crash|while our colleague,
{40063}{40140}specifically,|was killed on the spot.
{40197}{40346}You all bloody,|but him all dead?
{40400}{40511}Right. - But whether it was|just, I don't know.
{40517}{40596}Forgive me, Father,|I couldn't serve you before.
{40612}{40683}God forgives you, my daughter.
{40751}{40842}What is it, my child?|Why are you so upset?
{40849}{40961}I have sinned, Father.|- It's human to sin.
{41014}{41097}But with a married police|officer, here in the kiosk.
{41104}{41162}Right here? - Yes.|I was sitting where you are
{41169}{41250}and he was standing above me.|- Right here?
{41256}{41301}What's my punishment, Father?
{41438}{41506}How fast can this thing go?
{41550}{41656}I've never been over|163 mph.
{41672}{41798}That's fast, maybe too fast.|- Yeah, but I'm well-prepared.
{41805}{41946}Of course, it is pretty windy...|- I don't mean my leathers.
{41955}{42040}I mean I've been trained.|- I understand.
{42047}{42125}You mean your education.|- Exactly.
{42132}{42221}So... is it windy?|- I don't feel the wind.
{42228}{42318}I'm a professional. I'm just|careful with my testicles.
{42325}{42411}Because of the falling|birth rate. - Naturally.
{43122}{43171}It's beginning to rain.
{43224}{43351}May I rest my head|against your back for a while?
{43358}{43409}My neck's stiff.
{43429}{43500}Feel free.|- Thanks.
{43526}{43629}But don't get your hopes up.|- I won't, don't worry.
{44221}{44288}Could you put my visor down?
{44340}{44391}Hands on the wheel!|- Have no fear!
{45238}{45285}A tractor?|- What?
{45293}{45366}He doesn't see us!|- Hurry up, my wife!
{45375}{45455}A tractor!|- Where? - Right ahead!
{45476}{45536}Jump!|- What tractor?
{45820}{45879}Something's happened to him!|- To whom?
{45885}{45950}To my police officer,|my true love!
{46176}{46210}He is dead.
{46267}{46342}Help! There's a woman in there!
{46383}{46430}Forgive her, Lord!
{47163}{47255}Are you using anything? - What|do you mean, specifically?
{47262}{47344}I mean some kind of stimulant.
{47563}{47601}Oh, just a bit more,|just a bit more...
{47668}{47750}Why on the same tape?
{47783}{47887}On the tape I spent the whole|day pouring out my soul on?!
{47948}{48050}Oh, just a bit more,|just a bit more...
{48081}{48135}Mr. Police officer!
{48171}{48285}Sir... can you hear me?|Oh, God, help me...
{48386}{48453}Help! Can anyone hear me?!
{48473}{48535}Switchboard, over.|Identify yourself.
{48548}{48623}It's me... a suspect.
{48649}{48765}A policeman's been killed!|- Which policeman?
{48793}{48876}I don't know which!|The one who arrested me!
{48883}{48938}He's dead now,|we've had a crash!
{48948}{48996}Where are you?
{49029}{49078}Oh, God, save me!
{49116}{49210}A few hours before|all this would happen,
{49221}{49291}the policeman and his younger|partner were driving
{49298}{49362}along an empty highway.
{49369}{49412}What are you looking for?
{49420}{49494}Something pointy.|A screwdriver or a key.
{49500}{49554}Take the handcuff key.
{49561}{49619}The policeman had trouble|with wax in his ears
{49626}{49694}and that could've been his|biggest problem.
{49702}{49767}But it turned out to be|the smallest one.
{49775}{49837}This earwax gets on my nerves.
{49845}{49922}The ears defend|from outside influences.
{49961}{50033}My ears are doing a hell|of a lot of defending then.
{50043}{50074}338, over.
{50122}{50202}338 here. Go ahead.|- State your whereabouts?
{50209}{50322}On the highway, 3 miles|out of town. - 3.5.
{50347}{50410}Keep going. An accident|has been reported.
{50416}{50482}An officer is involved.|- What happened?
{50493}{50535}A traffic accident.
{50542}{50617}Reported by arrested person.|The situation's unclear.
{50624}{50686}338, we're on our way, over.
{50711}{50734}Step on it.
{51717}{51809}Why are you braking?|- There's something in the road.
