George Sees Stars by Dave Couper Scene 4 The new light for Tony's room.


(In the corridor.)
George Mary, can you help me? Take these flowers to Tony's room, please. I've got this new light for 
the room. Do you like it?
(The new light is green. It has yellow and red flowers on it.)
Mary Oh, George! It's horrible. You can't put that in his room!
George Yes, I can. I think it's beautiful. I like it and I'm going to put it up now. Can you help me?
Mary Oh, all right. Give me the flowers.
(In the room.)
George Hold the ladder, Mary. I'm going to put the light up. Careful, now!
Mary I want a cup of coffee.
George Please, Mary. Not now. Hold the ladder for me ... Careful! There!
Mary Ouch! You're standing on my hand.
George Hold the ladder, Mary. Don't go, Mary ...! Ah! Help!
(He falls off the ladder.)
George Ooh ... my head!