{51832}{51884}I can't see anything.
{51996}{52069}There's nothing. - I don't|know. It's just a hunch.
{52132}{52196}You have a hunch that there's|something in the road?
{52203}{52254}You are an idiot.
{52302}{52343}What was that?
{52389}{52433}What's wrong with you?
{52440}{52490}Didn't you hear that?!|- Hear what?!
{52498}{52543}Pull yourself together!
{52593}{52625}Save me!
{52643}{52740}Mary, mother of God!
{52750}{52833}Are you crazy?! Do you want|us to die here and now?!
{52839}{52901}I can"t hear anything!
{52945}{52989}Of course you can't hear
{52996}{53058}with ears full of wax,|you filthy pig!
{53065}{53140}If you'd had a bath in your|life, you'd hear everything!
{53883}{53987}Please... Save me!
{54490}{54578}What did you say?|- We're going to get killed.
{54600}{54644}We're going to fall|into the abyss.
{54695}{54739}What did you say?
{54746}{54823}I didn't say anything.|I was screaming.
{54829}{54895}Let me go out first. Slowly.
{54901}{54999}What did you say earlier?|- When?
{55006}{55094}About washing my ears|and "you pig"...
{55160}{55220}...specifically, "filthy".
{55226}{55370}Sir, please,|now is not the right moment.
{55389}{55481}Please, let's go out.|- I'm begging you!
{55549}{55639}That voice again.|- What voice?!
{55671}{55755}What are you talking about?!
{55860}{55971}You hear it now?|A cry for help on our channel.
{55978}{56029}Please, let's go out.
{56139}{56222}When we get back,|you'll be suspended,
{56230}{56297}maybe even worse.
{56363}{56446}Now let's sort this out.
{56530}{56657}Come on, get out.|But slowly, very slowly...
{57500}{57541}We could get killed!
{57563}{57648}It was finally 16.;00 hours.
{57655}{57745}The road was empty,|my father alone in the car.
{57751}{57826}It was the time|for me to appear.
{57833}{57937}Maybe not for good, but|at least to get to know him.
{57944}{58015}What did you give me, Kiki?
{58062}{58144}338, over.|- Switchboard, over.
{58153}{58240}Someone's calling from|the scene of the accident,
{58247}{58291}but we can't hear anything.
{58298}{58366}I've also lost contact.|Keep going straight.
{58381}{58443}338, mind the storm.|Good luck.
{58457}{58554}They're there. - Who?|- Victims of the accident.
{58561}{58606}Under those crows.
{58882}{58957}Should I stay and watch|the car? - Only life,
{58964}{59037}actually, death can stage|something like this.
{59062}{59111}Which one of you is alive?
{59124}{59164}Are you hurt?
{59220}{59343}Blood everywhere. - Have you|got the handcuff key? - Yes.
{59360}{59459}No... Sergeant,|what happened to that key?
{59465}{59505}You've got it.
{59513}{59588}Shall I call an ambulance?|- Definitely.
{59607}{59690}But why are you|hugging my colleague?
{59700}{59780}He was bringing me in...|this way.
{59796}{59872}So, he died on duty?! Fatal.
{59904}{59964}And who is the officer?
{60006}{60064}What's this tractor doing here?!
{60076}{60143}That's the tractor|we crashed into.
{60183}{60292}Terrible! Do you want some|water? - No, thanks.
{60322}{60416}Let's get out of the rain,|until the ambulance gets here.
{60436}{60489}Take me with you.|- What?
{60497}{60545}Take me with you!|- Oh, yes.
{60552}{60660}Sergeant, take the suspect|to the vehicle.
{60697}{60778}Why me? - We have|a chain of command here!
{61022}{61089}With my luck, the lightning|could have frazzled me.
{61196}{61246}Lightning wouldn't hit you.
{61254}{61319}You're a doctor,|you save people's lives.
{61426}{61495}Who are you?|- I'm Ogi. - Ogi who?
{61502}{61568}Your son.|- I haven't got a son.
{61575}{61672}Of course not. You got|cancer instead of me.
{61745}{61876}You're not real. - No. But just|look how cute I could"ve been.
{61884}{61935}Keep your eyes on the road.
{62410}{62450}Good day to you, folks!
{62476}{62531}Were you called here?|- Yes, if you called.
{62551}{62621}This is the duty doctor.|- My pleasure, doctor.
{62628}{62661}So, what have we got here?
{62669}{62728}One dead, a police officer,|and one injured, a criminal.
{62734}{62780}I'm a suspect.
{62787}{62848}It's all the same to medicine.
{62855}{62943}Let me have a look at you, boy.|- Why don't you check him inside?
{62950}{63049}Doctor, what could it be?|I feel my stomach swelling...
{63055}{63119}Lie down.|You! Lie down!
{63127}{63178}Maybe we could do it inside?
{63405}{63468}Does anything hurt?|- Everything.
{63474}{63521}I fell off a bike|and hit a tractor.
{63528}{63600}Worse things happen and people|still don"t get injured.
{63607}{63690}Not everybody gets the same.|Some get it, some don"t.
{63696}{63764}I can agree with you,|although, specifically,
{63771}{63829}I don't know much about|medicine. - Cough.
{63841}{63914}Let's see whether you've|got blood in your lungs.
{63921}{63983}There's nothing. Who's|responsible for this guy?
{63989}{64034}We are, the police.
{64040}{64081}Take him away, there's|nothing wrong with him.
{64089}{64152}We'll take the other one|to his rightful place.
{64159}{64254}I fell of the bike...|- Leave me alone, I'm tired.
{64261}{64312}Look at the weather.|- Bad weather, doctor.
{64444}{64522}Hurry up!|Get the suspect in the car!
{64560}{64662}Come on, boys.|Now the colleague.
{65022}{65100}Hurry up. We don't want|him to get wet.
{65642}{65720}A quick examination,|but a professional one!
{65733}{65810}Major, take me to a hospital.
{65817}{65865}Who knows how many bones|I've broken?
{65871}{65919}I can't promise anything.
{65929}{65987}And I'm not a major,|I'm a first sergeant.
{65996}{66038}You should learn these things.
{66044}{66115}Did you have any trouble|watching the car? - No, sir.
{66121}{66198}Turn on the heating and let's|go. We"ve got to travel.
{66288}{66397}Do you have heating in the back?
{66579}{66606}You're still there?!
{66614}{66666}With my dad, where else?
{66689}{66732}Will you stop that?
{66762}{66830}And how do you know that name?!|- What name? Ogi? - Yes.
{66835}{66885}How could I forget it?
{66891}{66953}That night, when I should"ve|been conceived,
{66959}{67037}you considered the names first.|Then you both fell asleep.
{67048}{67127}You never even touched her.|- I couldn't.
{67169}{67216}I was already sick.|I was looking for a way
{67222}{67278}to put things off until|I'd got better.
{67284}{67348}To put me off?|- Not you. Don't be like that.
{67354}{67427}You weren't sick then.|Don't lie.
{67434}{67507}Impressing her was more|important to you.
{67513}{67564}I can't listen to you any more!
{67570}{67652}Daddy, how come I was|the least important to you?
{67658}{67727}That's not true!|- You only thought about me
{67733}{67794}while you were dreaming up|this idiotic name.
{67801}{67879}I really did want you!|- So, what stopped you?
{67906}{68033}I got sick. I have cancer now.|- No. It's just an inflammation.
{68055}{68133}What about before that?
{68171}{68233}Before that we didn"t want kids.
{68239}{68335}It's terrible you thought the|world needed you, but not me.
{68390}{68491}Ogi...|- It's sad, dad. And unfair.
{69094}{69174}You were responsible only to,|specifically, keep this car
{69180}{69248}working, but you couldn't|even do that!
{69254}{69305}I said we shouldn't drive|in the storm.
{69311}{69363}If it breaks down, you'll|go get us another one.
{69455}{69551}You know your mother left me|and I wanted to kill myself?
{69557}{69604}My mother?
{69610}{69687}I mean Ana left me.|- Why?
{69710}{69781}Because I'm sick.|- No. - Why then?
{69788}{69868}There's always something else.|It"s never for the real reason.
{69875}{69967}She took off with a masseur.|- You don't say? What a slut!
{69973}{70013}Hey, watch your mouth!|- You mean,
{70019}{70076}how can I talk about|my mother like that?
{70082}{70174}Yeah! - She's not my mother.|I don't exist!
{70261}{70324}Something's attracting them.|They're hitting the same spot.
{70330}{70392}There's someone there.
{71130}{71245}Well, this is the end of us.|- No, it's the end of you!
{71271}{71334}Get out and fix it!
{71362}{71423}How? I'm not a mechanic.
{71433}{71487}Go fix it! I don't care!
{71494}{71574}I'll get hit by lightning.|I'll be fried.
{71615}{71694}Get out!|- Why don't you call for help?
{72017}{72078}Give me a crescent.
{72280}{72379}A police officer|holding an umbrella?
{72706}{72760}Where, specifically,|does it hurt now?
{72769}{72830}Now, specifically,|my cheek from a slap.
{72838}{72922}Go to sleep.|Sleep heals everything.
{73432}{73512}Help me! First sergeant!
{74048}{74139}Way to go, God!|What a spectacle!
{74174}{74220}But what have we done to you?
{74227}{74306}It's him.|It was directed at him!
{74313}{74409}Cut the crap, it's your fault!|Holding an umbrella!
{74415}{74491}I told you we shouldn't|go anywhere!
{74506}{74578}What"s with your voice?|- I don't know.
{74589}{74694}Maybe we're dead.|Maybe none of this is real!
{74785}{74849}Here it is.|- Are you alive?
{74857}{74933}I don't know, that's twice|I've been killed today!
{74940}{75002}You're right.|Third time watch out!
{75009}{75074}Call for help!|I want to go home!
{75088}{75181}Will you stop shrieking?!|I'll call for help!
{75226}{75306}Ouch! It's red hot!
{75610}{75691}We've lost communication.|- How come?!
{75717}{75792}The radio"s burned down.|- What now?!
{75805}{75906}We'll wait for someone|to come.
{75919}{75973}Who would come to this hell?!
{75980}{76086}Maybe a tourist or|a fisherman gathering worms.
{76266}{76355}Does it work? - Of course|it does, it's a Siemens!
{76644}{76694}But there's no signal.|- What do you mean?!
{76701}{76781}No signal! But it"s nothing|to do with the Siemens!
{76787}{76869}We're done with!|- Don't talk like that!
{76939}{77031}Get in the car.|I'll go find some help.
{77206}{77316}A few months later my father|was arrested and convicted.
{77334}{77414}If it was destiny or just|natural course of events,
{77422}{77462}I don't know.
{77470}{77546}He was in jail and|I didn't exist again.
{77570}{77630}The story was almost|at the beginning.
{77727}{77781}Yes?|- I've come for a visit.
{77788}{77868}Who are you visiting?|- Dr Philip Kostic.
{77874}{77944}What's in the basket?|- Some tea and a cherry pie.
{77950}{77994}Come in.
{78214}{78274}Hide that heroin!|- Heroin?
{78391}{78465}Who's that in the road?|- The police, man!
{78523}{78578}If they find this on me...
{78988}{79052}Good afternoon.|- It"s not good.
{79058}{79132}Why? What have I done?|- You haven't done anything.
{79139}{79231}Our patrol car's broken down.|- So why did you stop me?
{79259}{79305}Are you traveling alone?
{79374}{79426}Yes, I'm alone.
{79433}{79568}Could you tow us to the nearest|town or police station?
{79574}{79628}Sure, why not?
{79918}{79978}We have a rope in the boot.|Shall we hook ourselves up?
{79984}{80056}Yeah, no problem.|- We were hit by thunder!
{80063}{80127}Several in a row!|- Get the rope.
{80136}{80211}Why can't he just give|us a lift? - Fetch the rope.
{80218}{80270}Never leave the patrol car|on the road,
{80277}{80322}particularly with the package.
{80328}{80403}What package?|- The one on the back seat!
{80447}{80523}This is a real miracle,|believe me. - I believe you.
{80530}{80632}Lightning knocked out our|electrics and burned the radio.
{80639}{80728}Terrible! - Sir, can you|park in front of us
{80735}{80837}so we can get closely attached,
{80847}{80918}if I may be so witty.
{80951}{81020}Sure.|- Thank you.
{81049}{81144}Sergeant, hook us up.|- Me? - Who else?
{81189}{81226}Come on!
{81254}{81313}Come on, it's not|my first time.
{81323}{81352}It's OK.
{81480}{81573}Have you ever towed before?|- Rarely.
{81581}{81645}So, specifically, never?|Never mind.
{81652}{81710}Just drive slowly and|don't brake suddenly.
{81716}{81776}I'll wave at you to stop.
{81905}{81993}Well, let's go.|We've got to travel.
{82904}{82977}Who are you visiting?|- Dr Philip Kostic.
{82992}{83052}Your name?|- Maria Dekleva.
{83078}{83182}What have you got in|the basket? - Take a look.
{83262}{83325}What are you to him?|- Nothing.
{83336}{83437}Nothing? Is he expecting you?|- No.
{83470}{83532}But it"s so important to me.
{83539}{83605}How can I let you in|if you're nothing to him?
{83615}{83690}He killed my husband.
{83761}{83881}What are you doing here?|- I have to see him. - Why?
{83888}{83940}Just give me two minutes,|please!
{83946}{84014}This may be my last chance|to tell him something.
{84021}{84060}I won't do anything, I swear.
{84067}{84106}You're crazy!
{84111}{84170}Keep your head down!|- They can't see me.
{84283}{84330}Jesus, what's happening to me?
{84336}{84395}How could you give|the police a lift?!
{84401}{84477}I was scared they'd find this|heroin. What else could I do?
{84489}{84579}Nothing. Just drive slowly|and don't brake suddenly.
{84804}{84838}Why is this guy shaking us so?
{84844}{84904}Towing takes experience.|Just like everything else.
{85083}{85165}How are you? - I'm fine.|I just need to get relieved.
{85172}{85288}You were laughing in the grass|while urinating.
{85295}{85379}Now you got an inflammation.|- No?! - Yes, you do.
{85404}{85522}The constant need to urinate|means you got inflamed prostate.
{85529}{85605}But we can't stop now,|we are in the towing phase.
{85640}{85712}Who's towing us?|- Some amateur.
{85719}{85830}Don"t talk like that. He"s got|a strong, solid vehicle, a BMW.
{85837}{85867}Good for towing.
{86043}{86084}This is my stop, dad.
{86154}{86258}Why? - I just wanted to see you.|And for you to meet me.
{86317}{86382}Don't go.|- I have to.
{86487}{86553}But it's pouring down,|you'll catch cold!
{86563}{86630}No, I won't, dad.|I don't exist.
{86663}{86717}When we parted,|I thought
{86725}{86822}I'd never see my good|and sad father again.
{86829}{86896}I was sorry for him,|and for me too.
{86904}{86963}If things went just|a bit different,
{86970}{87089}maybe it could've all ended|better. But it didn't.
{87097}{87181}Then it seemed|to me it was the end.
{87188}{87269}But the end of the ride|was yet to come.
{87431}{87476}He"s speeding up.
{87484}{87523}Shall we signal him|to slow down?
{87530}{87601}No, it's okay.|The road is clear.
{87707}{87793}I was towed once more|than eighty miles.
{87810}{87900}But the rope snapped.|- Material worn-out.
{87934}{88064}No, the rope became thin.|- So you're an expert.
{88251}{88341}We should slow down to adjust|to driving conditions.
{88348}{88445}Like this we'll surely crash!|- Maybe we should buckle up.
{88452}{88537}You already are...|If I may be so witty.
{88752}{88819}No way.|- He doesn't see.
{88851}{88902}Try the siren.
{89032}{89124}Is he crazy?!|- What"s going on, specifically?
{89130}{89200}Why did you let a|complete stranger tow us?!
{89212}{89253}Stop it! Stop it!
{89263}{89349}Stop shrieking in my ear!
{89356}{89439}My mom always used to say that|everything would be alright.
{89445}{89516}Who cares about your mother?|- Your mother is a fool!
{89522}{89595}She is dead.|- Whatever.
{89837}{89871}Does he see me?!
{89965}{89998}This way!
{90254}{90286}What is this?
{90389}{90442}What"s with the police?
{90475}{90523}What's going on?
{90655}{90719}OK, overtake me.|- That's it, man, stop.
{90731}{90812}Overtake me.|- To relieve ourselves.
{90977}{91044}Why are they stopping|behind me?
{91057}{91106}Oh, I'm done with!
{91228}{91261}Is he crazy?!
{91304}{91346}Hit the brakes!
{91526}{91615}We"ll get killed!|- Leave the brake! - Why?!
{91638}{91681}We'll fly off the road!
{91691}{91774}Untie me! I only stole a phone!
{91781}{91829}Shoot his tires!
{91923}{91973}How can they go this fast?
{91983}{92083}Get out there and cut|the rope! - Me?!
{92090}{92148}I'll take the wheel!|You climb out.
{92154}{92208}Get on the hood|and cut the rope!
{92214}{92285}I can't!|- What's that, "I can't!"
{92293}{92379}Stop shrieking like that!
{92416}{92519}I'll get out|and shoot the rope.
{92688}{92727}He's going to kill me!
{93056}{93099}The idiot's gonna turn!|- Turn where?!
{93107}{93150}Untie me! I'll get killed!
{93157}{93212}Where's that key?|- You used it on your ears!
{93257}{93310}Jump out!|- And the suspect?
{93317}{93383}God will save him. - There is|no God! Give me the key!
{93460}{93488}Watch it!
{94140}{94226}You smoke? - No, thank you.|I work in a cake shop.
{94235}{94292}Ah, I understand.
{94666}{94713}You have a visitor.
{94753}{94802}I do?|- Yes.
{95036}{95087}I've brought you some tea.
{95132}{95249}What tea?|- For your little problem.
{95258}{95352}Hemorrhoids, right?|- Do you mind? - I'm sorry.
{95385}{95492}How do you know about my problem|and what are you doing here?
{95503}{95584}I also brought you a cherry pie.
{95596}{95660}If you like it.|- Why are you here?
{95667}{95742}Because of injustice, doctor.|- I can't undo things.
{95749}{95829}I'm sorry.|- I know.
{95862}{95925}But I can't cope anymore.
{95940}{96011}Something I didn't deserve|happened.
{96017}{96073}And I can't cope anymore.
{96081}{96130}L"m all alone with|that injustice.
{96138}{96252}L"ll be punished for what I've|done and l"ll hardly cope too.
{96258}{96386}I need to share the misfortune|and injustice with you.
{96408}{96496}We are closest to it.|No one else cares.
{96505}{96585}It's just between you and me.|We lost everything.
{96591}{96684}But what can I do?|Your husband's gone,
{96693}{96752}and I'll spend the next|twenty years in here.
{96760}{96834}That"s what I thought.
{96841}{96924}We should share the burden|of your long sentence
{96931}{97029}and my lifelong suffering|before it's too late.
{97035}{97099}To explain me why.
{97107}{97188}You're educated, maybe|you"ll make it easier for me.
{97195}{97278}"Why? Why?"|How should I know?
{97284}{97340}You're asking too much.|- I'm just asking for us
{97348}{97418}to be together|through our misfortune.
{97425}{97502}You've got five minutes|together, if that's enough.
{97509}{97590}Can you spare us your remarks|for those five minutes?
{97605}{97654}No problem.
{98910}{98996}Are you alive?|- I don't know.
{99079}{99197}I feel as every bone|in my body's broken.
{99213}{99275}I can't feel a thing.
{99305}{99380}Maybe I'm whole, just dead.
{99413}{99544}What did we do to upset you?|- Who are you talking to?
{99564}{99617}Ah, who?
{99642}{99755}Can you get up?|- I don't know. - I can't.
{99791}{99850}Is there a signal here?
{100223}{100303}I hope we don"t get buried here.
{100331}{100441}Don't be like that.|Don't cry.
{100505}{100590}We're in fate's hands.
{100698}{100814}You've got a minute left.|- Just a bit longer, please.
{100930}{101046}Maria, go now, and come|back some other time.
{101056}{101151}I'm not going anywhere. - I can't|do it on my own, doctor.
{101164}{101255}I can't go back to that empty|house. I'll die.
{101262}{101302}Just say something...
{101308}{101361}What do you want me to say?
{101382}{101422}Hold on a second.
{101510}{101622}Let us stay for a while longer.|I'll scratch your back.
{101714}{101836}Scratch my back? - I'll give|you something in return.
{101900}{101981}What, specifically,|do you mean?
{102005}{102112}I've got a Motorola|cell phone in my room,
{102119}{102180}the latest, tiny model.
{102248}{102321}How come you have|a cell phone in prison?
{102328}{102404}That doesn"t matter now.|Go take it.
{102415}{102493}Do you have something|for my colleague?
{102500}{102591}I have a tape recorder,|a Sony, also tiny.
{102606}{102677}Brand new.|- Also in your cell?
{102683}{102757}Yeah, under the mattress.|Go take it.
{103543}{103585}My colleague doesn"t want|the recorder.
{103593}{103681}What does he want?|- His wife has cancer
{103698}{103789}and he'd like you to fix|her a hospital bed.
{103817}{103861}I'll sort it.
{104109}{104194}Call them!|- I don't know how.
{104208}{104259}Have they spotted us?
{104380}{104443}The police!|- Shall we scarper?
{104456}{104501}They've already seen us.
{104752}{104811}People, people!
{105041}{105095}Can you get some help?
{105102}{105165}Of course we can.|- Hold on!
{105174}{105285}There's another man in|the car. See if he's alive.
{105702}{105774}Hello.|- Hello.
{106152}{106260}He's dead.|Disk harrow killed him.
{106312}{106389}He couldn't survive|death a third time.
{106906}{106998}We'll get help!|- There"s no help.
{107209}{107306}In the end I wasn't the|only one who didn't exist.
{107313}{107404}Everybody that chose|the wrong way that morning
{107410}{107479}joined me.|It is always like that.
{107486}{107540}Those who deserve it|the least,
{107548}{107654}get the worse half of life.|In fact, they get nothing.
{107663}{107742}Only those chosen by fate|remain unharmed,
{107749}{107841}guilty or innocent,|it doesn't matter.
{107851}{107945}No one has yet discovered|what fate likes.
{109019}{109075}May you rest in peace.
{109359}{109402}And forgive me.
{109524}{109599}This tea is good... for your...
{109626}{109733}I was also left alone.|My wife didn't die,
{109750}{109813}she left me.
{109820}{109901}Because of your illness?|- Yes.
{109972}{110072}God gives and God takes.
{110113}{110184}I guess that's justice.
{110289}{110353}Have some. It's good.
{110415}{110484}I'm sorry about everything,|Maria.
{110590}{110695}It's hard for me even to|look at you. - Look at me.
{110829}{110899}It's easier for me that way.
{111076}{111171}It's easier to know there|is someone behind all this.
{111178}{111293}An ordinary man, with problems.
{111315}{111424}That it isn't just our|destiny to be unhappy.
{111460}{111529}Something out of our hands.
{111893}{111929}Sorry, doc.
{112118}{112158}Nice car.
{112218}{112353}Why are you shaking, Doctor?|- I don't know.
{112390}{112457}Maybe it's because|you're so close to me.
{112637}{112722}I feel it, Doctor.|I feel it!
{112768}{112873}I thought it's dead.|That I could never again...
{112907}{112996}You see, at least|something is good.
{113016}{113153}Maria had no one else in the|world except for my father.
{113164}{113257}They were bound by misfortune,|but that's a relationship too.
{113281}{113339}Fear from life|brought them together
{113348}{113434}and that also brought|some hope for me.
{113617}{113694}You must be back|before six a.m.
{113702}{113815}Otherwise we're both history.|- I'll be back by midnight.
{113822}{113925}Here, a charger for your car,|genuine Motorola.
{113948}{114035}Is it suitable for a Skoda?|- Universal thing.
{114893}{114984}The ice cream in my shop|is much nicer than this.
{115276}{115347}Maria, close your eyes|for a moment. - Why?
{115358}{115410}Just for a moment.
{115465}{115528}You can open them now.
{115667}{115693}Who is this?
{115701}{115753}Let me introduce you.|This is Ogi.
{115760}{115868}Ogi, this is Maria.|How do you like Maria?
{115902}{116011}I'd like her better if she|was blonde. - I can be blonde.
{116042}{116128}I wanted Maria|to be your mother.
{116270}{116338}I've brought you something.
{116346}{116405}So, in the end,|I began to exist.
{116412}{116490}Not really,|but more like a wish.
{116517}{116614}But that's also something,|when there's no choice.
{116621}{116679}Many don't even get that.
{116685}{116715}Thank you.
{116722}{116786}Now I remain silent and hopeful.
{116793}{116850}Maybe my good fortune|is waiting for me.
{116857}{116907}After all, I'm not the worst.
{116914}{116995}So many were born,|I suppose I could be too.